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[VIC] Medihealth Guard Disposable 3ply Surgical Face Mask. Box of 50 for $34.99 @ Costco Epping (Membership Required)


Saw these at Costco Epping unsure if it’s nation wide. There was a whole pallets worth there. Given the current situation this seems to be a ok price for face masks. They are individually wrapped.
Box says
Bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) >99%
Differential pressure(Delta P) mm H2O/cm2 <5%
Resistance to penetration by synthetic blood 160mm Hg
Complies with Australian standards (AS) 4381

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    They are individually wrapped.

    Can’t wait to see them for $5 each on Facebook marketplace.

    • +2

      Such behaviour is absolutely disgusting

  • just bought at docklands for that price too

    • When did you go? They were all gone on Sunday.

    • Wearing a mask to buy masks, masks were OOS, wasted a mask…

  • +2

    Where are these ones made?

  • +4

    They are made in China. The box says made by Dincheng Nonwoven Products Co. Ltd

    • Thank you

    • Whoever negged this… I think he means people have already started flipping these for profit.

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    Stay safe everyone. Let's beat this thing!

    • +29

      So true. I don't get why we keep half arsing this self-isolation / lock-down. We should just shutdown the cities, get everybody to stay at home 24/7 for 2 months, and ween it out of the system. Then close all international borders so it doesn't come back.

      Instead we spend 2 months of half arsing self-isolation then come out of it, and then another 6weeks (or more) in self-isolation, vicious cycle which will probably continue. Rather just take the hit once instead of keep dragging it out.

      People say the Chinese or other races are selfish, but should really start looking at all the Australians who are refusing to follow mask rules & covid19 testing. They want to go out, but isn't willing to simply suck it up and do the time, instead they continue to whine about self-isolation. If they didn't whine and just got on with Self Iso, then we would have gotten out of this mess ages ago.

      I guess some economies and industries are making a killing (excuse my pun) out of extending the pandemic.

      • +10

        Because everyone wants to be politically correct.
        I've been hearing lately that mandatory wearing of masks apparently takes away people's freedom of rights/speech.
        So much pride and ego involved in trying to prove that masks shouldn't be mandatory.
        If you think that a bit of fabric is going to take away your freedom, just wait til Rona gets you. At least it won't discriminate

        • +22

          Reminds me of going into meetings at work…… you have 12 people arguing for 2hr over completing a task, where as if they just didn't argue about it, you could have had the task completed by 2 people within 2hrs.

          People's egos and pride always gets in the way of simply get the job done.

          I actually proved my point in a meeting a few weeks ago…. built the code which they were arguing about it, and by the end of the meeting they have decided to build the code. And I simply just said "Done" and dropped the mic then emailed them all the snippet…… haha

          • @lplau: That sounds like a place I worked for at some point.

            Outdated management, more worried about looking busy then actually working. When there is something to be praised about they are all tripping over each other but when shit hits the fan or you need support they scatter like cockroaches when the lights come on.

          • @lplau: Sounds familiar. Have seen people arguing about a piece of work, when the amount of time spent arguing could have been used to actually do the work with time left over.

            And when that is pointed out, it is followed by complaints along the line of - you are not sympathetic to my problems, you are not listening, that is the wrong way, if you can do it why don't you do it all the time then

        • +4

          Some people watch too many US series. Aussie constitution does not explicitly protect freedom of expression, it's only implied.


          Use the mask or cop the fine, everyone will fall in line after a couple of fines.

        • -1

          If you think that a bit of fabric is going to take away your freedom, just wait til Rona gets you. At least it won't discriminate

          Actually it does discriminate, which is the point.
          A lot of clinical research show mask effectiveness is minimal for this application (surgical masks are designed to protect patients from surgeons not for community transmission of viruses. I read some research that show cloth masks (ie non-surgical masks) actually increase the risk of infection.

          So there's arguments both ways. Properly fitted and used surgical masks do offer a little protection. Other masks, not so much

        • "At least it won't discriminate"

          The effect of Covid-19 very much does discriminate!

          Don't conflate number of positive tests with the number of deaths or ICU cases (which are a very minuscule %).
          The vast, vast, majority of people testing positive (using a somewhat inaccurate test) don't even know they have it or once had it, they're not dying in the streets.

      • I don't get why we keep half arsing this self-isolation / lock-down. We should just shutdown the cities, get everybody to stay at home 24/7 for 2 months, and ween it out of the system.

        Because that strategy is not sustainable long term. Say we enforce complete and total shutdown, how long does this last? 2 months? 6 months? 2 years? Even if you eliminate the virus in your own country how long can any country remain completely isolated for? New Zealand is about to learn this lesson. Their isolation strategy successfully eliminated community transmission for now, but their economy is in the toilet with no method to recover (since borders are shut indefinitely)

        If you want to take one hit, we're better off following Sweden's approach. They took a big hit to start with, but their death rate has reduced massively since. So it appears (jury is still out on this) that they my reach some form of sustainable position sooner than everyone else.

        It is possible that Covid becomes another Flu, something that is never eradicated, we just learn to live with it. Again, still too many unknowns…

        • Sweden didn't have a hard lockdown at all. Unfortunately early indicators are that their soft lockdown not only didn't help their vulnerable citizens, it also did little for their economy. The country's medical advisor has since admitted the strategy was wrong. Numbers are dropping but that may be due to a number of different factors, including (possibly) herd immunity (temporary or permanent?), summer holidays, etc (see last link).

          It's sad for the Swedes who possibly died unnecessarily but the differing approaches in various countries will be valuable when experts review data in the future.

          • +1


            it also did little for their economy

            Sweden is the only country in the western world that not to have negative quarter in 2020.
            Their daily death rate is now similar to Australia's, but our economy is in tatters with no end in sight.

            • @1st-Amendment: One quarter does not make an economy. That occurred because of the initial aissez-faire approach. Sweden has since forecast a contraction of 4.5% and growing unemployment.

              Very early days to be judging and there are plenty of external contributing factors (eg energy, tourism….) affecting all/most economies which need to be taken into account (eg how was their export/income mix affected compared to other countries). We might get a true much better picture in a few years when economists get real data from across the world.

              • +1


                One quarter does not make an economy.

                Yet they are the actual figures. You are arguing against this based on the crystal ball.

                If the choice is 0.5% loss due to virus (mainly to old/infirm/already sick), but the country and the economy remain intact, or years of endless lock-downs and the economy in tatters which then contributes to a loss equal to or greater than 0.5%, the first option sounds a whole lot better to me.

                • @1st-Amendment: I'm not arguing anything, I'm quoting numbers which are coming from Sweden. No economy is ever judged on one quarter.

                  I agree there needs to be a balance between economics/life and health but your use of Sweden as an example is premature to say the least.

                  I'm with ya on the economy. I think we need compulsory euthanasia at 60. Imagine the benefits. More jobs, huge decrease in health costs, no need for super, housing freed up, fewer caravans on the road….. When do you turn 60?

                  Seriously though it's important that societies come to grips with the realities and try to protect the vulnerable while not inflicting long-term "economic" (jobs, careers etc) damage on our youth. I don't know how you do that or where the balance lies but it's something we will need to discuss nationally at some point.

                  • +1

                    @DisabledUser67242: I know you're being funny, but the flu numbers were announced today 36 deaths this year (all prior to April) down from 430 this time last year. So in terms of lives sacrificed, we're about plus 300 this year.

                    If we were comfortable losing 400 people/year to flu, why can we not do something similar with Covid?

                    • @1st-Amendment: I was only half joking. I don't buy the flu number/do nothing argument but I do understand the need for a balance. I also wonder what your attitude would be if you were in the vulnerable demographic. You're not comparing like for like number-wise because as you say it's business as usual as far as flu mgt goes V severe restrictions with C19. Covid19 trans rates are about double that of flu so the outcome of business as usual would likely be FAR worse. Part of the reason for lockdowns is to reduce the chances of a catastrophic overload on our hospitals and health staff. See the UK experience if you need an example of mismanagement in that area.

                      Taiwan showed what is possible when people are responsible (esp those diagnosed and anyone responsible for them - security guards, families included) and the govt carries a big stick. Try doing that here - a good percentage of the population would simply thumb their noses, as usual. The effects of the actions of a few irresponsible people has been catastrophic here. How these people don't understand what they are doing to businesses , jobs, and other people's health is baffling. Stupidity? Self-interest? Complacency? Probably all three. Reports (which may or may not be accurate) suggest the pub manager at Casula allowed about 400 people into his premises in clear contravention of the rules. One truckie arrived with C19. Result - a huge setback for most other struggling businesses and workers. Not b good enough.

                      I suspect that at some point we will have to ease restrictions (with appropriate care) and bear the human cost. No doubt a few will then say we went thru hell for nothing. Hindsight. Or we might choke it down to very small numbers IF people wake up to themselves, and hence the numbers of deaths and serious injury from C19 will be suppressed. The same people will point to that and say - as they are already doing - that therefore lockdowns weren't justified. BS, esp since any review is after the fact (hindsight). Experts have no doubt modelled a range of scenarios from no lockdown through to almost total lockdown. I haven't seen the business as usual modelled numbers but I'll bet my house that they'd be jawdropping.

      • -2

        So true. I don't get why we keep half arsing this self-isolation / lock-down. We should just shutdown the cities, get everybody to stay at home 24/7 for 2 months…"

        Spoken like a true Public Servant, with an "essential" job totally detached from reality and facts. Not sure if your serious or just virtue signalling. "We're all in this together", as DanA just gives the Vic PS a 2% onward pay rise, ffs.
        It seems you're working from home and still getting paid handsomely, right, good for you……
        has HIV been eradicated after several decades and billions of dollars of research? Does the flu come back every year? They're Viruses!!! Is your specialty writing code (from home) or Economics or Virus Research?
        Take the red pill.

        • Sad for you to think of public servants like that. However you are incorrect im not a public servant.

          And I feel sorry for the businesses which were told 'self iso' is over, they gear up and reopen for a few weeks then get told to shut down again for 6 weeks (and potentially indefinitely). You should go tell those businesses that doing a half arsed lockdown is a great idea for business.

          I have been affected and so have everybody else, most Australians won't be getting out of this unscathed both, economically, financially and emotionally. Working from home isn't all that great, there is plenty of pitfalls to it, I'm sure many who is doing it now is agreeing about this.

  • Anyone know if this is available in Auburn for this price?

    • Costco isn't like Aldi where each store can set their prices.

      I believe this is all stores with the exception of QLD stores, which often run a different specials catalog.
      And since it is .99 cents then it isn't a "special clearance" price. Special clearance prices are usually .97 or other .9x prices

  • I was there today and there was a limit of one pack per membership
    And were a bit adgetated wen I asked if they were going to follow woollies Coles Iga foodworks lead by letting inshopoers with out face coverings as of Thursday
    And the answer was no

  • +3

    These were listed at $100 delivered on the Costco website just recently. They're indvidually wrapped which is also a bonus. They fit better than other masks I have worn too.

  • Can anyone recommend where to buy effective reusable face masks in Syd area?

  • Any stock in Ringwood, Vic?

    • +2

      Yup still had stock around 15 minutes ago

      • +1

        Ta, but note that there is a restriction of 1 per membership.

  • +1

    Call your local Costco store and ask if they have stock, if they have run out ask what other stores do

  • +3

    Plus some Aldi stores have a box of 50 for $30

    Melbourne - Macedon plaza in Lower Templestowe have some

    Contact Aldi via phone or Facebook messenger to check which stores do

  • Too bad eppings in lockdown. $1652 fine if you venture there.

    • You need to watch a more recent episode of the news or refresh your internet

  • -1

    How did Victoria screw this up?

    • -1

      Been stated plenty of times in the news.

    • +3

      Seems like you don't know and don't care

      • -1

        yeah cool man

  • -3

    just think of all the rubbish CHINA is producing for landfill, save the planet and use reusable if possible please…. it makes my blood boil.

    • You watch too much Trump stuff mate

  • Same in Moorabbin anyone?

    • +3

      I saw about 150 boxes an hour ago in Moorabbin. Please note there is a limit if one per customer. People weren’t taking much notice.(of these boxes). Other option is call and ask them for stock level, providing items name or number(91901)

      • Not running back to Costco anytime soon personally, after what I heard this morning about Costco Moorabbin. Don’t ask coz I am not going to spell it out as I don’t know if it is true.

  • +1

    Plenty of stock left at the Epping store this morning

  • +2

    I cannot believe costco thought it was acceptable to originally sell these for $100 a box. I am glad Victorian's now have access to them more affordably!

  • +2

    That BLM protest really came and bit your bums, eh?

    • -2

      Ignorant comment. Google might help improve your limited understanding (and that of your upvoters) but I doubt it.

      • +1

        Your comment is the ignorant one. I am well versed on this topic. After watching this video please return and reupvote my comment if you feel it is right (try to not let your emotions affect the decision you decide to make, but rather truth). https://youtu.be/CbcUOCJYrT4

        • Seems you swallowed Murdoch's or Greg Hunt's hyperbolic and wildly inaccurate characterisation of the Melb situation then? Hunt should correct his comments and apologise for yet again misleading the gullible.


          • +1

            @DisabledUser67242: The writing is on the wall dude

            • -2

              @gorge: You might want to find better sources for your info in future. The rwnj whose video you linked to is Avi Yemini, spokesman for "Tommy Robinson" and convicted wife beater.

              I'd critique your scientific association but I doubt you'd even attempt to understand it "dude". Suffice to say that only the naive, or agenda driven in your case, think that correlation and causation are equivalent.

          • +1

            @DisabledUser67242: btw did you know that people who attended the rally were being denied testing because it "wasn't deemed" as a high risk situation?
            You can imagine why. It's because the more people found to have a positive result, the more pressure this would put on the government of VIC for letting the protest go ahead.

            • @gorge: Out of interest did you have similar comments about earlier marches by the anti-vaxers and 5G nutters or does BLM set you off?

              • @DisabledUser67242: umm, are you aware that the blm protest was <strong>tens</strong> of thousands?

        • Did you make a comment critical of truckies and irresponsible pub owners who have set back NSW considerably or doesn't that fit your narrative?

          • @DisabledUser67242: We should be critical of everyone breaking the rules. But I want to be particularly critical of this situation since it was so many people.

            • @gorge: No doubt it would have been preferable had the BLM marches not gone ahead in the form they did. 6 cases suggests your finger waving is, like Hunt's, a wildly inaccurate characterisation. Your reference to particular sources suggests more than that. As Casula shows, it takes only one person.

              • @DisabledUser67242: Imagine thinking tens of thousands of people gathering in one spot without social distancing would not result in a 2nd wave.

                • @gorge: It didn't, as you'd know if you stopped watching redneck videos and started reading credible information.

                  • @DisabledUser67242: How could it be possible though? How could it possibly NOT spread in that situation?

                    • @gorge: Why doesn't it spread among shoppers, or in most workplaces, in most families, among footballers, in the racing community?
                      There's a clue in the video in this article: https://www.theage.com.au/national/victoria/this-has-to-stop...
                      Bullsh*t is far easier to spread these days.

                      • @DisabledUser67242: It does spread in families and workplaces but those cases can be traced so it's no big deal.
                        The reason it doesn't spread in grocery stores is due to the limit on the number of people that are allowed to enter at any given time.

                        • @gorge: Limiting numbers is only part of the game. Didn't your mate Avi say that in his diatribe? You missed the obvious. Covid19 can't be spread unless someone is already infected. Did you happen to find the clue in the video by chance?

                          According to your "wisdom" the Casula pub case and the Vic meatworks outbreaks were "no big deal". You might want to tell that to the businesses, workers (and pretty much everyone else) whose lives and livelihoods have been set back again.

                          The source(s) of most cases in the latest "wave" in Melb is not known, for many reasons. People with the virus can be completely asymptomatic; tests are inaccurate and only a snapshot in time - you could be tested one day, get the virus the next, and lower your guard; and where and when someone has contracted it is often impossible to ascertain precisely.

  • Picked up a box at Moorabbin

  • +2

    Congrats op, your post has been translated to a wechat post :D


  • Anyone know if there is any stock left at Ringwood from late yesterday or early today?, I'm looking at getting these, but if no stock it would save me the trip.
    Looking of going there in next few hours.


    • +1

      Call Ringwood store and ask

  • No stock of these in Costco Adelaide.

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