This was posted 1 year 4 months 11 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

  • expired

$5 off ($5.01 Min Spend) When You Order (Delivery) from Independent Restaurants @ Menulog (4pm-6pm AEDT Each Day Mon-Thu)

  • Codes change every day of the promotion (Mon-Thurs weekly, until Menulog stops) and there are multiple codes, so check the "For You" tab on the Menulog app or offers webpage.
  • A little tip: I have found that the "For You" section doesn't load if you have AdGuard enabled on your smartphone.

Awh yeh, it's on!
Show some love to your locals and get a tasty $5 off any independent restaurant between 4pm to 6pm (AEDT). To redeem, simply copy and apply the code at checkout.

*Promotion valid today, between 4pm-6pm AEDT. Delivery orders only. Not valid with orders from Chicken Treat, Crust, Grill'd, GYG, Hungry Jacks, KFC, Mad Mex, McDonald's, Nando's, Oporto, Pizza Hut, Schnitz, Subway, Red Rooster and Taco Bell.

(FWIW, I have been able to successfully redeem the voucher with Red Rooster Richmond several times in the past)

Mod Edit 28/9: Now delivery only (No pick up).

It will stack with free delivery and any restaurant discount offers however.

Update 6/10: Now 4-6 PM AEDT.

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    • Says invalid for me.

      • Same, invalid for me

      • +2

        working for me - even with one of the numerous free delivery restaurants today 🎉

        • Hmmmm deliveey only not pickup. :((((( Boooo

        • Worked for me too- free delivery FTW!

    • Says delivery orders only :(

    • +1

      It worked! Thank you :)

    • Works for me too. And it finally showed up in the app

    • It's for delivery only.

  • +1

    W.A. - GUQK-8TCE

    • +1

      Got it too in SA. That code will work at SA/QLD/WA/ACT.

      • Not working for me in 3 of my usual restaurants. Anyone else having issues?

        • It worked okay here for a place I used last week:



          Delivery Fee


          Voucher Discount



          $ 0.10

          • @hamza23: So is that for a free delivery place or pick up?

            • @marketingpolice: Free delivery place

              • @hamza23: That is an awesome deal. You have been so amazing at posting the codes daily so thank you for keeping the party going! You deserve something delish. What did you get?

                • @marketingpolice: No probs.

                  Medium coffee at 1 of the free delivery places :)

                  • @hamza23: Is it any of the chains? As the happy hour code isn't meant to work for the big brands? I feel bad getting coffee delivered free for <$0.50, so ordered some food instead.

  • +1

    Well having a chat with solutions unless someone has an NSW code they'd like to share……..

  • +2

    Anyone have the NSW codes?

    • It appears they have culled an entire State for this offer. Time for ACCC action.

      • -5

        Ended up getting 4 x $5 codes after some chatting. Still pretty unhappy. Will see what happens tomorrow…

  • +7

    Rip. No more pick up orders bois

    • These new vouchers work for both pickup and delivery but they are limited to Pizza, Indian, Thai, Chinese or Italian restaurants. But also not limited to 4-6pm time frame.

      • +2

        Most importantly $20 min spend though.

      • +2

        Minimum spend is $20 unforunately :/

      • +1

        Thanks for posting, still hope for no min spend :)

        • Lol yes, you're right :)

      • -7

        thats a different promo bud.

        • +1

          Scythic was simply letting you know about an alternate deal/promo (which they posted themselves), where pick up is still available, which they linked to in their comment.

  • Mine says voucher invalid, anybody getting this?

    • Make sure you are doing delivery and it's not one of the excluded restaurants (Chicken Treat, Crust, Grill'd, GYG, Hungry Jacks, KFC, Mad Mex, McDonald's, Nando's, Oporto, Pizza Hut, Schnitz, Subway, Red Rooster and Taco Bell.)

      • I don't think NSW got one today…

  • +2

    What? No more 50c garlic naans from my local 4 nights a week? I'm gonna be forced to lose weight.

  • +2

    6 orders 6 drivers 6 indians damn

    • +2

      Yes my 6 Indian drivers arrived at the same time it was very awkward. Looked like I was having a party with all the cars parked outside (In Vic)

      • +1

        Did you Singh at the party?

  • Merged from Menulog Happy Hour Code Invalid?

    I’m trying to use the Menulog $5 off happy hour code that happens Monday - Thursday 4-6. Have used it like 30 times before this. Today the voucher says invalid when I try to order from the same place I always order from. Anyone else having this problem?

    Have been on to Menulog support and they said they were gonna give me a call from their solutions team in 10 mins. That was 20 mins ago :/.

    Edit: What I mean by this is the fresh code on the menulog app for happy hour says invalid. Have tried different restaurants and different order amounts, to no success :(.

    • +5

      It only works for delivery orders now.

      • Damn. Hadn’t spotted their sneaky change to the terms bit. Oh well, thanks for pointing that out!

  • Does it only work on delivery now?? Mine not working invalid

    • Yes, it's delivery only now:

      *Promotion valid today, between 4pm-6pm AEST. Delivery orders only.

    • mine says invalid

      • invalid for me too (in SA)

  • OMG i have all 95% stores free delivery…..

  • +4

    It's a better deal if Free delivery continues 😉 All these days I had to walk for about 3kms to get a good deal…

    • +4

      At least you can burn off some of the calories with 3km walks

      • Sad that $2 sushi rolls at sushi sushi has finished! I was walking to my nearest also to compensate the calorie intake.

      • Haha … Good one … I anyways do Yoga and hence this was an additional exercise for me.

        If it's free delivery, can order and do whatever exercise I want to instead of compulsion on walking.

  • +1

    Ordered from 2 accounts with happy hour, 1 already delivered tonight, 1 for delivery tomorrow morning pending confirmation. Both free delivery.
    Then I ordered using a credit voucher I had for delivery tomorrow to take advantage of free delivery but it got cancelled :(

    I hope free delivery is around tomorrow morning!

    • +1

      Did you manage to get the happy hour code for NSW ?

  • +2

    The dream seems over :(

    Lasted longer than I thought, but maybe there’s hope for tmrw

    • Or they enable pick up orders again :)

      • +1

        man why did they remove pick up orders :(

        • +1

          They removed free delivery to get rid of the oz bargain market. If you need to pay delivery to get $5 off your order they target a different market that’s more profitable.

          • +1

            @Jumpup: Their sales report for the past few months must be registering heaps of random pick up orders <$1 XD

  • Finally it’s over I can start eating healthy again and get ripped…or die tryin’ !!

  • Update, my 2nd happy hour order from yesterday scheduled for free delivery today was cancelled. Thats in addition to my voucher paid order for free delivery today which was also cancelled. I'm not happy!

    • +1

      Don’t worry. Free delivery is still on hopefully it’s lasts till 4pm today.

    • did they replace your voucher?

      • +1

        Yeh they sent a replacement voucher but the free delivery is the best part of this, I might try again now

  • +4

    Should be good for free delivery until Thursday:

    We’ve extended our
    until Thursday, 1 October 2020.

    Order from Macca's®, Hungry Jack's, Guzman y Gomez, Subway, Nando's, Grill'd or favourite local restaurants near you, and get your food delivered for FREE!

    Find restaurants with FREE DELIVERY by filtering your search on Menulog.

    Get your free delivery on now!

    • +3

      Not sure why you got negged! Awesome but I think deliveries will be massively delayed with a flood of orders from 4-6pm

  • I tried delivery option last night. it was 1 hour and 43 minutes late. Not sure if it's worth the stress for $5 disc.

    • Did you complain to menulog and get some form of compensation?

  • Further updates, I placed a lunch order free delivery paying half with my $5 voucher and half card and the order didn't get accepted. Maccas accepted my order and hopefully coming soon.

    • So you managed to use the $5 voucher for Macca's? Thought that excluded the big chains. Hopefully you get some food delivered soon!

      • +1

        For cancelled orders, the $5 voucher menulog send you (sometimes) doesn't exclude the big chains like these happy hour vouchers.

        • Yep this. I dunno whats up with all the cancelled orders though!

  • So just got the email from Menulog for free delivery bonanza and $5 Happy Hour. Will NSW get the offer…

  • +2

    doesnt make much sense, there will be a bunch of delivery drivers delivering one blueberry muffin, or a single sushi or one pack of chips and clogging up the roads, better to leave it as it was

    • +1

      as long as the drivers get paid

      • They would, won't they?

        • +1

          they paid Snoop $10m so they can afford to

          • +1

            @ruski: I don't get the point of that advertisement thought.

    • OzB community isn't their target market, they're hoping customers would be ordering more than a single cheap item.

      Or maybe the competition with UE is heating up….

      • +1

        UE hasn’t had any decent promotion for existing customers for ages.
        I’ll be ordering from Menulog in the future to make up for all the loses they made from my freebies.

        • Would you still be ordering when this promo ends? At full price? :P

          • +1

            @Craze: Yeah I’ll continue ordering coffee ☕️ I kinda feel bad for 3 months worth of freebies lol

            • +1

              @Jumpup: I have found myself ordering from Menulog more even at full price.

              F*** Uber Eats and their crappy targeted rubbish.

              • @arcticmonkey: Exactly. A few times I recently paid for coffee delivered. Getting out and buying coffee to drink while I’m working at home probably costs the same as just getting it delivered. UE has been really crap, no support during this Vic lockdown.

  • ACT: AY2E-4EH2

    Edit - Delivery only

    • +2

      NSW same code

  • +3

    Vic : 7UM2-QFXZ

    Heaps of free delivery too

    • +2

      Ya, $5 fish and chips meal scheduled for lunch tomorrow :D

  • +2

    QLD: MKXO-NYXY (SA/WA also possibly)

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