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50% off Oral-B Electric Toothbrush - Pro 100 Floss Action, Cross Action, 3d White Polish $35 | Pro 800 $50 @ Woolworths


Half price on Oral-B Electric toothbrush at Woolworths.
3d White polish as well as the Gum Care is $31.50 with Subscribe and Save on Amazon.

Oral-B Pro 100 3d White Polish - $31.50
Oral-B Pro 100 Gum Care - $31.50

Oral-B Pro 100 Floss Action - $35
Oral-B Pro 100 Cross Action Midnight Black - $35
Oral-B Pro 100 3d White Polish - $35

Oral-B Pro 800 - $50

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  • Seems like a decent deal, what's the difference between the versions?

    • Difference between the Pro 100 version aside from the colour is the brush head. These are compatible with each one so you could choose a different brush refill if you like, it basically comes down to colour preference and initial brush head.

      The Pro 800 has a 3D cleaning action (Oscillates/Rotates + Pulsates) instead of 2D (Oscillates/Rotates), a pressure sensor and 2 extra refills compared to the Pro 100.

      The Pro 800 seems to have the CrossAction brush head.

  • Often seen similar deal on these

  • Nice. I was actually looking at those in the Woolies catalogue last night.

  • I'd suggest going for a lithium battery one. I've got 2 oral B toothbrushes (different models) that I have to constantly recharge and they weren't even that old.

  • Good guys have similar for around $25. Maybe cheaper models.

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    For what it's worth, my dentist recommended getting a powered toothbrush as i always have build up behind my front bottom teeth no matter how i brush.
    That hard tatre build up thats rock hard.

    I always thought these things a gimic.
    I bought the $50 one a month ago on the same deal.
    I think it's great.
    Teeth a cleaner than ever and nothing behind my front teeth.

    When charged,I can go a week without recharging.
    (we put the base away until recharge required)
    Li-on or not, it holds a decent charge

    Get one ! ;)

  • sorry not related to these models, but if anyone can suggest good electric toothbrush.

  • what's better with the pro 800 compared to the pro 100 models?

  • From research I did a few weeks ago (including lots of browsing Ozbargain), Phillips Sonicare are the way to go (and I've been very impressed by mine)

  • I bought this a month or two ago when half price at Woolies. Was way more powerful and better cleaning than my old Vitality and the 30 second timer was really useful.

    After about a month it seemed to slow down significantly after first use harging. Wasn't the pressure sensor as I was letting the brush do all the work.

    • Presumably Pro 800 model?

      • Yeh the 800. I exchanged it so might’ve just been faulty but it was good for the price unless you want to fork out ~$85 for the Pro 2000.

  • Bugger, was looking for a new toothbrush, 800 looks great, reasonable price but all out of stock in melb can't even seem to get it delivered =/

    Hopefully I can get a raincheck or something. Can't even find the 800 at other retailers =/

  • Or Pro 700 via Shaver shop $49.95 + $10 off for new customers


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