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CLIF Bar Chocolate Chip (Sold Out) / Cool Mint 12 x 68g $18 ($16.20 w/ Sub & Save) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39+) @ Amazon AU


Use the "subscribe, save, unsubscribe" cheatcode to get a box of Choc Chip CLIF bars for $1.35 a bar. Cheapest price ever?
Use these weekly on my long distance bike rides, great energy and taste.

Edit: Looks like Crunchy Peanut Butter is also $18 a box, but no sub and save option.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Good tasting?

    • I actually haven't tried Choc Chip as its never on sale, but I've tried almost all the others, and they're great, honestly think they're the best around. Sierra Trail Mix is my favourite.

      • +1

        You might not like choc chip then.
        I love choc chip but don't like Sierra Trail Mix!

    • +4

      Yeah they're great and vegan
      Chock chip best too, lowest fat

  • +1

    also on sale for $1.5 per bar from woolies online

    • Not that often, usually 2 for$5 or something last time I got some

  • are these good pretty expensive at $1.5 per bar

    • These are approx. 240 calories + 10g protein a bar, which is a lot for a $1.50 energy bar.
      240 calories might be too much for many, they are really tailored to cycling/hiking/endurance sports.
      But taste-wise, I think they're definitely good.

      • +1

        For cycling, I've found the Aldi protein bars (ones in a 5 or 6 pack) similar in terms of protein and cals but cheaper

        • I didn't know Aldi had something like that. I'll try 'em out. Cheers!

      • i see, i was planning on using these for snacking like a chocolate bar but never mind

      • tailored to climbing* :P

  • Can you unsubscribe straight away or have to wait till received shipment?

    • I always wait to shipment. But to be honest I'm not sure.

      • yeah i think i'll wait as i read somewhere that others waited before cancelling. Thanks OP got the choc mint chip :)

        • I always wait, seeing as it will get delivered before a month. The package arriving is usually my reminder to unsub as well

  • -1

    Good find but the soy (protein) contained within the ingredients is what kills the deal for me.

    • +3

      Why? Are you scared of growing boobies?

      • Haha something like that

      • +2

        i have heard soy = boobies are fake claim

        • +4

          Soy contains phytoestrogens, a plant based estrogen that can interact with estrogen receptors.
          It’s effect on humans is so negligible as to be mute.

    • +2

      Being 100% plant based is why I choose these bars :)

  • These bars are awesome when travelling!

    Once you get off the plane, it's usually a long slow journey to your hotel etc and if you're hungry, you'll get easily irritated.

    These are great for that time when you need a quick energy boost while on the go.

    • +1

      I've got some bad news for you…

  • +1

    These are tasty but contain lots of sugar - they should be a once in a while treat only.

    • +1

      That is true if you aren't working out.
      Sometime I'll eat 2 of these on a bike ride where I am burning 2000+ calories.

      • Yep that's why they market them as "energy bars" for people who need a boost, same thing as gatorade - it's intended to replace the sugar and salts lost through excercise, not just something to tip back

        • +2

          I thought it was to replace the sugar and salts lost through alcohol-induced projectile vomiting

  • +1

    FREE Delivery by Wednesday, 26 Aug… I probably don't want to wait 6 weeks

    • mine is coming Tuesday also free but I ordered earlier, probably sold out now

  • Thanks grabbed a box, good price , 6month top up but could cancel that

  • I only get the subscribe and save option for the 'cool mint' flavour. That's a bit odd when it's the same price as the one in this offer?

    • I quite like cool mint flavour and the bonus is that cool mint is also caffeinated

  • $1.50 at woolies and can pick up tomorrow.

    • $1.35 here and you can get it delivered free on Monday without contracting Covid

      • Good luck with that Monday arrival. No COVID here in QLD.

        • Good luck booking a pick up window for tomorrow and your minimum order is 20 bars for click and collect compared to 12 here.

        • No COVID here in QLD.

          Don't jinx it, our borders are open again to NSW. Nice one Queensland premier!!

        • +1

          Good luck with that Monday arrival. No COVID here in QLD.

          Four active cases according to this Queensland government webpage (at the time of posting this reply):

  • can you explain a bit about how to use the "subscribe, save, unsubscribe"?

  • FYI: Delivery is FREE for S&S

    • you have prime, cause is not free for me i don't have prime

      • For a S&S order?

        • yep, do you have prime though, i tried but did not proceed as they charge me 6 bucks on all of my accounts

  • +1

    And it's sold out

  • Serious question: what’s the difference between a chocolate bar and most of these “high energy” bars that mountaineers, hikers and cyclists tend to love so much? The energy content is largely derived sugar is it not? Or even versus a protein bar that is high in protein or a mixed nut bar which are intrinsically high in fat and protein content.

    • +2

      I'm guessing it's slow release as opposed to eating a Mars bar that gives you a spike then crash afterwards?

      • +1

        Sugar is the primary ingredient. Organic Brown Rice Syrup=Sugar, Organic Cane Syrup=Sugar, Dried Cane Syrup=Sugar. It has about the same amount of sugar as a Mars bar.

        • Clif bars have a lot more other nutrients that a mars bar doesn’t. Fibre and protein are always good in the right amounts.

  • Is this the famous snack mentioned on American TV shows, a clif bar? Or is that not a thing.

    • yes

      • I wish I bought some now. So I can feel like my hero, Jerry Seinfeld.

        • That is not a thing.

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