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15% off EZVIZ C6N 360° Wi-Fi Smart IP Security Camera $50.15 Delivered @ Ezvizlife Amazon AU


What About 15% off about EZVIZ Wifi 360° night vision home Security Camera Best Deals in Amazon AU?

This camera is capable of high quality Full HD (1080P) video recording, and 360° view vision,features 2-way audio for listening/speaking through the built-in microphone and speaker, as well as WiFi connectivity, and microSD card slot, which accepts upto a 256GB card and EZVIZ cloud for hundreds of hours of video recording storage.

C6N 360° home camera: https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B0867X1QGP

Anther indoor type is C1C,it is a mini camera which you can hold only in hand,here is the link:

This Activity Date is: From 23rd July to 6th Aug.

If you need other series from EZVIZ,like C3N,C3A,etc,please can tell me freely here.^ ^

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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      the twist?

      • yes,360 ° rotation

    • Yes,It can be view through 360° circle arround.

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    wasn't Hikvision at the middle of a spying scandal?

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      Yes it was. Proceed with caution.

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      ezviz is an independent intity now , we focus on Smart home industry

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    can we stream the camera via google home?

    • sure,it can

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    Is there an ongoing fee for storing on the cloud?

    • yes,it has some choice for the cloud.
      but I can apply a 30 days free trial,please can contact me if you like.^^

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    Seems that EZVIZ's parent company Hikvision is partially owned by the Chinese Government

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      Ezviz is an independent intity,we focus on Smart home industry.

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    Will the camera still work locally if the device is firewalled off the internet after setting it up?

    • yes,it will record still to your SD card,but if want to Use App,may need AP contact

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    Does this camera support onvif and work with blueiris? Does it support x265 compression?

    • It seems H.264,Dear

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    Hey OP, what's the android app called?

    • EZVIZ with a petal Logo

  • Hi OP, can you access the stream directly via the IP without the need for the app?

    So if local, I can just go onto a browser on my computer and connect to the camera and see the view?


    • yes,you can see it through PC,APP,IPAD,all are ok~

  • Couple of questions. Can the app be installed on more than one phone at a time and have full functionality, and can the recorded files on the SD card be played back when plugged directly into an SD card slot on a PC or tablet etc like most video files without any proprietary software?

    • hi,

      1.yes,normally max device is 4 phone,but you can try more.
      2.The Max record for SD is 256GB,and you can play back for the video once you record in your SD card.
      Besides,we support Ezviz cloud as well,you have two choices to recode your video and play back.

  • Is the battery rechargeable ? Can you please tell us about the power supply

    • I would also like to know this as well. Is the lithium battery replaceable and what voltage does it require for charging. If you run on 24 hour recording how long will the battery last

    • Battery? It's wall powered according to the description. Where did you see the battery info?

      • In the product description, indicates lithium battery. The outdoor model also appears to have a battery. On one of the photos it shows 5v input. I’m hoping the battery will last a while so you could use a solar charger for the 24hr recording. If the rep can respond it will determine if its worth buying.

  • Can anyone suggest battery operated wifi security camera please?

    • EZVIZ have a new type,if you are interested,please search C3A in Ebay~

    • I don't believe you'll find a decent battery operated camera at a similar price to this, but I would recommend you look into the EufyCam's, the elongated model specifically as depending on the model and setup you can get up to a year of battery life; they have excellent picture quality and it's local storage is accessible online (Internet connection required), no need to pay for cloud fees. In the US they already have version 2, so you may even want to import that if compatible.

  • EZVIZLIFE, any chance of a deal on C3X please?

    • hi,sure,but may in September?because it not on sale temporarily.

  • OP which has the better quality, this or the C1C.

    Also will Hikvision and Ezviz remain compatible in the future.

    • hi,they are with different function,because this type with a 360°view compare to C1C.
      About Hikvision and Ezviz,which function compatible you prefer?

      • I want to ensure ezviz and hikconnect app will work together… There is no plans in the future to not make them interchangeable? I used hik connect to view all my ezviz cameras as I have 8 wired hikvision and 4 ezviz

        Ordered two more of these thanks op

        • yes,they can work together still,and we don't have plan to make interchangeable,please not worry,dear

          • @Ezvizlife: Thanks, so no foreseeable plans to not make them interchangeable? That's good I was worried about buying EZVIZ incase the future EZVIZ won't be compatible with HIK-CONNECT.

  • Also any plans to introduce a Doorbell style EZVIZ Camera? Will purchase one… Don't want to move away from Hikvision or EZVIZ.

    • doorbell is not on sale temprarily,but we have a plan in this year.^^

  • Got the camera from amazon today en installed. However I cant enable the ezviz alexa skill on amazon.au ! It's available in other countries but not Australia. When I search on ezviz I get Imou skill which doesn't work with ezviz. A bit disappointed it doesn't work with my echo 5

    • Hello Dear,Ezviz can work with Alexa,if possible,please contact us in amazon and tell us the details and we will help you resovle it.^^

      • I asked amazon.au this was their answer:


        Thank you for contacting Amazon Australia

        I'm sorry that you can't connect your EZVIZ camera to your alexa. No worries let me help.

        As I've checked on our website, EZVIZ skills is available only in amazon.com (US) not yet in amazon.com.au that's why you can only connect your device on its manufacturer's app but not in alexa.

        No worries once it's available it will be posted to our website and you will find it under the Skills menu. We highly suggest to please keep an eye on our website for more updates.

        We understand that several features available on our international sites are important and we are constantly working to make them available to customers on Amazon AU.

        • Hello Dear Diegoarmando,

          I just sign on here,and I'm writting to tell you It seems we not apply separately to Alexa au so our customer can't search it. Our team is proceeding your problem once you told me before.but now is still waiting for alexa approve our skill.Alexa may need time to approve our skills and it said will finish before 28th Aug.(According our experence,it may be next week if they move on soon.)
          if you need more details for this product please can send private message to me directly as well.waiting for your news.

  • Is there anyway we can disable the blue flashing led. Very bright in my pitch black room. Keeps me awake…

    • Yes there's an option to disable it in the app.

  • OP, I just received mine and can't access the video stream on my PC using the IP address. You said this is possible when asked above, so how is it done? I've searched on line and can't find an answer to this.

    • Ok, after spending all afternoon with this thing I'm afraid it's going back. Just too many things wrong or weird, like it keeps rotating fully left randomly as if it's initialising. The tilt doesn't go down far enough. I get error messages "operation failed" sometimes when trying to pan and tilt. Frequently getting "Video play failed, error code:246520" while viewing live stream on my phone. I can't find a way to view the stream on a PC via the IP address which was advised above would work. Tried manual recording and the app shows as recording but afterwards the app claims there are no recordings there. Plus more…

      • Which program are you using to access? Should be able to RTSP the camera but if you're after a Web page login there is none. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iwXccOT01mo&feature=youtu.be try this.

        I have A C6CN with no issues accessing the stream. Both VLC and BlueIris work. You can also download IVMS-4200 for desktop to connect to it on the desktop to modify settings.

        I was also able to remove the EZVIZ logo using IVMS-4200 on desktop.

        • Thanks for the information but I've already sent it back mainly for the other reasons as previously mentioned. I don't know much about this field so it appealed to me that the OP advised that you can view it on a PC via a browser without needing any other app.

          • @Rogerwilco: Very understandable! Highly desire a direct IP page also. hopefully a version in the future. I believe the web pages logins are for their higher end commercial models mainly the hikvision