Vicks Digital Forehead Thermometer $49.99 @ ALDI


Was shopping at Aldi today to get some of the microfiber cloth deal when I came across this one.

  • Plastic digital thermometer
  • LED display with colour change reading
  • AAA batteries with slide-off lid and hard plastic lens protector
  • Fever InSight Technology – easy to read, large colour changing display with backlight
  • Non-invasive – use even when child is asleep
  • Clinically proven accuracy
  • Gentle ComfortTouch™ Tip
  • Fast, 3 second readings
  • Memory Tracker™ recalls 12 readings
  • Safe, durable and hygienic – no glass or mercury
  • Trusted Vicks brand with a 3 year warranty
  • Model: V977

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    they've got a $25 8-in-1 model on sale from 22 july as well

    • 8in1?

      Its a thermometer lol. Does it have a corkscrew and nail file?

    • That one is a Infrared Ear Thermometer.

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        Product Description
        ARTG 266518
        8-in-1 functions: talking, ear, forehead, object, date-time-stamp, 30 user memory, fever alarm and backlight
        Red LED light for fever alarm
        <38°C: LED light green
        ≧38°C: LED light red
        30 user memory
        Illuminated backlight display
        °C/°F switchable function
        Probe cover free
        Water protected probe design
        One second reading
        Auto power off for power saving
        Low battery indicator
        Warning indication
        Indications for battery condition and measuring range
        Large LCD display
        Model: TS46S

        • +5 votes

          The marketing speak is hilarious

        • Wait, so they list some "features" and count them as "in 1"?? Hold my '5 in 1' beer (fizzy, liquid, alcoholic, golden, in a can)

  • Do you rub this on your forehead?

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    Wed. July 22 - special buys - infrared ear thermometer - $25

    Melbourne - Aldi Greythorn on Doncaster Rd. has x1 - Vicks Thermometer

  • on sale today…. yeah they're gone already

  • Wow $50. I hope it's small business owners sand stuff who shelled out for it not just households. At this stage of the game anyway far more useful in those areas than stuck in a kitchen drawer.

  • Looking at reviews i would not grab one if it was $1

    • if a buck I will. Who doesn't use a digital thermometer these days? Nearly every shop you go before enter get a scan first.

      having said that, digital model accuracy is questionable indeed. I would prefer the old school mercury model.

  • We have this one. It's completely useless. Just stay away.

    • Looked into buying this went it cost more. Definitely agree with the others. Stay away. This is literally a situation where the lack of accuracy could put you and your family at risk if you rely on it. The in ear thermometers are better, and we have used one for years when it's not crtical, but a good traditional contact thermometer is much cheaper and more accurate. A good ear or forehead thermometer won't be $50 at Aldi.

    • it's not useless but to be precise, the accuracy is questionable. I would prefer the old school mercury model thermometer.

      • in this case, that makes it useless doesnt it? like if it doesnt give you an accurate temperature reading, what else are you going ot use it for?

        • if you're looking for exact accuracy I doubt that even mercury would give you that.

          but what else of a choice you have??? GP's are using digital as well, even the hospital…

  • 49.99 deal or life? Which one?

  • I’m not sure exactly what happens, but we have had one of these for years and have wildly different outcomes depending on who uses it.
    When my wife tries to use it, she says it doesn’t work and cannot get a reading. She hates it.
    When I try, it works fine and has similar readings to a Braun in-ear thermometer my wife bought to replace the ‘broken’ one.

    I followed the instructions and I think it works fine… I guess the people who aren’t happy with it will probably get along really well with my wife ;)

  • these are trash and do not work.

    I have the braun ear thermometer and when my daught was sick 39.6c on the Braun, i tried this and it read 37.4

    so… wouldnt rely on it if my life depended on it..

  • When you have a fever you perspire, which means evaporation / cooling on the skin surface.

    So I don't know how these things work?

    • This is not true.

      Source: am a doctor and have seen many a fever

      Also, it just doesn't make physiological sense that the body would put heaps of energy into heating itself up while at the same time using more energy (and fluids) to cool itself down.

      • Interesting, I must just be a freak of nature!

        So are you saying that when you have a fever you don't sweat?

        • You may sweat when coming down from a fever because the hypothalamic set point has been brought back to normal and your body must now shed heat to meet it.

          Of course there are exceptions, and I have certainly seen people with a fever sweating, but there's something more wrong with them than just a cold.

          • @jazoom: Bingo, so if you point one of these at someone at the point the body says "we have gone too far, start the sweat glands" then it will show a lower figure.

            This would explain why people may claim these skin thermometers are innacurate, when in fact they are showing exactly what is happening on the skin surface.

            Or in other words, for medical assessment, they are just a bit better than useless.

            For checking how well your aircon/ fridge/oven is working, or maybe the temp of your home brew…brilliant!

            • @tunzafun001: I'm currently working in a COVID clinic and we use this type of thermometer. They do suck but they're no-touch.

              The reason they suck is not because people are sweating. Hardly anyone is sweating. The skin temp is just not a great indicator of core temp. I've noticed they give a low reading in the morning when people are coming in from the cold outdoors.

              • @jazoom: That too! Can you point it inside their mouth (probably not ideal if coughing), or inside an ear canal?

                P.S. props to you my friend for working in a covid clinic. I could only imagine the frustration and probably paranoia you must experience daily. Thanks for everything you are doing.

                • @tunzafun001: Ear ones are good, but you can't do it without touch. Pointing in the mouth is an interesting idea. I think I'll try it and see what happens. Thanks for the idea. They're more likely to cough when I stick the swab in their throat. 🤧

                  • @jazoom: Yeah, I always thought a 'cough as hard as you can into this bag' (in open space away from others) would be a better test than a nasal/ throat swab for a SARS Infection.

          • @jazoom: Can you do an AMA

  • Have one of these. Wish I didn’t buy it. So inaccurate. Do not buy this. Buy an under arm one… they’re accurate. Vicks has an under arm one that works well.

    • Yes, the vicks under arm is great. That's why we bought this one, thinking Vicks was a good brand. Stay with the under arm one.

      • Yes and their underarm one returns a result quicker than the cheapo underarm ones too (cheapos take forever to work, may as well be a Mercury thermometer!)

    • Rectal works best.

  • Bought this exact one in January on Amazon and was $26.xx - I really liked the idea of the coloured screen.

    Returned it as everytime I used it 3 times in a row I would get 3 different wild fluctuations of temperatures and when I went to doctor a few minutes after using it and indicating I had a fever, doctor did measurements and confirmed I did not.

    The reviews are accurate, stay away. Ended up sticking to a mercury thermometer.

  • This product is dangerously inaccurate.

  • I got one of these from a chemist. It never gave a proper reading and usually when turned on just said error.

    I would suggest avoiding this product.

  • Have another brand forehead thermometer. Extremely unreliable too. Do any of that type really work well? Any recommendations?

  • You have to wonder about the board meeting for this product. They would have known how rubbish it was, but went ahead and decided to manufacture and sell it anyway.

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