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Energy Australia: Up to $200 Cashback (New Signups: Gas & Electricity $200, Electricity $110, Gas $90) @ Cashrewards


This offer is back on - thanks to Being Askhole for the writeup!

Cashback for New Gas & Electricity Signups $112 $200
Cashback for New Electricity Signups $70 $110
Cashback for New Gas Signups $42 $90

Special Terms

EnergyAustralia products are not sold or available in NT, WA, TAS, or outside of the Energex network in QLD.

Cashback will only be paid on new EnergyAustralia accounts, which includes existing EnergyAustralia customers moving into new premises. Existing EnergyAustralia customers who switch to different EnergyAustralia plans/plan at the same premises will not be eligible for cashback.

If you purchase both a gas and an electricity plan, these will report into your Cashrewards account separately, and cashback will be credited to you as two separate transactions.

Cashback will only be eligible when you sign up to gas and electricity plans via the Cashrewards branded EnergyAustralia landing page by clicking the Shop Now button from this page.

Cashback is not available on solar electricity plans.

Cashback is issued by Cashrewards, not EnergyAustralia.

Cashback may take up to 14 days to track into your Cashrewards account.

Cashback may take up to 180 days to be confirmed by EnergyAustralia.

Referral Links

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$10 for referee and $30 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 90 days

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  • Are they any good? Thinking about switching as current plans with AGL are going up. $200 cashback isn't bad. Though their reviews aren't that good?

    • You will eventually pay off the $200 difference over a few month time.

      • ah nvm, they don't offer gas in QLD yet.
        Is there another provider that's worth considering for switching?

      • Actually, it's $300 in total (including the $100 credit from Energy Australia)

    • I'll let you know in a few months when I get my first bill… their signup process was simple enough though, and you can opt in for carbon neutral for free too.

    • All rates are going up after the July 1 review. Basically you will see working people charged more (ie usage <9am and >3pm) will go up significantly, controlled load will go up a lot and the day rate cashcow given more feed. Solar feed ins reduced. But they will produce a model showing an 'average someone' doing all their chores throughout the day are 'much better off'.

      Take the $100, move every 3months, put the $100 each time into an account each time and put it towards a battery.

      • Do you know when do the new rates kick in and where to find details of the changes? Thanks!

    • anymore details on agl prices going up?

  • $0.25c/kwH.


  • And once again solar is excluded!

  • does the increased cashback work with the referral ??

  • Globird is way cheaper

  • So current rates for "Total Plan Plus" in QLD is as follows:

    Discount: 15% Supply and Usage
    Usage: $0.24.926c/kWh ($0.21.19c/kWh after discount)
    Supply: $0.99c/day ($0.08415c/day)

    Comparing with their new subsidiary, 'Experience On", has the same rates above minus any discount, but 18cFiT. You need to feed-in at least 1136kw per 91day period to be ahead of Energy Ausrtalia:

    Being the same system, it makes sense to switch to ON for winter then back to EA for summer.

  • how is energy australia rates compare with current new agl rates? energy australia rates is better or worst? we recently see rise in agl rates package but confuse how compare to many other energy providers

  • what's the cheapest vic gas and electricity right now?

    i was using alinta a few years ago which i found was pretty cheap with the pay on time discounts, however i didn't particularly look into the deets.

    • It depends on your usage and suburb you're in. Use this Victorian website to compare and find the cheapest. For me, it was GloBird.


    • I found Tango to be one of the cheapest, again depending on area. Switching now however to Powerclub which I worked out based on my usage the annual subscription fee etc…I still come out ahead of Tango on their market rates.

      • How did it go mate. I am thinking of joining powerclub As well and would like to know your experience with them. If possible. Cheers.

        • Experience good so far, only just started a couple of days ago though. Cannot compare cost quite yet! You can check in with me later on if you would like to know more :-) cheers!

  • need to switch from Origin

  • Be warned, I signed up for this a couple of months ago and never got my cashback. Emailed Cashrewards and no reply. Dodgy promotion.
    Some of my recent Groupon purchases have not tracked either. Poor form.

    • I'm assuming you put in a claim via https://www.cashrewards.com.au/en/clicks? My cashback tracked a day after signing up. Also checking you choose a plan listed on the Cashrewards branded EnergyAustralia landing page?

      • I definitely chose a plan that was listed on the Cashrewards branded EnergyAustralia landing page. Unfortunately the "send a claim" icon has disappeared and now I have no way to dispute this with CashRewards. My only option was to sent a General Enquiry for the "Contact us" link, and I have not heard back.

        Very disappointing as this was the biggest cashback I have ever signed up for. I will be moving to another provider if this is not sorted, as I feel I have been tricked into signing up with Energy Australia.


          Hi. Apologies as I wasn’t subscribed to this thread and was only just made aware of your comments.

          Rest assured we respond to every single ticket we receive (have you checked junk/spam folders). Feel free to PM me your Cashrewards email address and/or ticket number and I will be more than happy to provide evidence of such.

          Further, if you provide the PDF documents emailed to you by EA, I will follow up on Monday directly with them and do all I can to get your rewards honoured.

          I look forward to hearing back from you. Thanks.

          • @tightarse: Update: TA is on the case, so hopefully will get the cashback sorted soon. Turns out CashRewards did reply to my initial enquiry but it went to my junk mail and then got auto-deleted. The cashback is now showing as "Pending". Will update further if/when cashback comes through. Thanks TA for great service!

  • Cashback can take up to 180 days to be confirmed by energy Australia which = locking you in for 6 months before you get your cashback.

    • Undersrtand, but the Energy Australia Cashback is not even appearing in my Pending list. It only shows in my Click History, and there is no option to "send a claim".

  • Cheers, signed up. It's not a cheap plan but even if I have to wait the full 6 months the $300 credit/cashback makes it worth it

  • If signing up for electricity will I get the bonus if I already have gas with Energy Australia?

  • Looking to switch from AGL.
    Is this offer coming back any time soon?