Seiki 55" UHD Smart TV $399 + Delivery or Free C&C @ Target


Not a bad price for this. I'm looking at cheap tvs just to display CCTV in offices. I got a 55" kogan dumb tv 18 months ago for $400 and has been great.
There's also a 58" for $449.

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Target Australia
Target Australia


  • lolz @ thumbnail

  • An affiliate of Seiko?

  • Bloody beauty mate! MY old man's 55 inch Bauhn from Aldi just carked it so i was on the lookout for the cheapest possible 55 incher and you delivered the goods you bloody legend!

  • I have 2 of these but 50" model. not bad! pretty happy with them.

    just for reference, I bought during Black Friday sale last year for about $330. Exceptional value.
    I still think that $399 for this 55" version is very good, especially brick and mortar shop.

    • thanks for your feedback, whats 3 things you like and dislike about this tv ? :P

      • like

        picture quality
        has an ethernet port and many other ports, ARC etc


        main dislike is hdmi sometimes has issues. something to do with a feature to stop copywriter content or something. forgot the name. causes issues with android boxes etc working at times (even their own Seiki branded product which I bought too).
        only basic smart tv - has youtube and Netflix and some kids cartoon thing built in, but you can't add any further apps as they're just bunged into it.

    • Does this tv support dlna streaming (e.g. from a media server on the local network)

  • Product: Seiki 55" UHD Smart TV
    Correct as of: 23/07/2020 19:04
    In Stock: 3
    Low Stock: 58

    In Stock

    Eastgardens, NSW
    Glendale, NSW
    Liverpool, NSW

    Low Stock

    Belconnen, ACT Albury, NSW Bowen, QLD Airport West, VIC Mandurah, WA
    Canberra Civic, ACT Bankstown, NSW Castletown, QLD Ballarat, VIC
    Tuggeranong, ACT Blacktown, NSW Chermside, QLD Brimbank Central, VIC
    Broadway, NSW Earlville, QLD Camberwell, VIC
    Carlingford, NSW Mackay, QLD Cranbourne, VIC
    Castle Hill, NSW Frankston, VIC
    Chatswood, NSW Geelong, VIC
    Erina, NSW Glen Waverley, VIC
    Goulburn, NSW Knox City, VIC
    Green Hills, NSW Melbourne, VIC
    Hornsby, NSW Mornington, VIC
    Kotara, NSW Myrtleford, VIC
    Leichhardt, NSW Northland, VIC
    Lithgow, NSW Pakenham, VIC
    Macquarie, NSW Sale, VIC
    Miranda, NSW Southland, VIC
    Mt. Druitt, NSW Wodonga, VIC
    Narellan, NSW Wonthaggi, VIC
    Parkes, NSW
    Parramatta, NSW
    Penrith, NSW
    Picton, NSW
    Port Macquarie, NSW
    Rhodes, NSW
    Rouse Hill, NSW
    Shellharbour, NSW
    St Marys, NSW
    Tuggerah, NSW
    Warrawong, NSW
    Warringah Mall, NSW
    Wetherill Park, NSW

    • You is kind. You is smart. You is important.

    • Online shows non in SA, but got last one from Sefton Park, SA
      so always better to give a call and check with stores…

  • can we install any app or only built in apps?

  • No delivery. Click and Collect only is what is showing here.

  • +2 votes

    58 inches of CCTV is alotta CCTV!

  • Thanks mate bought one

  • wat kind of tv is dumb tv just wondering XD

    • Doesn't have smart TV features, imo "dumb" TV's are so much better. No unreliable software and you can connect whichever TV box you choose.

      • A simple raspberry pi or a chromecast is better than a lot of smart tv software so when looking at cheap TV's, dumb TV's might be a better option

      • Reviews mention a Netflix button on the remote.

        I'd give my first born for a TV where all the cost went into picture quality and not sticking a crappy excuse for chromecast hardware in there.

  • a family member bought one of these a few weeks ago. (think it was $500-600, small town with not a lot of options)

    Had a couple of issues with it - for some reason the remote control was ridiculously unresponsive/sluggish most of the time, which was not a huge deal when simply changing channels/volume etc but it was bloody infuriating trying to do things like set up the connection to our home wifi, get netflix etc connected up…
    not sure if the remote was a dud or what… I tried fresh batteries, getting closer, etc. nothing helped.

    Also had problems when attempting to use the TV as a second display for our desktop PC via HDMI. terrible flickering and glitchyness, totally un-usable. Again not sure why, but the same Pc/cable etc works perfectly with all the other TVs I have used.

    We ended up getting rid of the damn thing and bought a different TV for a little cheaper, slightly bigger screen.. think it's a TCL.. Teac? one of those anyway

    anybody bought one and can tell me whether you noticed the same problems?

  • Picked up the TV today. The model is SC55USN8. Picture quality is good, sound quality not so good. Sound quality is slightly better than my old Aldi 24" TV. Sounds like the speakers are facing the wrong direction. No problems with HDMI, not sure if it is HDMI 2.0 haven't tried plugging in 4K 60Hz source. TV is fast. Applications load time and responsiveness is impressive. Much better than my 5YO LG WebOS based smart TV. Was able to cast and control Youtube from my phone. Haven't tried other apps. No problems with Wifi. Video streaming over WIFI was quick and smooth. It is also very convenient to have dedicated Youtube, Netflix, Prime Video buttons on the remote control. I was also able to use keyboard and mouse directly on the TV. Besides the sound quality, there is nothing to fault about this TV, even if it had been at full price.

  • This sounds like it would pair well with a Chromrecast Ultra

    my 2008 52" LG LCD recently died…. hmmm

    • Thanks OP, ended up pulling the trigger. Ordered click and collect from Chatty. They said it'd be ready by today, so hopefully that happens.

      I just need to figure out which GoGet to rent that will fit it in the back!

  • So I have a dilemma regarding the distance between the legs and the size of most TV units. To those who purchased it, do you guys think the legs can be installed facing inward?

  • Anybody have troubles with their orders?

    Mine was meant to be ready to collect on Monday and I still haven't heard a peep from them. I called on Tuesday and they said yeah yeah, today… Ergh.

    • Don't worry, they took 2-3 working days to get mine ready.

      • Got it now, I called again. This time, the person was useful and checked. It was sitting there ready to go, but everyone thought it was an "on hold" product so didn't process it :\

        Anyway, great TV, liking it, but when I connected it to the TV via the PC, I wasn't getting a signal until I changed it to 30Hz…. Is this normal? I thought it would be at least a 50 or 60Hz refresh rate?

        Or am I limited by an old HDMI cable?

  • Grabbed this guy thanks to OP. When I aw the same TV on display at Target the price was $599, so must be an online deal only.
    Menu system is snappy, pleasantly surprised.
    Plugged in my Nvidia shield watching Start Wars 4K HDR and looks brilliant.
    The sound is better than my old 2015 Samsung.
    Overall can't imagine anything better bang for the buck.

    Haven't tried built-in Netflix. Also there doesn't seem to be a Plex app available, or at least I can't figure out where to find it.

  • Product: Seiki 55" UHD Smart TV
    Correct as of: 31/07/2020 09:42
    Low Stock: 29

    Low Stock

    Canberra Civic, ACT Bankstown, NSW Ingham, QLD Hobart, TAS Dandenong, VIC
    Tuggeranong, ACT Carlingford, NSW Doncaster, VIC
    Eastgardens, NSW Frankston, VIC
    Goulburn, NSW Glen Waverley, VIC
    Hornsby, NSW Highpoint, VIC
    Lithgow, NSW Knox City, VIC
    Liverpool, NSW Mornington, VIC
    Miranda, NSW Plenty Valley, VIC
    Parkes, NSW Southland, VIC
    Parramatta, NSW Werribee, VIC
    Port Macquarie, NSW
    Rhodes, NSW
    St Marys, NSW
    Warrawong, NSW
    Wetherill Park, NSW

    • I literally just broke my tv screen, thanks for your update of stock availability, i ordered one.

    • Just received email saying could not process my order. I actually drove to the store after placing the order to check it out whether there is stock but none. Had a feeling there are none actually despite it said there are limited stock and was able to check out.

      • Speaking from experience, it may show lock stock but they don't have any stock in reality.

        • After i have received the "Your order could not be processed" email, i called the store and asked to check if there is any stock for the item no. 63368062, and the guy told me there are 3 in stock. I told him that i wanted 2 of them and told him to hold them for me. I drove up to the store right away and these were at the check out waiting for me.

  • Product: Seiki 55" UHD Smart TV
    Correct as of: 04/08/2020 19:17
    Low Stock: 12

    Low Stock

    Canberra Civic, ACT Bankstown, NSW Burnie, TAS Doncaster, VIC
    Eastgardens, NSW Glen Waverley, VIC
    Hornsby, NSW Knox City, VIC
    Miranda, NSW
    Parkes, NSW
    St Marys, NSW
    Wetherill Park, NSW

    • Thanks, how do the 58" stocks look please?

      • Product: Recreation Helmet Large 58-61cm - Black
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        In Stock: 7
        Low Stock: 26

        In Stock

        Castletown, QLD Reynella, SA Glenorchy, TAS Camberwell, VIC Bull Creek, WA
        Midland, WA
        Ocean Keys, WA

        Low Stock

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        Glendale, NSW Capalaba, QLD West Lakes, SA Plenty Valley, VIC Joondalup, WA
        Macquarie, NSW Carindale, QLD Success, WA
        Warrawong, NSW Ipswich, QLD
        Warringah Mall, NSW Morayfield, QLD
        Wetherill Park, NSW Mt. Gravatt, QLD
        North Lakes, QLD
        Robina, QLD
        Rockhampton, QLD
        Runaway Bay, QLD
        Toombul, QLD

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