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[VIC] Urban Poly Water Tanks on Special (26,000LT Poly Tank $2660 Delivered*) Plus More @ ASC Tanks


We have a great special on three tanks, but especially the 26,000LT tank. You can pay 50% now and the balance just prior to delivery. Current lead times for all tanks on special is around two weeks. 10 Year Warranty.

We are practising COVID safe deliveries.

Urban Poly 10,000LT Round $1150 plus delivery https://asctanks.com.au/product/urban-poly-10000lt-round-rai...
Urban Poly 22,700LT Round $2350 plus delivery https://asctanks.com.au/product/urban-poly-22700lt-round-rai...
Urban Poly 26,000LT Round $2550 plus delivery https://asctanks.com.au/product/urban-poly-26000lt-round-rai...

For the 10,000LT delivery prices as below
$60 Melbourne Metro
$90 Greater Melbourne & Mornington Peninsula
$145 Geelong & Bellarine Peninsula
$180 Ballarat, Bendigo, Seymour

  • delivered price is for zones as below for the title product

For the 22,700LT and 26,000LT delivery prices as below
$110 for Melbourne Metro, Greater Melbourne & Mornington Peninsula
$110 for Gippsland (areas include Sale, Maffra, Willung, Foster, Yanakie, Phillip Island)
$110 for Geelong and Bellarine Peninsula
$110 for Broadford, Kilmore, Kinglake, Yea, Woodend

Urban Poly Tanks is an Australian Owned and Operated company manufacturing roto-moulded products in Pakenham.

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  • +2

    Victoria is going to be Victoria only for a corona while. Lol

    • +2

      We are actually shipping smaller slimline tanks to Sydney and Canberra. But the situation in Victoria is a bit disheartening. 2 weeks down. 4 week to go!

      • +2

        You're a bit naive, it's not gonna be another 4 weeks but gonna be extended the way it's happening

        • +2

          I do expect this to be the case. Hoping for the best but expecting the worst.

    • +4

      Scotty from Marketing said we’re all Victorians, so that makes it Australia wide deal?

  • That's a pretty decent price, I'm interested in 2 but can't get them until I can get an earthworks bloke in to level a spot, which is proving bloody difficult.

    Keep posting deals here OP, maybe next time ;)

    • Thanks mate. When do you think your civil works will be done? This deal is until the end of August.

    • I made a pad with crusher dust and sleepers for my tank.

      • Have you boxed up the crusher dust with the sleepers, or did you put the sleepers over the top of the crusher dust? We recommend putting the tanks down straight on the crusher dust and box it up with sleepers.

        • +1

          Yep, boxed it up with the sleepers and bolted the corners together like a raised garden bed. The tank is sitting directly on the crusher dust. That was three years ago and it's still perfect. Once a year I put a fresh layer of crusher dust on to pretty it up.

  • Any deals on pump/rainwater controllers to replace an onga pump and water switch for small domestic tank?

  • do people still need this if they have recycled water tap installed? the purple colour tap.

    • Most likely not. It depends on your building plans. You still need to achieve the required energy star rating for your area. You may have solar hot water, or you may require a water tank. Have you checked your plans?

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