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MediHealth Guard Disposable 3ply Surgical Face Mask 50pcs/Box $49.98 (Was $99.99) Shipped @ Costco (Membership Required)


Price drops from $99.98 to $49.98 from previous post https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/531288

Protect the health of you and your family with these disposable 3ply surgical face mask from MediHealth. Designed to be breathable and to sit comfortably around the face, these Australian TGA approved mask come individually packaged in a box of 50 pieces.

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  • No membership :(

  • Literally a few hours ago someone posted 200 pieces for $60 and 50pcs for $20


  • Normal price, it’s around 50 dollars at every other Australian store

  • Just to note this isn't unreasonable pricing
    Masks that cost $1/mask at bulk pricing are generally the higher grade surgical, approved, etc ones

    The actual price of these wholesale wouldn't be far off that $1 mark

    Wouldn't be surprised if they make next to nothing on a mask

    • You gotta keep in mind, just like you buy 'bulk' - they also buy material in bulk and produce in bulk and sell for bulk price - and retailers aren't your friends, they're not here to pass things for free or for a loss.
      Someone's always making money.

      • We brought in a few thousand masks by container and donated it to the hospital

        They wouldn't take it until it was tested by them first

        I will tell you it costs about the $1 mark at wholesale price, taking into consideration their overheads as well.

        There isn't much left over

      • A retailer can make next to nothing for some items and even make a loss on some (promotions/marketing tactics). But they are selling thousands of products and they make money on those thousand items. Definitely not a business mind person. Some retailers may be kind enough to the community when they know everyone need them urgently. I would rather buy from Costco for $50 than from a small Asian grocery shop even if they sell for $30.

    • Cheapest Level 3 TGA approved surgical mask i've seen, not that i have checked a lot though

      • +1 vote

        Does it matter, don't the particles go around the mask unless it's N95+?

        • A N95 respirator is better, but also more costly. Surgical masks will still reduce the chance of getting it and if someone has the virus, it lowers the amount that they would spread it.

          A lot of people dont wear masks properly either such as not moulding the nose piece leaving gaps. If i wear a surgical mask, i can see the fabric moving in and out when i breathe so there is a little sealing there. The sealing isn't as good as a respirator though.

          • @8azinga: So I wear n95 masks at work (mining) and have done for years, and have noticed that the valve on the n95 allows air to expel freely, unfiltered, wouldn't that just be defeating the purpose of these if I am able to spread the virus if I had it

      • I couldn't find "level 3" in the images.

        • The TGA approval says Level 3. The box says 160mm HG which is a level 3 spec.
          Not sure which one of these approvals is for this specific mask but there are 3 approvals for MediHealth ones. Click on the public ARTG summary and see the intended purposes section

          • @8azinga: 160mm HG which is a Level 3 spec is key. These meet Australia: AS 4381:2015 standard which is important and an appropriate deterrent.

            Chemist Warehouse Softmed ones are level 3 too which one can consider without Costco membership, similar $49 price.

            Thanks OP.

            • @aaruu: Based on the lack of details on chemist warehouse, the Softmed ones dont appear to be level 3. Even the TARTG number they list on there doesnt seem to correlate to the product. The brand on the ARTG they listed is M House Pty Ltd and made by Lai Xin Underwear Co Ltd. The ARTG also doesnt specifiy that it meets any specifications or level.

              How do you know they are level 3?

              • @8azinga: Waiting to see the clarification myself.

              • @8azinga: Hi mate, 2 validations:
                1) Softmed website itself confirming 160 rating for fluid resistance which is Level 3. Also mentions layer details.
                2) Bought the box myself from local Chemist Warehouse. Says it very clearly on the box side label that it is Level 3 along with other TGA certification details.

                Seems legit and I would trust this over the random eBay ones which at max would be Level 2 as compared to these genuine Level 3 ones.

                • @aaruu: Not individually sealed though I gather?

                • @aaruu: If it's all legit, then it's good but something just seems off to me. A couple of abns registered for softmed name recently.
                  The tga approval doesnt mention anything about softmed.
                  Googling their compression socks also doesnt show up anything which is strange if it were an existing company. Just seems like a new company and that got an underwear manufacturer to make masks.
                  I may be wrong though but I'd rather stick to the costco ones.

                • @aaruu: Softmed web one has different ARTG number compared to chemist warehouse. What is shown on the box? Are you able to share a photo?

                  • @vhfyagi: Hey mate, I was under the same confusion earlier as CW link says TGA ARTG 337122 and Softmed web link says TGA ARTG 333133.

                    All the Softmed boxes I saw in CW actual pharmacy & ones I bought were in fact same as the Softmed ones 333133. 3 ply, Level 3 masks.

                    Likely CW failure to update their web link.

                    These are manufactured by Wuhan Topmed Trading Co in Wuhan, Hubei, China.

                    Sponsor (Imported) by M House Pty Ltd, Broadmeadows, VIC.

                    Hope that helps!!

    • Not saying it's a rip off. Just that something at average price is not really a deal.

      • Think it depends where you are, sydney not so much an issue

        but I know of a store in Melbourne that had 50 boxes of masks last week, they are down to 10 boxes. ( 1 box has approx. 1000 pieces)

        Supply is definitely taking a hit down there, so it might be tough to find it

        knowing there is supply somewhere is always a good alternative

  • Double normal price 2 days ago.

    try ali express, still $30 per 100, delivered in less than 10 days.

  • An alternate route to costo items avaialble through FairDinks (https://www.fairdinks.com.au/)
    Masks are at: https://www.fairdinks.com.au/disposable-masks-50-pack/
    same as what is offered at Costco

    • how do you know they are the same?

    • They aren't the same. Those look like the cheaper ones off ebay with no approvals or anything.

      • Nope these ones are sold in physical Costco stores, different to the ones being sold online through their website. I bought a box for $49 I believe.

        • Still a completely different product to this deal with no approvals or specification from his link though so not really relevant trying to compare. I doubt the masks from fairdinks are even level 1 spec.

  • How is this a bargain?

    • If you don't know then your vote is obviously well-informed. Clue - not all masks are equal. Question is which ones can be trusted. Seems these can.

  • +7 votes

    I'm just going to wear my Collingwood 2020 scarf over my mouth.
    At least I'll finally get to use it this year…

  • Not a deal. A dollar for a mask is not a deal!

  • I think you forgot the bargain in OzBargain.

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    We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.”

  • Shame that retail greed creeps into the most basic items. Shop around folks, these should not cost you more than ~$20 for 50 pieces delivered. The price advertised here is far from a bargain.

    • Link to a similar product please. I'm looking for a deal on approved, individually wrapped disposables.

      • You will need to do the hunt yourself since prices are climbing. I bought some yesterday 50 pieces $19 delivered. They have since gone up to $38. https://tinyurl.com/yxelm9we As for individually wrapped…I've not seen such. They come wrapped in a pack of 50. Suggest you invest some time on eBay, or similar.

        • disposable masks =/= surgical masks. your comparing apples to oranges.

          just because they look similar they are not. These ones are the ones that hospitals have to dump because they are not up to standard.

          • @nerd1: The term "surgical mask" refers to the design of this product. Feel free to spend more time and money if you wish. You are going to pay more for something that claims to be "medical-grade". I have medical-grade surgical masks from EU, which I bought for 15 cents each, back in March. These eBay ones fit the same and will offer same protection for public use, provided we are all wearing them. They are three layered, as recommended. To be clear, you don't need a medical grade mask https://www.dhhs.vic.gov.au/face-masks-covid-19. Worth a read here about that if you are still concerned. These cheaper 3-ply masks are good for general use, especially if: (1) the mask fits, (2) is worn properly, and (3) you are keeping your social distance. Be alert, not alarmed.

            Importantly, there's only so much you can achieve with one of these disposables. Please don't get yourself into a false sense of security. They are intended to reduce the risk, not eliminate it. As for masks getting dumped, the reports from SA were very clear about N95 masks and fear over protection from spilled liquids.


            A basic disposable mask is not going to give you N95 protection. If that's what you really want, then you will need something from 3M (or similar). You'll find such at Bunnings for around $20 for 5. Tradespeople use them to keep out dust from saws and other machinery. I used these during the bushfires. There are no calls for N95 rated masks from the authorities.

            • @Redmarz: I still believe there's a difference between the 3ply disposable masks and surgical masks. If theres not difference why wouldn't everyone advertise that they are certified and TGA approved for use in medical environment? I understand n95 is another level of protection but we're not buying those masks here.

              At the end of the day, any mSk is better than no mask. And individuals can choose the level of protection they are comfortable with for piece of mind.

              Be alert, not alarmed.

              Totally agreed

        • Thanks for the reply redmarz. I've looked. Damned near impossible to tell mask quality from websites - even reputable ones like Chemist Warehouse - because claims and supposed certification are at best HIGHLY questionable. These Costco ones are individually wrapped, appear to be certified but are not especially cheap. Might have to rejoin and buy.

          • @Possumbly: This is always going to be an issue. I've had success with eBay though. I like to buy from there since I can claim a refund through PayPal if needed. You need to check each purchase since stock from one seller may not be consistent either. I compare each purchase to the medical-grade ones I have. The crap masks are usually poorly assembled (too small, cheap elastic and no 3-ply). Put one on and you'll likely know straight away.

            • @Redmarz: Understand all that. Can't be bothered with ebay nor going thru the rigmarole of buying, "testing", returning etc. Just want to know if anyone has found decent quality masks (equivalent to these) from a reputable source. The ignorance of people claiming all (cheaper) masks are equal is astounding although not unexpected on this website.

              • @Possumbly: Most masks will come from certain manufacturers, regardless who sells them, or how they are packaged. I've never had any issues with locally sourced eBay ones. Hope you find what you need though.

                • @Redmarz: Thanks. I don't have the confidence you have wrt sources. As hand sanitizer showed plenty of amateurs came out of the woodwork with products I wouldn't ask even SmirkMo to use. In England a teenager started up a business making decent quality masks. Transfer that "opportunism" to the far less regulated and trustworthy Chinese environment and I'd guess there are hundreds of new makers out there now.

        • Victorian government is unable to source or control quality, en-masse, else, they'd force retailers to comply. Hence, posturing and extemporaneous ruling on general covering to discourage socialising. Forcing people to queue, during a pandemic, to buy dubious products is at least ridiculous, but mostly, dangerous.

          • @AlexF: Yep the folly of taking a decision without ensuring products were readily available is bad enough but there's absolutely no excuse for DA's advisors not being able to foresee how people would react.

  • Standard price - this is Ozbargain not OzInStock

  • Thanks OP for posting this. It is worth people knowing where stock is, at this time, given these will become compulsory from Thursday. I would rather buy these from Costco than from someone I don’t know on eBay. I bought mine, in the store, last week as I saw the writing on the wall. It will be interesting to see if this does help. Over 80% of infections, they have detected, come from the workplace so I hope people actually wear the masks whilst working outside home. The virus is more likely to transmit inside buildings than outdoors.

  • Does anyone know where to get mask which are made in Australia?

  • It seems decent price for the qualified 3ply mask.

    The masks certified by China posted perviously was crap and cheap. However, they are disrupting market and qualified mask production.

  • Toymate at Robina Town Centre has these same masks for $15 a box of 50. (online it says $49 shrug)
    Bought some the other day. Hand sanitizer is also $1 for the small tubes. (don't recall if they're 30ml or 50ml)

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