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Easiyo Yoghurt Maker and Jar $11 (Was $22) @ Coles


Following the recent popular deal from Woolworths
This time Coles is also on 50% off discount on the Yoghurt Maker

I went to my local Coles and there are only 2 in the shelf
I believe this will be quite limited stock per store

Here is the photo proof from my local Coles:

Why Buying This?

While you can use the Easiyo prepacked powder to make yoghurt
You can also make yoghurt yourself by simply using 1 T/spoon of left over yoghurt + 1.5 cups of full cream milk powder
Only cost around $1 to make 1L of freshly made yogurt

How to Make it yourself?

Here is a youtube tutorial on how this works:

Or a simple receipt from @Niko123456
1.5 cups milk powder.
A few teaspoons of the Greek yoghurt sachet or some leftover yoghurt.

Makes 1L.

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  • I was about the buy the powder from woolies until I saw I needed the maker.

    How is the taste of the yogurt by itself? Need additional ingredients like sugar etc?

    • I just bought it myself so I am not sure too
      I guest I will start with the powder package and then try it myself
      A few trial and errors will be needed i believe :)

      • The strawberry powder used to be the bomb. Might still be. I should go try it.

  • Bought one at woolies the other week.
    The sachets make really good yoghurt. Will try the powdered milk trick next

    • Instead of powdered milk, you can use full cream milk as well.

      • I do this as i'm lactose intolerant. Still add half a cup of milk powder as I like it thick. Also need to heat the milk first to 90 degrees.

        Find it easy and yoghurt is a plain yoghurt you can sweeten later. I don't bother as I eat with a muesli with dried fruit in for the sweetness.

        I used a jalna I bought as starter culture and froze as many as I could in ice cubes for later. Did my first batch from cubes last week and noticed no difference.

        Takes a little longer with fresh milk but I don't mind.

        Really happy with this purchase already ahead after maybe 2 months

        • do you defrost the frozen cubes before making it?

          • @butthole: Yes, I leave out so they get to room temp before mixing in the milk whe it drops to around 40deg

  • How many more fryer, maker we need?

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    We make yogurt everyday. Heat 1l milk for 14 mins in microwave. Buy Indian yogurt from store the first time(starter). Add two spoons yogurt to warm milk and place in your oven to keep it at right temperature (do not switch it on). In winter do this in the morning so that yogurt is ready by night. In summer do it in the night. Or else you will have sour yogurt.after 10 hours put in the fridge and enjoy.

    Next day use two spoons yogurt as starter for next batch.

    • A big thank you.

      I didn't know how insanely easy this was to do.

      2 tablespoons of yogurt
      1.5cups of milk powder.
      Stir ( or immersion blender) it up.
      Place somewhere that can hold temperature between 40-30 degrees for 8 hours

      Very , very easy since I can place the container in an unpowered thermal cooker that I can fill up with hot tap water (45degrees)

      Game changer.
      I've since made 3 litres of yogurt plus I've finally found a use for my Covid19 milk powder stash