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Jaycar Leather Tool Belt $4.95 Delivered @ Jaycar eBay


Cheap tool belt. I just ordered one, might come in handy while working on the house.

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  • +6

    Sexy Halloween costume sorted.

    • +2

      Or Mardi gras outfit.

      • Just wear belt, nothing else

        • +1

          Hey. No judging. Whatever floats your boat.

        • Just wear nothing, belt everything else.

  • +1

    I think it is always this price. The same price on their website and you can also grab one from the store if it is near you. I bought a couple a few years back. It works OK for me, just need to watch out for the first few times wearing it over your clothes as it leaves the yellow stain on.

    • +3

      Yellow stain down low is a sign

  • +16

    probably junk but fomo so…
    also upvoted as I want everyone else to suffer too

  • Thanks just got one. If I don't use it my son will!

    • Yehh but like this is delivered like yasss, my lazy ass don't need to go out, well I can't

      • Enjoy staying in!

        • But I don't wanna ;( stoopid Melbourne.

          Saw your edit btw

          • @Dezeption: Yes. Previous deals were for pick up in-store.

            Bought for delivery in Brisbane - even though could pick up at local store for same price.
            The sun is too nice to waste on shopping🌞

  • -2

    Thx OP. Ordered 3..

    Just hope they fit an oversize average size tradie…

  • Sold out in 17min

  • +1

    "I am here to clean ze pool"

    • +1

      Sounds like an opening to a ;) movie lol

      • +3

        Pink panther 🕵️‍♂️

  • Sold out =(

    • +1

      You can still order it for pickup from a store.

  • +5
    • Thanks, ordered

  • +6

    Jaycar online sales manager tommorow: "Um, we sold 250+ belts in half an hour last night."

  • +1

    Missed out. Needed this

    • You can still order it for pickup from a store.

  • +4

    Pretty rare to find anything a bargain at jaycar!

  • +2

    Finally I can pick up Cougar next door

  • thanks OP - got one , C&C

  • -3

    Made in China (with plenty of non-China alternatives) so no deal for me.

    • +2

      Find us one of them non-china alternatives for $4.95 delivered and they can take my money.

      • I can't. You'd have to pay more - probably a lot more.

        That's just the way it is and I'm happy with that.

      • +2

        True but I'm making a big effing effort to change that!

  • Groinal tape measure…handy!

  • I find Jaycar homebrand gadgets and random other stuff quite low quality. Electrical components and branded stuff is fine though.

  • This is perfect for all you tools.

  • Looks like its back in stock on eBay with free shipping! Just got 2!

    • Thanks for the update, I just got 2 as well.
      Too cheap to pass up, includes postage too.

  • +1

    Back in stock at 9pm AWST.

  • They are back just got one 👍

  • Thank OP ordered 1

  • OOS

  • Totally do not need this. Incoming X 1 !

  • +1

    Got one for no reason, hope it will come in handy some day and I remember where it is.

  • Yep gone again

  • +1

    Arrived in Brisbane
    Love the smell of leather in the morning😉

  • +2

    bloody ozbargained… missed out

    • more stock. Buy buy buy.

  • Why mark 'out of stock' I've just bought one. It says more than 10 available.

    • It was showing out of stock earlier but looks like they found more.

      Ninja edit: bought 2

  • damn it back in stock now and i already bought from store… FML

  • +1

    back in stock

  • Managed to scoop one. Cheers guys

  • Think I just grabbed the last one. Out of stock after my order.

  • All gone again

  • +1

    Back in stock again

  • I ordered one but wouldn't be surprised if it just got cancelled later at this rate.

  • I order two the other day, and it arrived already.
    Ordered evening on 21st and got it this morning on the 23rd.
    I rarely get things delivered this quick on normal eparcel postage. $4.95 including quick postage is a bargain. Now what to do with it.

    That reminds me I ordered something early last week and I do not have it yet….

    • I bought 2 also. Giving one to my old man. Keeping one when I need to do some reno stuff.

      • I also bought one for my dad, if he wants it.

        I think the quality is pretty good too (for the price paid), it fits my cordless drill in one of the larger pockets or with a the tool belt clip hooked on.
        But the pockets are not too deep though, I was thinking where to put the longer/medium screw drivers, I would prefer the handle to be sticking out rather than the tip.
        Don't really want to get stabbed with the screwdriver.

        But happy, I hope I will actually use it.

        Handy if I had to go up the ladder and maybe up on the roof. I was using a 99c bucket with the tools I needed with the flimsy plastic handle hanging on the top of the ladder. The plastic handle could give way anytime.

  • Grabbed two thanks!

  • I have no use for this but I feel peer pressured by Ozbargain to buy one.

  • OOS!

  • All gone again…

  • Damnit! Not again :’(

    • Looks like they finally ran out.

  • Mine just arrived. For $5, its pretty darn great.

  • +1

    I'm really unaure why jaycar is selling this at rhis price. Even if it costs them nothing, surely postsge is more than $5 + admin ohead etc. What's the point. Only one making money is Auspost.

    • Items like this is a loss leader in the hope you buy other items that have higher margins and bring them profit.

      • Is it on their catalogue? Doesn't fit the loss leader framework

        • It doesn't necessarily have to be in a catalogue. You go to the website you see other thing you may want or need and there you go. The tool belt did its job.

          • +2

            @xoom: Somehow I don't think ebay would be good for that. I'm not even factoring in the fact that this lot was probably mostly purchased by Ozbers who are extremely unlikely to have paired it with anything profitable

    • +1

      All making money

  • my 2 tool belt arrived. For $5 each can't complain.

  • Got mine today. For $5 its a steal. I can’t comprehend how come it’s this cheap. A similar sized parcel packet and postage alone would cost more than that from AusPost.

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