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Samsung 860 EVO 500GB $89 + Delivery @ Shopping Express (+ Samsung $19 Cashback)


Samsung 860 EVO 500GB V-NAND 550MB/s SATA 2.5'' SSD

Redeem $19 Cash Back by 31/7/2020* - https://www.samsung.com/au/offer/ssd-eofy-cashback/

Start: 9:00 AM, Monday, 8 June 2020
End: 11:59 PM, Friday, 31 July 2020
Start: 9:00 AM, Wednesday, 10 June 2020
End: 11:59 PM, Monday, 31 August 2020

Original Cash Back deal

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Shopping Express

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  • The 4TB at $698 after $91 cashback is decent too. Or $686 at Online Computer.

  • Thanks OP, exactly what I was looking for!

  • Darn it, just bought it 2 days ago from shopping express

  • Does the cashback limit to 1 item or can you buy multiple on the same receipt?

    • I'm also interested. Skimmed through the T&Cs but didnt see anything regarding limits PP.

      • Yeah same, I just bought 10 just hope its not classed as business

        • From the T&Cs:
          Maximum Eligible Claims per Participating Product
          One (1)
          Maximum number of Gifts per household
          Three (3)

          • @Chavatar: Thanks, Guess it will be 3 gifts to home. Maybe try 3 to work address.
            Still a good price on the drive so just a bonus.

          • @Chavatar: Wish I had read this before buying 3… grumbles that's $60 lost.

            Edit: wait did I misread this? does this mean i can still claim 3 (just once each, but still 3) god the wording is confusing.

  • Anyone got their cashback yet? How long does it take? Mine is showing "validation completed" since July 3, but haven't received the payment yet :(

    • T&Cs says will take up to 30 days before you see your ca$h…

    • It took me just over a month to receive cashback. Submitted the claim on 16th June and received the money in my account on 20th July.

    • I received mine after 45 days.

    • Haven't gotten mine either, but as with other cashback programs I suspect they would have to wait until each retailer's policy regarding the goods return period has passed before authorising cashback payment (to avoid false claims or fraud).

  • Nice, paid a lot more than that for mine and has been great so far, think I may have to grab a second.

  • Good Deal.
    Thanks OP!

    I already grabbed a Crucial MX500 in a previous deal, so I'll stick with that.
    (But if I hadn't, then I'd definitely get this one)

  • Damn, extremely good price.

    Pretty sure I paid around this much for the 120GB version a while back.

  • anyone know if warranty is with the retailer or with samsung? I'm moving overseas soon and afraid that the warranty may not be international. Thanks in advance!

  • can i use this on my apple macbook pro late 15 13inch ..? i already have ssd

  • thanks op, bought 1.

    • Do you know if warranty is with the retailer or with samsung? I'm moving overseas soon and afraid that the warranty may not be international. Thanks mate!

  • Bought a 1TB 860 evo last month. Still tempted by this one.

  • Good to see SSD prices coming back down. I would definitely buy one of these if I was in the market for one!

  • It's purchase by 31/07 to qualify for the cashback, redeem by 31/08.

  • Could I possibly upgrade an older iMac mid-2010 21.5" with this SSD?

    Thanks :)

    • Yes but you will have to download a fan speed app otherwise your fan will run flat out all the time

  • Im a complete dummy alert Is 2.5 a universal size for all desktop PCs? Wondering if this fits in an old desktop tower from 2016

    QVO or EVO SSDs? Thanks

    • 2.5inch fit for all laptops, so desktop PCs is no problema. your desktop tower 2016 (desktop case) should probably have a mounting holes for the ssd.

      QVO or EVO?. I would go for EVO since it is more durable than the QVO.

    • I just left my SSD hanging by the sata cable (resting on it's edge in bottom of case) - seemed better than resting it in between other 3.5 inch drives since I couldn't be bothered getting a bracket to mount it. Happy to hear feedback if this is a bad idea (though it's been a there a year now…)

  • This is almost $20 cheaper than when I purchased few months back (during $9 cashback). And I haven't even opened it yet!!

  • what are the differences between EVO and QVO?
    I can see that warranty are 5yrs vs 3yrs

    • Basically, the QVO is slower and does not have as long a life as the EVO. That said, the QVO is still plenty fast for normal day to day tasks.

      The difference in lifetimes is reflected in the warranty as you've pointed out. The QVO might be more suited for storage purposes where there isn't much read/write going on, while the EVO might be more suited for your operating system where read/writes happen constantly.

      If you'd like to learn more, look up the differences between QLC (QVO) and TLC (EVO).

  • 1gb also available from Centrecom at a very good price.

  • Thanks OP, ordered a couple.

  • So basically, I have got the Dell G5 SE and there is space for a SATA SSD but no connection for it. There is however a connection for a M.2 NVME right beside it, how should I go about it, is there such thing as an adapter cable SATA SSD to M.2 NVME? Couldn't find any from my search.

    • Just get a M.2 drive. By the time you buy adaptors and cables, even assuming it will fit (it won't in a laptop) you may as well have gotten the real deal.

      There are M.2 drives from Samsung eligible for the cash back. See the link to the original deal in the OP.

  • Just wondering if this comes with the sata power cable? I don't have any spares from my PSU and can't find where to purchase it, thanks

  • Going to try and update an old i7 gen 4 Toshiba laptop installing a ssd.

    Can anyone advise what else is required to complete the swap to a ssd? I have the boot USB ready to go, just looking at connecting the new ssd. Are adaptors required to house it etc?


    • If your Toshiba has a standard mechanical 2.5" hard drive then this should slot straight in its place.

  • I bought the EVO on 29 June from MSY and submitted claim same day. Just received an email saying it was denied as they didn't receive the documentation within the time frame.
    Anyone else received this?
    I sent it back asking how, so will see if I get an answer

  • bought a 1TB model start of the month, submitted my cashback then completed validation on July 3rd, still no money yet.

  • Was thinking of chucking it in an enclosure (like the one below). Anything in particular I should worry about before buying?


    Edit: just read it's for a HDD, oops. Any personal recommendations for a cheap, reliable SSD enclosure?

  • Do you get everything you need to make a claim after purchase or do you need to wait for it to be physically delivered? I see redemptions close 31/07, not sure it would arrive in time if I need the physical device to make a cashback claim.

    • Need to wait for the SSD. Should be fine as long as you purchase before end of July.

      "Claimants must submit online redemption form by 11:59pm (AEDT) on 31 August 2020."