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ID-COOLING FrostFlow X 240 White LED AIO CPU Liquid Cooler - $69 Pickup/Plus Shipping @ PLE


Budget 240mm AIO for $69, not bad!

Seems to be similar performance to a NH-U12S but might suit your build betterer!

Review: https://techbroll.com/2019/05/id-cooling-frostflow-x-240-aio...

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  • Will this one fits on LGA1200? LGA115x is on their capability list but hummm not sure



      If you read the article it's suggesting all are

    • i cant say 100% but that's one thing that should be fine, although the socket changed to 1200 the actual size (measurements) and mount placements are the same as the 115x. At the time of release i saw most reviewers mention that if your on 115x with an aftermarket cooler, the cooler will be compatible if you upgrade to new mb with a 1200 socket.

    • I reused my aftermarket cooler from my LGA1151 on my LGA1200, if that helps at all.

  • Looks good for $69

    • Nice price.

    • agree, great value for a water cooling.

      although need to consider the aio factors such as potential liquid leakage hazard, pump issue, etc.

      • If you're in the market for an air cooler at this price point the Cryorig H7 Ultra is a great one, better than the 212 EVO, there's also the be quiet! Pure Rock 2 but I'm seeing mixed reviews.

        • I have a pure rock on my ryzen 3600 and it’s great , gaming temps cap at about 55-60 degrees and I can barely hear it

          • @piston3461: Have you tried Prime95 Small FFTs? If it doesn't break 80c I'm sold. I like the look over the H7.

            • @Rajeh: tried it and capped out at 85 degrees in a 25 ambient room.
              tbh not concerned with stress testing seeing as i dont get how its applicable to real life loads unless you are running a server farm

              • @piston3461: Well in my room, that's 80. I care about stress testing because I'm overclocking.

                • @Rajeh: ah yeah for stability purposes thats fair enough with the OC

                  • @piston3461: Not really for stability purposes, I can get an OC stable at 95c under AVX2 on my stock cooler :p

                    Just like to keep the temps down, keeping my CPU until Ryzen 5000 or 6000 when there should be a new socket. I might not need to though, super-tuning my 3500X's memory timings and infinity fabric has it freakishly close to the SMT 3600 in Geekbench 5. Only 10% behind, and if I can get an OC to 4.1GHz from my current 3.95GHz I could narrow that gap further. Zen 2 has a FIT voltage which is determined by running Prime95 with PBO and finding the voltage it stabilises at once temperatures have reached a steady state, on the stock cooler it's obviously throttling down at 95c and therefore I'm not getting my true safe voltage.

      • I built a PC with an AIO in January, it greatly complicates the build [in comparison to the air cooled PC I built over the weekend for a client] and I question the point of them apart from for visuals or if you are overclocking the shite out of the box.

        But for $69 why not I suppose.

    • best price

  • Looks like a mix of aluminium (radiator) and copper(cpu water block) in the loop so watch out for galvanic corrosion issues in this. Cheap for a water loop, have seen air coolers go for more than this. Take precautions against the mixed metal issues and it'll be a good deal.

    • Pretty sure most AIOs used fixed metals, they just use corrosion resisting additives in the fluid as well.

      Please correct me if I'm wrong. Basically corrosion will not be a problem, at least for the first couple of years

    • I've never heard of an AIO cooler having problems with galvanic corrosion. Even if they use mixed metals. They are designed as a fixed closed system, I think the fluid in the lines is some kind very long life deionised and demineralised coolant with corrosion inhibitors etc.

    • Also of the understanding that most AIO coolers use mixed metals (NZXT Kraken series and Corsair H series)

    • Other guys in this thread are correct, mixed metals is common in setups like this- but they're fully bled, and have corrosion inhibitors or dielectric coolants so the lifespan is pretty good generally.

    • The only brand known to have recently failed along these lines is Enermax.

      Most have pulled these from their stores when the problem became publicised.

    • I dunno why you'd go for a cheap AIO over a mid range air cooler. They'll perform about the same but the air cooler will give you less headaches. Unless you literally can't fit one in but somehow have the space for a 240mm radiator

  • +$15.43 shipping to sydney

    • yep, shipping is ridiculous. Amazing CentreCom can do free shipping over $75 but other computer stores don't seem interested. (I know this is under that price but as a general rule)

  • I've used the original one with the red lights (no + in the name) 240mm on a Ryzen [email protected] and [email protected], My friend is using this on his 3900x with PBO+200mhz now and it's working great. I have also used the 280mm +version on an i7 [email protected] and Ryzen 73800x at default boost in my son's machine.

    Without using this specific model I think I can recommend it.

  • I've used the white version of this AIO in a build before, very good performance especially for the price.

  • Maybe I was unlucky with this brand. I have one but in white colour. It worked well until it melt and stopped working - leaving my CPU in 99 C for extended period of time so Windows force shutdown it every time I turned on the PC. Contacted the retailer and got a replacement. The replacement failed within 6 months

  • Looks great for the price. Assuming it doesn't leak and destroy your whole computer.

    • Price is great… however do not want to risk an expensive chip and mobo by pairing it with a cheap cooler

      Pretty scared of having either leaks or pump failure

      • I wonder what the warranty is if it leaks over all your components? If it can be shown to have been installed correctly and working, would they be liable for replacing your damaged parts?

  • Cryorig H7 Ultra vs this? Been eyeing it because it's quite strong for a budget air cooler, but I'm also not sure about pump noise on these budget AIOs. Also whether it will muck up my airflow by having to sacrifice my front intakes.

    Also the benchmarks above don't show noise levels :/

    • I have the original H7, has been brilliant. i5 2500k @4.1GHz. I was originally looking for an AIO but have not looked back from the H7

      • Ultra has an extra heat pipe, possibly even better! I have had a fan zip tied over my OC'd RAM for the past while, so if I get an H7 I'll have to get crafty with cooling (tower would get in the way, been using Wraith cooler for now) it but hopefully I can make it work. 1867MHz FCLK and 4.1GHz all core would put a smile on my face.

  • Good pricing. Delivery charge negates it though.

  • I have the original ID-Cooling FrostFlow 240L in my AMD/ NZXT S340 for the last 4 years, no issues.

  • Noob question. Does this need maintenance i.e. fill up with liquid lol?
    Also, how do i know if this fits my MOBO / CASE - B350 & Thermaltake Versa H18

    • AIOs do not need to be filled up. I've also got a B350 board and H18. It should fit at the front of the case, just measure the AIO thickness and the panel for the fans. Though I'm just going to get a Cryorig H7 Ultra for $79 from PCCG, I'm not buying now so I won't be able to get in on this deal.

      • I second the Cryorig option. Their cooler is pretty good

        • Thanks both. Is the Cryorig compatible with AMD?

          • @alz: Check the product descriptions and compatibility before you buy. Cryorig has both Intel and AMD mounting bracket support (i.e. there should be AMD socket version in the product title/descriptions)

    • Is there any reason you are considering water? Air coolers out perform water coolers. They also fail much less

      • Incorrect. Generally speaking, at the top end of the market, water coolers will outperform air coolers.

        But yes, air coolers have less chance of failure.

        • Air coolers have better price to performance, and their sounds are easier to tune out. But I'm pretty sure an Arctic Freezer II 280mm is going to slightly beat out a D15. Once you reach the high end it's like 3 degree variance, so go with whichever is cheapest, fits and looks decent.

      • you don't know what you're talking about. water coolers shit on air cooling.

        • Air cooler life is long as the fans.
          Water cooler life is usually 5-6 years. Sure they might last longer but you risk failures. When an air cooler fails they is usually no harm done. When a water cooler fails, it is usually year bad. But I'm sure people replace them before failure right?!
          They have a B series board. This means they certainly pushing there cpu. What performance gains you expecting here for someone looking for a basic cooler?

          • @4agte: CPU will boost higher with PBO, but the CPU will eventually even when not constrained by thermals stop even with all limits removed, as it doesn't want to fry itself with crazy voltages. So any basic cooler is perfect.

  • Installed one of these tonight on a 3700X system, dropped my max temps under prime 95 from 70c to 60C, not bad for a cheap AIO cooler.