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Vention USB-A to Type-C Cable 3A 480mbps Nylon Mesh 3m Grey A$1.03 Incl GST and Shipping @ AliExpress


apply code during checkout:

you can try other length/colours too, all valid.
i got around AUD 2.50 store coupon/credit (not sure how) so maybe your price will be different but that USB111 is for Get 87% off on orders over AU $2.85.
i tried the 1m and get something around AUD 0.83 so i thought why not get the longest possible
only once per account
before someone said what brand is this, Vention is not too bad, of course not the same level as Anker, but im sure not too far behind from baseus blitzwolf ugreen

screen of my transaction:

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  • use US$ for the currency and apply the code..

    order will be US$ 1.00 .

    • but US$1 is more than what i paid? yeah for high amount purchase i usually switch to USD and pay with 28degree cards (also buy from mobile app sometimes few cents cheaper)

      • it was a higher price using AUD$. AU $1.43.

        the seller have increased the price.

        • i see. or maybe because i had the store coupon automatically applied.

          still good deal overall for any length.

  • 3m is US$6.99, less $2, +GST.
    For me, 0.25m was US$.37 shipped, good for the car & 5 ports charger on desk

  • I'm still waiting for an order from mid April

    • If you can, next time purchase you purchase from aliexpress, choose an Australian shipper. I bought some headphones and got them in 2 days

      • correct lately i notice shipping from australia is available for some items. kind of rare, but there are.
        of course the price will be slightly more expensive but okay if you need it urgently and more safe i think? (safe = chance to arrive)

      • I wonder if shipping from Australia, unless an Australian stockist is refurbished stuff. I had to send a massager back DOA and the address was Sydney. I imagine they fix it up and resell it.

    • Same, ordered a Liitokala charger on the 28th of April and still waiting.

      • I'm glad I'm not the only one!! Had lots of other crap I've ordered on AliExpress around the same time arrive over the last couple of weeks though, so hopefully these will come soon.

  • Got one. Thanks

  • Delivered by 29/9 or money refunded.

    Too bad my phone isn't Huwaei or Samsung.

  • +1 vote

    thanks! 2x 2m cables for US$1.43

  • Thanks OP - Nice find .

    NB. Will not let you do more than 1 transaction with Code USB111.

  • It is strictly forbidden to use when the cable connector is wet.

  • Aliexpress has practically become useless with the super long shipping delays these days. I paid extra for eparcel for few different packages and almost all the sellers switched to Singapore post without asking me or even without refunding the additional amount I pad for them use a somewhat reliable shipping method. Two months later still no sign of my goods.

    • Very poor service from some sellers. One of my orders was shipped via Yanwen, not China Post I chose.

      • I don't think it's the sellers fault . The shipping is all over the place . I've had numerous items never turn up at all from January onwards .

      • True. Aliexpress has terrible buyer protection. As a buyer, you pay for more expensive shipping services but they continue to post with the most budget.
        You open a dispute for price difference paid. You still lose.

        Everyone should leave bad feedback. It's the only way to get back at the sellers.

    • It's a bit hit and miss at the moment - I've placed a lot of orders between April and June … some have arrived already, others are still "out there" somewhere. Hopefully those that haven't arrived will eventually, but given the COVID-19 shit that's going on, not much that can be done once the seller has shipped it at their end.

  • Seems you can get two cables per transaction.

  • Only 0.83c for 1m, cheers OP.

  • Wish it worked on the 5amp

  • Ordered. Full expecting not to receive this and get a refund in October.

  • Thanks OP

  • thanks, ordered.

  • Why is it marked expired? Got one just now.

    Edit: oh, I see, I got a short one for US $0.37. That's what I wanted. All good.

  • Deal still on. Got 2 x 2m in red for $US1.30. Thanks OP.

  • Ordered, hopefully can receive it.

  • I'm curious to know if this would be able to support 9V/2A charging? I understand it says it's capable of doing 3A just not sure if that means it is definitely capable of handling 9V to do to 9V/2A

    Thanks :)

  • is this really expiry for all length and colour or just the 3m ones?

  • coupon isnt expired. just used it on 1m

  • Just used this on the 2m cable. AU$2.04 for 2

  • New user bonus is preventing me from adding any additional cables?
    I'm unable to use coupon as it says invalid?

  • Please enter a valid promo code.
    Seems to be expired :(

  • Thank you. Managed to get one

  • Ah yes, the cable that I'll forget about until it suddenly turn up next year. I've lost count how many of my cable orders are stuck in "transit".

  • cant seem to apply the coupon with 2 x 0.5m cables in cart

  • Please enter a valid promo code…

    was doing this through chrome.

    Does the coupon only work on app? Will try that.

  • Not working for me. "Please enter a valid code"

  • game over guys and girls

  • Yeah it seems that this offer had a drinks break halfway through. I stuck a couple of leads in the cart mid arvo and on checkout it rejected the voucher code. I saw it was back on for some, so made a second attempt at about 6pm and again no luck with the code.
    A good deal too, Vention among Chinese manufacturers of electronics I've found to be of good quality.

  • i bought a different nylon soft mesh braid one form a deal on here and it broke after a month boo

    • there are literally hundreds different brands outthere in china so yeah, buy from reputable but always considering the prices you paid, also the usage (too much bending will never good for example) and sometimes just luck….

  • The sale is back, it's not as good and new code: S5QQ7A2SBCNO

    70% off apparently.

    Limited to one cable per customer.

    Just bought a 0.5m one for $1.51

  • Any deals for lightning cables? I need some more for iPhone 7

  • Today, Sydney south west, received the cable! Amazing fast! Can't believe it….. Order date 26 July…. Wow….

    • WOW I would not have believed either.

    • Mine isn't even showing on 17TRACK.

    • Received mine today as well unbelievably quick delivery !!!

      • see see see im not lying….

        when i buy expensive $100+ single items (and no i dont add or opt or pay for extra money for faster shipping just choose free shipping) then yes usually they will arrive in 2 weeks or less but this cable is a dollar!

        I'm thinking its all about the seller. a lot are just drop shipping seller so they use dodggy shipping method super slow ones.
        but official stores like this, or blitzwolf, basseus, etc, will be different ie faster

        • I hope your right will watch when I buy next.

          • @chrisie: you can tell from the name they are just dropshipper, also they will sell all kind of random unrelated things from cooking pans, clothes to micro sd for example

            • @ChiMot: Ok will keep that in mind - Thanks

            • @ChiMot: Cainiao shipping I've found is the fastest too then epacket and China mail. Aliexpress shipping is the slowest. Still have about 20ish ordered that haver arrived yet but this USB arrived in the country a few days ago, takes a bit to get to melb now

  • my order hasn't even left the country yet …

    on a bright note, i just received some other orders from 3 months ago :) i was pretty sure i wasn't going to receive them

    • I've had a couple of things turn up within the usual 3-4 weeks but the rest have been around the 3 month mark with numerous refunds .

  • Received mine yesterday.

  • Received mine today in WA. Products look good

  • Received mine today (Sydney)

  • arrived today in VIC

    • Same. Forgot I got multiples. Bit of a surprise cos I forgot about it completely thinking it was something else