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Xiaomi Mi QiCycle Electric Folding Bicycle $699 + Delivery @ Kogan


Have been watching for Qicycle deal for a while, really good price.
Have pulled the trigger for $949 few weeks ago but now at better price $699 + delivery

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  • Gotta be best price ever.

    • +43

      Maximum Load Capacity 100kg

      Not much use to most OzBargainers though…

      • +1


      • +1

        That’s a controversial assumption. Best I can tell, the average weight of an Australian adult is a fair bit under 100kg.

        • +21

          That would be pre covid.

      • You saying most ozbargainers are overweight?

      • -1

        This type of bike really aren't good for tall people. Awesome if you're either side of 5', or even 4'. I have a folder with 20" wheels and a frame design that is better for taller people. I'm 5'11" and it is still spindly - you have to be very conscious of how much force you put on the bars and seat.

        These look great for a small person or a child.

        • +4

          How old RU that UR still using single & double '(")' ? ;)
          1970 the Australian parliament passed the metric conversion act
          If we never act on international standards it, how can we get rid of CoViD-19?
          It's only the US that is the most stubborn :(

          • +2

            @taki: The U.K. is even worse.

            Pounds for weight and currency, mixing metres and miles, stones for weight!

          • +4

            @taki: Cut him some slack. What size is your television?

          • @taki: Metric all the way, but it's not uncommon to use feet for height and inches to measure ahh something else…

            Would you tell a police officer a suspect looked about 6 foot or about 183cm?

            I'm mid 30's so perhaps on the cusp…

            • @squinly: I never used imperial in my 6 decades & lazy to convert - particularly that every foot is different length :)

      • +2

        FLM (Fat Live Matters)

        • Fat yes, but FAKE has taken over the FAcT(s:)

  • Nice to see an electric bike come down in to the realms of affordable! The reality is that this is a $100 bike with $600 of other parts that make it electric. The need to socially distance has caused a whole load of spend on electric bikes in the past few months so I'm hoping prices continue to fall as fast as they have been because this should really be $300.

    • +12

      I'm curious to know why they "should" really be $300?

    • +12

      The battery cells alone will cost you $300.

    • +4

      Lol so you say it's worth 700 dollars but should be priced at 300. I would love to shop from your place if you were a business

  • To save someone the hassle. Not legal in Vic as it's >200w

  • +1

    How would a policeperson work out the wattage of an ebike they pull over?

    • +8

      They would just open their smartphone and Google the model number.

      • +5

        They would really have to hate you to go to that level of effort to prove extra 50W of power.

        • +5

          You'd have to be a real dick for them to hate you to go to that level of effort to prove extra 50W of power.

          • @wellzi: Just tell them my battery is not fully charged.

          • +4

            @wellzi: yeah there's been no cases of cops going to stupid efforts just to be dicks

        • +13

          Do not underestimate the pettiness of a cop having a bad day or a power trip.

          • +3

            @Cyphar: Don't underestimate the number of idiots with 1000W motors on bike out there either

          • +2

            @Cyphar: Yeah nah I don't share that view, sorry. The cops I know deal with much, much worse that someone flaunting an extra 50W motor on their pushy. :)

      • +2

        So if the user removes all identifiable markings = nothing to Google ?

        • +2

          Google Image Search

      • +2

        You assume that they're that smart and actually give a stuff.
        The whole 200w thing is a joke. Just more ott policing of the loyal citizens with bs "regulations / laws"
        Just let people ride electric scooters and e-bikes without stupid regulation

        • +3

          The whole 200w thing is a joke

          I'm not laughing.

        • +4

          Just let people ride electric scooters and e-bikes without stupid regulation

          Then just get a license like motorcyclists…

          • @jv: Already got one mate….
            Still doesn't allow anyone to technically ride something more than the paltry 200w

    • Odds are the police will soon be making too much money off fining people for not wearing masks to bother with fines as complicated as this. I wouldn't be surprised if they make so much money they dont need to bother with speed traps and RBT's.

  • -2

    Whatever floats your boat

      • +15

        ha ha. Yeah, this is a real chick magnet.

        • +11

          Fit chicks on bikes look pretty hot

    • +15

      commuting to work without breaking a sweat

      • No joke. I saw a fairly chubby dude in office clothes killing it up hill with no effort at all as he zoom pass the skinny dudes in spandex on their $5000 tour bikes. What a sight!

    • +41

      That's the problem with thinking in Australia. A bike is considered a method of transport in every other country. It's safe (with appropriate laws), cheap, helps you stay healthy and often faster than other methods of transport. Somehow bicycles have been relegated to hobbies and sports use here.

      An ebike helps people who aren't currently fit, have long distances or difficult hills to overcome.

      • +1

        Also, fun.

      • +1

        We are only allowed to think based on the same traditions we have abided by since the beginning of time for each country that we reside in.

      • +1

        A lot of people use them for uber eats deliveries and that I think.

  • -1

    I believe this bike has no power regeneration brake.

    • +15

      Please post which ebikes have this at a not-crazy price point. Not being sarcastic, I'd really like to know.

    • +4

      The power generated from braking is negligible anyway. I doubt it would give you more than a hundred metres from am average ride and fully draining the battery.

    • +2

      It is also missing cup holders and a heated seat. AVOID AT ALL COSTS.


      • +3

        Also missing wireless charging and Band 28. Must not buy!!!

  • What is the distance range on this bike?

    • 45km

    • +1

      Unlimited with good ol' human power! (limited to how much sleep you need and food you eat)

    • +1

      Note that this bike's motor is providing assistance to your pedaling, i.e. there's not a throttle that you can hold down and it will just go.

      You can set the assist/boost to be 50%, 100% or 150% of your power. In such case, I see this as more a way to help you go uphill and/or long distance by supercharging your own pedal power.

  • +19

    Imported thousands of ebikes in year 2000 into Australia. Problem was that the laws back then were very ambiguous and each state governments were curtailing my business by making the use of ebikes illegal. Made a pitch back then to Australia Post to use them on posties routes, however they werent interested back then.

    Then the Australian Road Rules came out limiting them to 200watts of power, however this was inadequate for fat aussies in hilly areas and the sales died in the arse. Australia has yet to grasp the benefits of making ebikes a main means of transport for some people.

    • +3

      Before your time

    • -7

      You’re angling this as being someone else’s fault, but the fact is that you invested a large amount in a market that didn’t exist yet, and had not yet received full legislative oversight.

      Your experience sounds like it’s related to poor entrepreneurial risk-taking and lack of research around markets and regulatory environments, than some bureaucratic conspiracy.

      • +7

        I mean, it can be both.

      • +6

        The legal void for electric vehicles between 250W and 3000W (~50cc equivalent enough to keep up with road traffic in most conditions, e.g. and registered as a motorbike) in Australia is probably more likely ignorant neglect than wilful conspiracy, but it is ridiculous considering that would potentially cover like 80%+ of commuter trips in Australia.

      • +6

        I had enterpreneurial FORESIGHT and eventually made millions out of introducing electric scooters to Australia and marketed them as a toy instead of a mode of transport. Pity the politicians of the day did not have similar foresight so as to progress Australia. My company is now a major supplier of general merchandise of weekly surprise buys to Aldi Australia.

  • +1

    Showing $39.99 delivery charge to inner west, NSW.

  • +1

    What's people experience of these bikes so far? Worth the money?

    • +3

      Yes, I've owned one for about two years and love mine. It's foldable, which means I can throw it in the car boot if needed. Regularly ride for 20Kms on it, and get up to 30kms/hr - though the assistance does cut out by then. Great fun, and a steal at this price.

      • So are you saying it helps with lower speeds but cuts out at higher speeds? wish i could trial these.
        Also is it easy to fold? for example taking it in and out of a lift?

        • +1

          Yep, actually it cuts off at 25km/h, you can still pedal to get to the higher top speed, but personally I found it's difficult to get higher than 25km/h after the motor cut off, I might reach 30km/h when going downhill. Folding took some learning, but it takes about 20 seconds once you are used to it. As for lift, this bike is small enough to fit into a lift, I can't even bother folding it in. The only time folding becomes useful is if you want to put it in a car trunk, or take it to a bus.

          • +1

            @BargainDemon: I have one too. It definitely cuts out at 25km/h and you can feel it, which is pretty cool. Overall a very fun bike to ride. Looks a bit funny if you're tall due to the small wheels and how high you'd have to lift up the seat. I saw a review that says you shouldn't leave it folded for long periods of time, ideally you should store it unfolded, and only fold temporarily when you need to transport it.

            I got mine second hand on gumtree as hubby got an e-mtb and I was a bit FOMO, so he got me this, for a good price too. My 8-year-old son has been riding it ever since though, he won't even let me go near it.

      • I think the old module is foldable, but this new module can't do the same.

      • 30km/h on those small wheels is pretty good.. I can't imagine pedalling manually to get that sort of speeds on that.

    • +1

      Bought this a few week back at $900, no regrets. Bike is super fun and ride is really smooth. Attached mine with a bike basket and pannier and it becomes a fun groceries machine, perfect to do all these little errands.

      • How'd you get a pannier on this bike frame? Great idea but I don't know how it would attach

        • +1

          You'll need to get a rear rack, the main bracket attaches to the seat post and supporting braces hooked to the rear fork.

  • Any way to get free delivery?

    • Kogan first free trial seems to give you free shipping.

      • Not sure if it includes bulk items like the bike?

  • +3

    You get what you pay for - and better hope you don't have an issue or need to make a warranty claim with Kogan.

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