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Razer Mamba Wireless Right Handed Gaming Mouse $119.95 (Was $153.99) Delivered @ Amazon AU


Just found this, Coming out of the G903 Logitech shamble, Happy to see another Wireless mouse come down close to $100 mark

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  • Is this an outgoing model, cause Bing Lee had this on sale for $59 recently?

  • I prefer my Logitech G703 over this, my experience (anecdotal, could be just me) with Razer mice is that their build quality isn't very good. I picked up a Razer Mamba (the old one with a dock) in 2017, and it would cut out very often. No matter what environment, there was no interference either. Then I got a Deathadder Elite, and the cable frayed veeery quickly without any mistreatment. I currently have a G703 which I purchased for a similar price to this a year or two ago, and I have no complaints. Latency is solid, charging method is simple and I can quickly put it onto charge when I'm not gaming, the build is a little smaller which for me is good but that's just personal preference, and it just feels like more of a quality product. I also vastly prefer Logitech's Gaming Software to Razer's Synapse, it's to the point and it never has issues. Logitech G Hub is what they're promoting (it's trash), in fact they don't even offer their previous software on their website. If anyone already has a Logitech product or is considering getting one here is a link to the old software which just works. I believe it supports all their newer peripherals too, but don't quote me on that.

    It is always good to try both, see which you prefer. This is just my experience which I'm putting out there.

    • Have broken several Razer mice far too easily over the years. Plastic tab that sits underneath the clicker to contact the switch snaps off far too easily, Mamba is not immune

  • My Logitech $70 G403 Wireless going strong for 2+ Years now, tempted to upgrade.

    • I'm not entirely sure this is an upgrade. They're pretty much the same thing, just from different brands. If you find the G403 too small then this would be a perfect candidate, being a bit bigger, otherwise I wouldn't bother.

  • Its gone back up to $153.99

    Here is the same Mamba wireless from Amazon US global store for $92.90 delivered.


    I have this mouse. I like it but wish it had 180 hours of battery life like the G903 Hero.

    Mamba wireless has 50 hours battery life.

    Also they use a specifically shaped microusb cable to charge it.
    You cant just use another cable.

    But other than that,its nice.

  • I had the razer deathadder for years. Love it. Best feeling in hand mouse i ever had.

    Decided to go wireless and I bought the logitech g903 off ebay as new. It came to me with the bottom worn so i new it was used or refurb and sent it back. Was good build but didn't feel as good in hand as the Razer and was much too expensive.

    Go the latest Wireless Mamba on sale for 99 at msy a year ago. Love it. Had no problems with it ever. Had no probs with Razer mice ever to be honest.

    Actually thinking of upgrading again the the wirelss mousepad mamba mouse combo

    • Yeah Logitech's style on the G502 and G903 isn't for everyone. I prefer the more simplistic approach.

  • The Mamba Elite was going for $110 on Amazon AU a few days ago. That's the wired version though. I won the comp for a bunch of Razer Destiny 2 peripherals from Nvidia a couple years back, still going strong. Wouldn't go with any other brand tbh.

  • I picked this up a fortnight ago to replace my Deathadder Elite. $95 Delivered from eBay