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[NSW, ACT, VIC] 1/2 Price Wicked Sister Dessert: Panna Cotta | Brulee | Rice Pudding $2.10 @ Woolworths


Finally goes on sale again, I find most of them pretty tasty, haven't tried Chocolate Panna Cotta With Salted Caramel yet, anyone can comment what they like?

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      That's why i pick Wololworths.


    Are these as good as their Rice Pudding? Bought a tub after all the positive comments here last time and enjoyed it. Never previously a fan of rice pudding.


    Excellent ! Love their products, will stock up ! :)


    the cream bulee is too heavy for me, need a cup of hot tea to wash it down

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    their tiramisu is pretty good, shame it looks unavailable from Woolies at the moment


    Went savage on the rice pudding on the last special. Promised never again.

    Time for Pana Cotta & Brulee - thanks op

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    I went shopping on Wednesday and there was no promotion tag on the shelves. I tried to get one and scan on check out but still original price. Staff said it's online only offer. I checked on their app the products is original price. Don't know why only on their website is half price.


      Same. Half price is at OP's store location [NSW, ACT, VIC] , which shows if not logged in.
      If logged into account in a different State - it shows full price!

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    Shows RRP for me?


    NOT showing up at half price on Woolies website???


      Because it is full price in QLD.
      Half price in [NSW, ACT, VIC]


    Was just at woolies highpoint (Vic)
    Was half price as shown


    Got some at St Ives (NSW) on Wednesday.


    These are not on special in Qld. Well, not on the shelf but they become on special when you are at the self serve and they want to move you through quickly. Just have the website open on your phone to prove the price. OzBargain forever.


      It shows half price on Woolworths site when not logged in - because that is the price at OP's location [NSW, ACT, Vic].

      Logged in in elsewhere on phone - shows full price.

      Staff would not reduce price for me as was interstate special price.

      OzBargain Deals can be misleading.

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        OzBargain is not misleading, it is put up by peers who don't know any different. Woolworths is misleading for advertising a half price then not honouring it in some states.

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          OzBargain is not misleading

          Never wrote OzBargain is misleading, just can be - as this Deal was originally posted (without stating limitation of area it applies to).

          Woolworths is misleading for advertising a half price then not honouring it in some states.

          Rubbish, Woolworths (catalog) specials vary by States. Printed catalogs show the area & dates the specials apply to. Specials online vary by location you provide.
          People posting Deals often ignore that fact. Easily checked by changing location used on website.

          (IGA is more complex - prices often vary by group, so can vary between neighbouring stores)

          put up by peers who don't know any different

          OP has posted hundreds of Deals since 2007!

          Members like yourself commented it was full price in their State, but didn't bother to Report the issue with this Deal.

          Seems you didn't understand (or used for your financial advantage) - the price in the Deal link is the price where the OP is located. Change location / log in to see local price.

          Was the same in popular Woolies $2.90 Beans Deal - later changed to only in [NSW & ACT]. $5.90 in QLD. So many people upvoted a Deal unavailable to them! Leaving important information out of Deals, often results in higher upvotes than warranted!

          Woolworths don't honour specials prices offered in other States.

          You just convinced a staff member to reduce the price based on a price not available in Qld.

          That is at very least misleading & could cause the staff member problems!
          Telling others to do that is worrying.

          Disappointingly, product was full price for me, so reported the error in this Deal - so it didn't mislead others!

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            @the INFIDEL: Go have a lie down bro. You need a Snicker's.


              @dmbminaret: Sure!
              I've disproven your false claims, so I've earnt a rest.

              …If you stop making comments encouraging people to deceive Woolies staff (claiming the special price - available only in States where it was promoted, applies at other locations like yours - where it is full price)!

              Are you that desperate?? (Likely to be on special in your area soon.)
              There are so many better ways to get a bargain! (Woolies system error gave me over $200 credit 2 weeks ago!)

              Woolies are not the ones misleading customers - you are!

              At least I had the location of the advertised sales price added to Title, so others wouldn't be confused by this Deal.

              Maybe all that sugar is affecting your thinking!
              Won't bother reading your comments in future!


    Not a National price! Seems a State based special (at least NSW & Vic).

    Went to buy & was disappointed.

    Half price not available in QLD & WA according to comments.

    Reported - Title now updated.