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Bonds Face Mask - $9.95 Each (+ Shipping) / $8.96 with Membership (Free Shipping) @ Bonds


Was looking for Face Masks for so long and finally Bonds have got them back in stock. Cheaper price than any where else. Limit 10 per customer.

Free shipping for members which is free to sign up :)

Protective and comfy all in one, this reusable Bonds Mask can help keep you and those around you safe by slowing the spread of viruses. The 100% cotton outer layer has been treated with HeiQ Viroblock to increase barrier protection. The X-Temp inner layer is treated with adaptive cooling for a comfy, breathable fit. For optimal protection, a secure fit is required. As such, it is not suitable for children or people with facial hair.

  • Lasts up to 20 washes. One size only
  • Double layer of protection
  • 100% cotton outer layer, treated with HeiQ Viroblock, for enhanced filtration performance
  • X-Temp inner layer keeps you cool, dry and comfortable
  • Soft, elastic ear loops for comfort

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      • If you see the 3 pack pop up again can you post a thread.

  • I saw some dude on TV wearing undies on his face

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      Saw a guy in full 3m hazmat on Wednesday.

      • People done gone lost their minds

        • +4

          Not a bad thing. But unfortunately a lot of those who lost their minds have gone around spreading the germs.

      • Those filters last much longer.

        • and costs a lot more

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    have been waiting for this. thank you.

    • +1

      yeh sold out since last friday/ saturday….well before the announcement on sunday so this is great
      dont have to resort to sourcing & using disposables

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    I got free shipping going thru https://www.finder.com.au/bonds-promo-codes-and-sales

    Im a member. It didnt give me free shipping. Just the reduce price.

    • Double post.

      • I do have an account. It wasnt giving me free shipping for some reason. Not sure why not

    • +1

      You need to refresh the page and then it changes to free shipping. Bug!

      • +1

        I got free shipping anyway. Thanks for the tip.

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    Thanks for this - been waiting for them to come back in stock. Man I hate wearing masks though.

    • +2

      I hate wearing masks though

      You can think of these as wearing jocks, but on your face… Is that better?

      • +2

        Not if they are my jocks

        • +1

          So you wouldn't mind if they were someone else's jocks?

    • +1

      I think you'd hate to catch an infectious disease with no known cure or any sort of vaccine more though.

      • I knew some nazi would say this. Apparently not enough to wear them, you have to enjoy it? I've already had it.

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          I’m with you. I’ve bought some disposables and have made a few myself. I will wear them but i really don’t like it. When I go out for my walking exercise I really like to stride out and I just can’t get enough air through a mask. We make do and adapt, however, as soon as we get the “all clear” the masks will become an art piece. If you look at the statue of Mary McKillop, at ACU, someone has put a mask on it.

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    $9.95 each?!
    You can buy proper KN95/N95/P2 masks for that much!

    • you mean disposables? these can be used & washed 20x times…

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        They are "disposable" but it's been tested you can use them heaps - for as many you buy here you can buy a set and rotate them but instead of "washing" you just sun them for UV.


        It's like how they might put down "8 hrs" on the box just for legal liability and testing purposes. But thing is even if you run it into the ground it's no worse than how the cloth mask started anyway.

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      reusable / washable

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      Minimum mask grade should be N95 the Bond one is an effective as a bra covering your face !

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        They're all just as effective at $200 fine prevention!

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        Can you be more specific on the bra?

        • Yeah, I mean is it an N95 bra?

      • You mean there is better than N95? There probably is but not in reach of the average consumer.

    • Example you could buy 4x reputable 3M and properly rated P2 masks (for those suss about "KN95") for the price of 3 of these cloth masks.

      I guess people will have to make up their own mind about if they trust disinfecting/sunning/drying out these masks, but to me anyway I don't know why you'd pay the same for fewer masks with less protection vs one extra mask and probably-medical-grade quality.

      • +8

        Cloth masks are meant to protect others from your breath and droplets. The mask that you linked has an exhaust vent which lets your breath escape the mask more easily, which defeats the purpose of wearing a mask.

        If you want to protect yourself from other people, you would need a proper mask along with the right usage techniques. No touching your mask, always ensuring the fit is perfect, no facial hair, etc.

        P2/N95 masks are not recommended for the public. In Vic you are not required to wear a P2/N95 face mask, you are required to wear a face covering (surgical mask or cloth mask) to protect others from you.

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          That's kind of beside the point but pick another non-valve mask from the list then. They are even cheaper than the 3M ones so even better.

          • -1

            @dufflover: Your example was a link to those specific 3M P2 masks with a valve, saying it provides more protection. I just said those specific masks are less effective (than non-valve masks) in protecting others from your breath, which is the point of wearing a face covering.

            There are non-valve P2 masks but once again, the reason for wearing a mask is to protect others from you. You don't need a P2 mask for that as a piece of cloth will catch your saliva well, and be more comfortable too.

            Some people do want to filter incoming air which is fine, as long as they use a P2 mask properly and hope the virus doesn't land on their eyes, which is a mucous membrane. That's why it's better for everyone to wear a face covering to avoid the virus being airborne in the first place.

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    Free shipping with membership and the membership costs nothing

    • -2

      Except for all your personal details!

      • +13

        Welcome to the internet

      • You can always sign up for your "housemate" Davo born in 1901 if you actually feel that way. They don't ask for much, wouldn't be surprised if they don't solely just use it to personalise the emails they send you. They can gain far more personal details from the checkout process if you choose to forgo their membership.

      • +1

        The details you would be giving to buy and ship anything from the internet.

      • Just put in a false name and address then :)

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    My sewing machine investment finally pays off.

    • +1

      Home made all the way!

    • Can I put down an order mate

    • +2

      Sewing machine does other things like you can shorten trousers, fix items of clothing. Most people just don't get it is multi purpose not a use once and throw away.

      $99 sewing machine at Spotlight.

      Thread is $2 for 100m

      Elastic is $4 for 5m

      Polycotton is $4 a meter at Lincraft

      Cotton is $4 a meter at Lincraft

      Elastic is good for making up to 10 masks 50cm per mask per DHHS Victoria template.

      Easy to break even plus you get a priceless new skill.

      • +1

        Why buy new stuff, I’ve been using my old cotton Kathmandu pants And some shirts that were stained. Just don’t use the damaged, stained or worn out bits.

      • You can make near perfectly fitting clothes bought from the op shop this way for next to nothing (other than a bit of a practice).

        • I think it will take more than my sewing skills to do that :).

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    These are slightly more expensive, but if you want to support local businesses/jobs:


    or have a look here for the rest:

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    idk but feels like wearing your undies on your face.

  • +2

    Thanks mate - Very glad to see these back in stock again.

  • This ppe for safety to get to work and stay safe in workplace ought to be a tax right off.

    Along with the cost of maintenance.

    • +1

      It's okay. You can always amend your tax return where you left off

    • -2

      This ppe for safety to get to work and stay safe

      Not tax deductible unless it's a requirement by your workplace, not by government regulations.

      • Wrong

        • Right.

      • According to h and r block website the answer is yes, as long as social distancing is unavoidable for your industry.

        • as long as social distancing is unavoidable for your industry.

          Which would be very few people…

          • @jv: JAYVEE
            cases not coming down yet?


  • +2

    Obligatory - "What country are these made in?"

    • +1


    • +3

      Designed in Australia, but made in China…defeats the purpose. Why would you buy Chinese make, when you have quality Aussie made masks - cheap and reliable available in plenty.

      • …not so cheap $15-30+
        not so available 'in plenty'…
        go find some that arent pre order right now

        • +2

          if you seek, you shall find…I am willing to spend a few $$ extra for an Aussie product as opposed to "cheap" ones coming from a labour camp.

  • +2

    I haven't shopped on Bonds for years.
    My old Pacbrands membership reactivated and I get $6.97 per mask delivered =)

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    Check this Link First! Mask Protection Efficiency


  • +9

    Made from china - might as well support local people sowing them for around 10 to 15.

    • +5

      China the only country profiting from this from all the PPE sales.

      • Are all the local mask-making businesses here selling at zero profit?

        • tax free probs.

    • +6

      Made from china

      It'd be rather difficult to breathe through it then. :)

    • +2

      i bought locally made, cost me about $30 each and this was before Melbourne mandate.. bought some of these as well so lets see when they come

      • +1

        6-7 days on my order from last week (ordered thurs/received wed)…hopefully thats some guide for you

  • what happened after 20 washes?

    • +10

      You get a hole in the middle like undies.

      • I thought that hole was caused by other reasons :P

  • +2

    They've run out

    • +2

      …geez that was quick…glad i bought as soon as this was posted
      its almost like 5 million people suddenly all need masks or something…. 😷

  • +1

    I was in the process of checking out and then it said out of stock :(

    • +1


    • same just after paying…

  • Went back to get the in-laws a few.

    Just sold out.

  • Aaaaannnd it's out of stock

  • +1

    Ordered myself and my parents some .. Thanks OP :)

  • -1

    Just a waste of time

  • +1

    To bad bonds could reopen one of it's disused factories in Australia and fire up the gear to produce some here. Don't want to support China at the moment. Was lucky to get sent a box of facemasks made in Tawian. Just wish bonds would come back to Australia. Would happily pay alittle more to support them

  • +2

    They are back in stock!

    • …message the op so deal can be updated?

  • +1

    Back in stock. Purchased 2 for 17.92. Thanks OP

  • +1

    i think it's back in stock again …. i just purchased some , hopefully they wouldn't send me an email saying they're cancelling my order

    • +1

      ..looks good here. deal is active again too…awesome. hopefully people can get these instead of 100s of disposables