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Crucial Ballistix Sport LT 3000MHz Desktop Memory Kit 32GB (16GBx2) CL15 $182.13+Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


Crucial Ballistix Sport LT 3000 MHz DDR4 DRAM Desktop Gaming Memory Kit 32GB (16GBx2) CL15 BLS2K16G4D30AESC (White)

Specs: BLS2K16G4D30AESC 32GB Kit (2x16GB) DR DDR4-3000 CL15 (15-16-16) 1.35V PC4-24000

White is the only kit available, (Red and Gray OOS), Micron E dies which OC very well from all reports. I have this RAM and it ran OK at 3600 MHz 16-18-18-38, (MSI Mortar Max).

Not the cheapest it's been, $153 back in December on Amazon but they haven't had stock for awhile.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Micron Rev.E is budget B-die. Definitely go for this.

    • I bought the DDR4 3200 CL16 version of this when RAM pricing was still pretty crap (got it for $240 shipped from B&H Photo) and its pretty damn good; it overclocks easily to 3400 without having to tweak timings and voltage and I wouldnt be surprised if I can tune it to 3600 or 3800 without too much fussing around.

  • Are these better than the other 32gb deal we had here?


    Am I gonna regret not waiting? Should I buy these two? (comp has 4 ram ports…)

    • This is the better RAM, by far. Overclocks to 3600 CL16 easily, can probably be pushed as far as 3600 CL14 or 3800 CL16 on the right board.

      • Damn, those just shipped from amazon. And probably not a great idea to mix and match too hey.

        I'm running 2x those at 16gb (2x8gb) and planned to add the 32 for a total of 48gb 3200.

        Do you think it'd be better to do that, or swap all for these?

        I don't really have too much ram intensive stuff though. Don't really have lag or apps closing/having to reload. Will I see any significant real life differences? (Work and non-competitive gaming).

        • In terms of your config alongside your existing 16 GB, you can't mix and match RAM timings (and sub-timings to some extent), so you'll be limited by the existing RAM until you remove it. If you're upgrading your PC in the next couple of years, I'd advise to send the RAM back and just stick with 16 GB, then move to 32+ GB when you go to DDR5.

          This is especially true if you're not doing any workstation tasks that typically demand huge amounts of RAM (data science, image/video editing, 3D modelling, CAD work).


          As you can see in the benchmarking, it really depends on what you're doing, but it will improve game performance. You're probably looking at a 3-10% improvement in FPS potential, provided you're not GPU bound.

          If you're keeping the CPU around for a few years, it will become important to minimum frame rates and helping drive big frame rate jumps. 360Hz is just coming on the market, 480Hz won't be super far behind, 240Hz is becoming the norm for gamers.

          If your current motherboard is the one you'll be using in 3-5 years, I'd invest the time in getting this RAM and sending the other stuff back.

          • @jasswolf: @jasswolf: Thanks. I didn't end up buying this ram, and it'll be difficult to send the ram back, as it's being sent from the US. But I will see some benefit to 32gb as I'm usually running android emulation and a bunch of other things in the background. I've found that this usually pushes 80/90% ram when I open another game. Also do do some video things every now and then! I need the 16gb for a spare computer I'm putting together for my family anyway, so can always use it there.

            Thanks for the advice!

        • Intel or AMD? I am going to assume AMD Ryzen.

          You can mix 16 + 32. I've done it before. However, (on AMD Ryzen), even with Micron E (which is the actual RAM chips used for these), you will most likely need to set the command rate to 2T. While these on their own can reach DDR4-3600, at 4 DIMMs, it is a different story. If you insist on 1T, then you "might" still be able to achieve DDR4-3200, but you will be pushing your CPU's inbuilt memory controller and both sets of RAM to the limit. Must to RAM test properly with 4 DIMMs. Because with that much RAM, OS doesn't necessary use the lot and you don't want to find instability later on (as they will result in corrupt files and/or crashes).

          Set the command rate to 2T, and try 3200. Unless you have a high end graphics card and gaming is priority number 1, otherwise there is no real need to overclock RAM too much. Keeping your CPU run cooler is likely to yield better performance.

          Worst case would be 2T at 3000 I reckon. My guess is you have a good chance with 3200 when command rate is set to 2T. I am guessing your existing pair is standard Hynix based memory. It doesn't hurt to try. Based on the speed you can achieve, you can decide to go 48 or 32 with heavy overclocking.

      • It is important to point out, as good as these Micron E are, in 4 DIMMs configuration for AMD Ryzen, they cannot reach 3600 without significant timing adjustments and some voltage bump. In 2 DIMMs configuration, 3600 can be achieved relatively easy.

        Also, as with all RAM overclock, proper RAM tests are required, as these do have a tendency to boot Windows 10 fine, but fail memory tests when you push the timing aggressively. Again, with 4 DIMMs, proper full memory tests is important.

        Generally, people will be quite happy with just 2 DIMMs. With 4 DIMMs, you do see why B-die is still #1 (but too expensive).

  • I was gonna buy this a couple days ago but already have the 16GB sitting unused for next build, apparently 32gb doesn't really give any benefit unless you're doing really heavy stuff

    • Dont know about that.. Every time i play Anno 1800 my ram usage in windows goes over 16GBs.. last time i played it got to 19GBs usage and i only play at 1440P with nothing else running in the background. So i would say 32GB is more then needed for 2020 gaming.. the next thing im going to play is homeworld 3

      • I'm guessing Anno 1800 has issues with memory leakage/optimisation?

        It's a fair point as I know you can always justify more right, there will always be those outliers but for the average user there's no tangible performance difference from 16>32GB from my research of roundups, reviews, comparisons.

        • RTS i think are just one of those things that due to no unit cap things can get a little crazy … if you want you could always push it past 64Gb's .. with enough units on the map..

    • More ram lets you be lazier in Adobe apps. Only a little lazier. But Adobe will eat all your ram if you use it right or wrong.

  • This is a great stick of RAM.
    Prices have gone up a little since i got mine. Have it OC'd at C16 3600MHZ stable.

  • Ordered another set, my first is running at 3800Mhz C16 @1.4v

  • Bugger just bought the 3200mhz version of this for $250.

    • You did fine. This is great memory and not that readily available. My first kit was $223 during Black Friday and I bit the bullet this week for a second set which Amazon AU has for $277. There are limited options on the MSI QVL for 4x16GB 3200MHz DIMMS (X-570 Pro Carbon WIFi).

  • Looks like it's now OOS, cheapest is $277 for the 32GB 3200MHz kit or $139 for the 16GB 3000MHz kit.

    Original post now has only available option of $425.