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OnePlus 6T (8GB RAM, 128GB, Mirror Black, Global Model) $399 + Delivery @ Kogan


8GB RAM with 128GB storage
Longer battery life with 3700mAh
Expansive 6.4” 19.5:9 Optic AMOLED display
Features fingerprint scanner underneath display
16 + 20 MP HDR dual camera
Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor with OxygenOS Operating System
Corning Gorilla Glass 6 for resilience and durability

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    This or the Nord? hoping it’ll be under 500.

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      USD 500 ~ AUD 713

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        AUD 713 * 1.1 = $784 AUD GST included price

      • +1

        GSMArena reports it maybe priced under 24,990 INR($480 AUD/ $340 USD). We’ll get to know more about it by end of the day.

    • Difference price leagues. I'd be mighty tempted by the Nord though with it's 90hz display.

      • And better cameras. But my 6T takes great snaps with Gcam, stock not very good

      • get a 7T

  • wait how is this so cheap??

    • Nord announcement today.

    • +6

      2 year old phone.

  • Do Oneplus provide monthly security updates?
    What about major android updates, are they timely?
    I presume 6T is almost at end of life?
    Or should I go with a Pixel if I want timely software and security updates?

    • -1


      If ongoing software support is your main concern then stick with Google

      • +4

        Actually, the OnePlus 3-5T all received 3 OS software updates so it is possible for the 6T for it to get 3 also.

        • While my 3t has served me well, it's not had a security update for a while now.

      • +11

        OnePlus have the best track record for updates in all of Android

    • Mate gttdm, you are a good fit for a google phone such as pixel.

    • yea my 6 is great for it

    • OnePlus is pretty good with updates. Usually providing 3 major os updates and 2-3 years of monthly security updates.

  • +7

    I probably wouldn't buy it from Kogan, but damn that seems like a lot of phone for $400!

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    This is a pretty fantastic deal for this Handset. I went from this to the OnePlus 7T and Finally Oppo X2 Pro… Honestly I didn't notice that much of a difference in performance. I mostly made the move due to VoLTE and VoWifi however there is a "hack" to make this work with Telstra on the OnePlus models now.

    I took this phone to Outback Australia and took some pretty phenomenal snaps that people still comment on. Fantastic Value at $399.

    • +4

      Can you pleasr share a link to the working hack? I have a oneplus 6 and can't quite get it working for me even though I followed the instructions to enable volte and vowifi as an option

      • I don't think the hack works anymore.

      • Search xda forums for xxx nolimits which is a magisk module that enables volte and a lot more.

    • +2

      I'm sure there's a phone out there with a 4000mAh battery that doesn't last as long as this. Efficiency efficiency.

      • +1

        I hear that every time, yet am left disappointed every time.

  • Any reason to go for this rather than Oppo A52 that's 100-150 bucks cheaper?

    • +8

      It's like comparing a Ferrari to a Corolla.

      6T has more power, better screen, better camera, better build… Other than battery, pretty much better everything.

    • +2

      I got an A52 a month ago, but the 6T does seem like a better phone.

      Although the A52 is more recent (more updates), has a bigger battery, and cheaper.

    • ColorOS. Never again.

      • +2

        Have you tried/seen ColorOS 7? It's completely revamped, it's basically stock android now.

        • +3

          No major issues with 7.0 or 7.1 myself. Even late 6.Xs were decent.

          • +1

            @CJ31: Yeah no issues for me either. I never used an Oppo before so not sure what the late 6.x's were like, but 7.1 seems really good.

            I just always knew Oppo to have a half-baked iOS look, but it's all changed now.

      • +3

        I'm don't see the problem with colour os

        • -1

          Couldn't even enable developer mode without it nagging me to turn it off. That's a dealbreaker for me, as I can't set animation scale to 0.5x.

          • @Void: I enabled developer mode on my Oppo Find X2 Pro and set animations to 0.5x with no problem, no nags to turn it off (if you run Oppo's Phone Manager app one of its suggestions is to turn developer mode off, but that's only a suggestion and there is no nagging once you close the app).

            • @Tex Texan: Tried on a relative's phone and it did, iirc it was on ColorOS 5.0.

              • @Void: We are on ColorOS 7.1 now :-)

                • @Tex Texan: I tried this year, the phone didn't get any updates since launch. How crap, I hope this isn't the case with other phones.

  • Delivery to my place is $40.. bummer

  • This is the new Umidigi S5 Pro. The battery on the umidigi is 5000mAh and is just over $400aud from dx.com or aliexpress

    • +4

      This would be a lot more powerful, better camera and a better screen much more custom rom support to as well. Custom ROM support for almost all OnePlus devices is incredible

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    Ouch, just got it from Dick Smith for $100 more…

    Great phone! My one came with T-Mobile branding, but you can get it back on the stock OxygenOS without too much hassle.

    • How's the battery life?

      • Holds up pretty well - I'm getting two full days of light usage. But keep in mind I'm at home a lot now because… yeah.

        So most data is going over Wi-Fi, which uses notably less power than 4G.

  • +2

    Why do new phones no longer come with a headphone jack, That is one of the most dissapointing things nowadays as having wired headphones for certain tasks is far better for me personally :(

    • +1
      • +2

        It does come with a USB-C type adapter, it's just the extra effort of having to be wary of where it is, and the potential to break the charging socket as I generally use wired headphones when I'm running or riding as I only have wireless over-ear headphones.
        This just makes for another thing that can and most probably will break.

    • +2

      Becase they want to sell costly as F wireless ear phoes whose battery dies in a few years and they again get to sell more of it.

      If quality is not an issue, just buy a cheap type c to 3.5mm jack. Thats what I have been doing with my phone. But then I rarely listen to audio on my phone.

      • +1

        yep Apple sold $6 billion worth of AirPods this year.

        • 7.8 billion people on this planet and they sell 6 billion!

          • +1

            @alwayslooking: Not all have the money to afford such expensive phones/ear phones ;)

            • +1

              @John Doh: That's right. And we Lucky westerners sometimes forget that around 20% of the worlds population work for around US$1 per day and usually need to work 6-7 days a week just for basic food and shelter ( that's if they even have a job ).

    • It's actually to save space in the phone.
      It costs a few dollars to include, but it takes up room they would rather use for other things, or to keep the phones size down.

      There is also the argument that wireless headsphones are good money makers as they too have unswappable batteries.

      • +1

        no headphone jack every made a phone bigger, unless it was attached to a usbc connector

    • the OnePlus 6T is the first OnePlus model that removed the headphone jack.

  • Anyone know if this will work on North American bands?

  • I wonder how the NORD stacks up to there other products, i.e what level - looks to fit in at approx the 'OnePlus 7 point' ? is that right with 5g.

    Loving my 5T still, going strong. Im disappointed with Android 10 though, it's f'd up ALOT of things, made things buggy and this isnt OnePlus's fault, its all over the internet that other phone are having the same issue

    • Since upgrading to Android 10, every time I close Chrome incognito on my 5T it freezes for about five seconds. Infuriating.

      • Yeah, I can no longer have my navigation bar 'auto hide' since if a notification popup shows it loses focus and freezes…

  • +1

    20 bucks delivery makes the deal less attractive. Even with stupid kogan first zzzz

    • For me $40… Dropped the plan to buy.

  • +4


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    This is the T-mobile version FYI, when you do an internationally conversion it doesn't pass SafetyNet at this point in time so need to leave t mobile branded and update with t-mobile version. Or can root and install custom ROM which works fine.

    • What is SafetyNet? How about this:


      Will there be any complications with this particular version?

      • Safety Net is Google's way of checking devices aren't rooted when this doesn't pass some applications like Google Pay do not work. I can't comment on if the Oneplus 7T has a similar issue. As long as you stay on the T-Mobile firmware you should be ok however I couldn't see it give me an update from Android P(9) to Android 10

        • If I were to flash it with Oxygen OS, it should still work with Google play/pay right?

          Does this particular model come with T-mobile firmware? I don't see it mentioned anywhere on the kogan site.

  • Sorry for a dump question. Is it possible to flash any custom Rom with pure Android 10

    • +2

      Yes but you'd be losing a lot of features that make OxygenOS better.

    • Yes, you can flash a custom ROM however you will need to root and install Magisk in order to use banking and other applications.

  • Has anyone here had recent experience with Kogan warranty (mobile phones)? It's used to be really bad to the point that once threatened them with Consumer Affairs case to have the product repaired under warranty!

  • 6T is a great phone, highly recommended.

    I've decided to try an Oppo Find X2 Pro so I'm looking at off-loading my OnePlus 6T and 7 Pro phones, both in mint condition!

    • Is Oppo still stuck on ColorOS?

      • +2

        It is but it's a far cry from ColorOS of previous years (I owned an Oppo R7 Plus many years ago). I've found no issues or quirks with it at all, and that's coming after a few years with OnePlus phones. There are some nice features and some good ones coming in v7.2 and 8.0 when Android 11 hits.

    • +1

      I have a OP6 and love it, but curious to know how much you would be looking to get for the 6T and 7 Pro? Also which state are you in?

      • Have sent you a PM.

  • +1

    Wish One Plus get their market in Aus soon. Can't wait for Nord but looks like may have to order from 3rd party

    • Yep, I do not think they will be setting up shop in AUS in the current COVID climate.

  • so devo..!! i spent today deciding between the 6t and the 7 pro and i was planning to buy the 7 pro tonight but if i saw this earlier i def would have bought the 6t!! aaaaghh