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100x 3 Ply Face Masks $71.96 Delivered From Melbourne @ esold



  • 100 PACK (50 PACK also available)
  • Features earloops, easy to wear and take off
  • Ultrasonic Welding
  • Soft fabric, maximum wearer comfort
  • Latex-free, no odour and non-allergenic
  • Longer and better-reinforced nose piece
  • Low Breathing Resistance
  • Hard Wearing
  • 3 PLY

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    It protects against "Anti- New Covid". Looks like a very important feature.

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    Is this a bargain?

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    Haha these were selling for $32. Now $72 lol

    • 100 masks for $32 - I would gladly buy today living in vic.. can you provide a link?

    • Link thanks. I've never seen 100 for $32 ? Not for several months, anyway.

      • They're all OOS or price jacked now. Sorry.

        Costco still has masks but around $45.

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    Price gouging is not a deal.
    So glad vic government has announced $10k fines for blatant gouging of masks etc.

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      Have you got a good deal for masks? Seems like every deal posted for masks is getting negged but struggling to find a good one.

    • How are they going to police the price on a good that isn’t regulated, restricted or protected?

      • When it’s obvious.. it’s obvious.

        • No. They don’t have the power enforce fines without providing evidence to support the alleged offence.

          • @whooah1979: Price Gouging powers were enacted by the federal government
            If an item is sold well above its usual RRP (price comparisons are used) then its gouging,
            these masks have been sold for years
            the RRP is known
            Cost Price can be found
            if the two do not add up its Gouging and you will be fined.

            This is why Ebay etc kept taking TP and Sanitiser down last time they were told by the government they were responsible for gouging activites that occur on their website.

            • @jimbobaus: The price is set by supply and demand. High demand and lower stock means higher prices. The VIC government can’t regulate that.

        • The VIC government can announce what they want, but price gouging for essential goods isn’t unlawful.

          • @whooah1979: ACCC :

            The ACCC has established an internal COVID-19 Taskforce which is already communicating directly with businesses to educate them about their obligations

            if a business makes misleading claims about the reason for price increases, it will be breaching the Australian Consumer Law. It is also possible that extreme price gouging for essential products may amount to unconscionable conduct.

            • @jimbobaus: Yes. The ACCC can issue fines for misleading advertising. They don’t the power to regulate prices on unregulated goods.

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    This is not a bargin. You can still find 50 for $25 on ebay.
    I tried to post the deal yestersay but could not because
    they were not a top ebay seller dispite them having 100%
    Not sure if im allowed to post the page but i guess the mods
    can take down if im not.

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      did you try to order one? Its all sold out..

    • They're all gouging :)
      Says 50 for $170 from your link now.

  • Scam.

  • This is a joke.

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    i ordered yesterday……. some more here for $30


  • Longer and better-reinforced nose piece

    Good deal for John Elliott…

  • These people are probably the worst of their kind ..making money off the fear.

  • Coronavirus price-gougers risk $63,000 fine


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