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MSI B450M PRO-VDH MAX AMD Motherboard $119 + Free Shipping to Metro @ Centrecom


Good deal for a 4 DIMM motherboard, great for a budget build and I use it with my 3600!

Haven't seen it any cheaper anywhere else.

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  • It is a good deal. Thanks for posting Pranav!

  • I use this with 3600 as well. Great mb

  • Wonder if these can take the new 4000 Pro.
    Does it have hdmi 2.0

    • 4000 series is OEM only at this point so you can’t get the processor even if you wanted to put it in this board

      1. AMD did say B450 will receive support for 4000 series and zen3.
      2. No it's HDMI 1.4 (here is a tip, if a board manufacturer does support hdmi 2.0 or above they will proudly display it)
  • I use the v2 (not max) with my 3800x

  • Also $119 at UMart if you live close to one


  • For anyone that uses this MB which case are you using? Tempted to get this and would like any case suggestions. New to PC building. Thanks

    • I use this one: https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B079K1W3KB/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i...

      It's a good case, I didn't want anything with RGB LEDs, as I use it as a work PC as well. Looks good, decent ports (albiet lacking USB-C ports), not too flashy, but I'm pretty happy with it.

    • evga dg-77 in white.. looks great

    • I use the Thermaltake Core v21… Not overly impressed with the case for an air cooling setup, but building in this thing was very easy.

    • I was intending to build with this very board for the Daughters friend, but she's not come forward with the funds yet.
      Might have to find a new intended board, as the stock has now been cleared out by OzBargainers. :)

      Intended case was this Mini-Tower mATX from Antec Dapper Dark Phantom - DP301M also available at Centrecom for $75.

    • It is mini ATX (mATX) board which means it's a smaller motherboard and can fit into any mATX case or you can go bigger to a mid-tower case.

    • I use this one: https://www.corsair.com/us/en/Categories/Products/Cases/Mid-...

      It's a mid tower so definitely bigger chassis than what you could get away with if you want a smaller form factor build.

      It was fairly easy to build in but since it has 4 case fans and the motherboard has 2 fan headers, you'll need a splitter.

    • how so?

      • vrm

        • since it's ozbagain this might be an interesting topic: is paying $50-ish more for mortar's better vrm a cost effective decision?

          better vrm is mostly for cpu OC, which also requires good cooler (RAM and other conditions are ignored to simplify discussion). so $50 more for the better vrm and imo another $50 for cooler (than the stock one). Wouldn't this extra $100 dollars be better off spent on a better CPU than a higher clock speed?

          I might sound against the idea of OC, while I am currently rocking a mortar max with [email protected]… i could have bought a inferior MB and ryzen 3600 with stock cooler?

          • @Tyler Kwok: 3600 is fine even on a320m

            only when you go 2700x or 3800x

          • @Tyler Kwok: Dual pci-e x16 slots, I've got a B450M and it only has 1 which is limiting for certain upgrades. I think its pretty handy to have 2 for options plus they both still have 4 DIMM slots

            • @4foxache: What sort of upgrades? (Just looking for info to make a decision)

              • @metastable: The main reason I guess would be the option to run SLI/Crossfire cards in the future. Just depends whether you would have a use for a 2nd pci-e x16 slot, personally I like the flexibility over just having one.

              • @metastable: The 3000 series doesn't benefit greatly from overclocking. Certainly not the 3600, the 3700x you can get more performance but it uses much more power and heat for a limited increase in performance. If you care about efficiency you wouldnt' do it. Should really be choosing for other reasons like useable pcie slots, if that's what you need, or usb3 gen 2(10mbit) or usb c.

                This board is cheap enough you can just buy a new one if you get a 4000 series in a couple of years

                • @bobvegas: The 2020 manufactured chips have much better silicon quality. Some of these 3600s can hit 4.4GHz all core at 1.25V, that voltage is totally safe for the chip and 4.4GHz static is going to definitely beat PBO + Auto OC even in single core.

        • Just for clarity's sake, the MSI B450M PRO-VDH MAX and the MSI B450M MORTAR MAX have the same VRM according to my information.

          Both seem to make use of a Richtek RT8894A controller in 4+2 phase mode with two Sinopower SM4337 55A high-side MOSFETs and two Sinopower SM4503 80A low-side MOSFETs per phase for both the Vcore and Vsoc VRMs.

          I believe they also make use of the same memory subsystem (both advertised as "up to 3466 MHz" as far as I can tell) and probably the same layer count for the PCB.

          The main differences between the PRO-VDH MAX and the MORTAR MAX are:

          • The MORTAR has a somewhat larger VRM heatsink
          • The MORTAR has onboard RGB lighting and two 12V RGB headers vs no lighting and one 12V header on the PRO-VDH
          • The MORTAR has a BIOS Flashback button on the rear I/O panel which the PRO-VDH lacks entirely
          • The MORTAR has two M.2 slots vs one on the PRO-VDH
          • The MORTAR has two PCIe x16 slots vs the one on the PRO-VDH (the second slot runs in PCIe 2.0 mode and shares bandwidth with the second M.2 slot)
          • The MORTAR has 5x 3.5mm rear audio jacks and one optical S/PDIF output vs 3x 3.5mm rear audio jacks on the PRO-VDH
          • The MORTAR has 1x USB 3.1 Type-C and 1x USB 3.1 Type-A ports on the rear panel which are replaced with regular USB 2.0 Type-A ports on the PRO-VDH
          • @tmr3: One other significant difference, for low-end builds using an APU: the MORTAR has an onboard DisplayPort (1.2?) connector, capable of [email protected] VDH only has HDMI 1.4b ([email protected]).

            Was the deciding factor on spending more to get the MORTAR for a low end build I’m putting together for my parents - provides an additional measure of future proofing.

            • @ironclad: Good shout, I kind of completely glossed over the display outputs given the delay with Renoir coming to consumer channels, but definitely worth noting for anyone planning to use a Raven/Picasso APU in the meantime or looking at potentially pairing a B450 motherboard with a Renoir APU in the near future.

          • @tmr3: really? can we say in terms of over clock, there is little different between the pro vdh max vs mortar max?

            • @Tyler Kwok: They seem to be configured the same as one another at a fundamental level, so I'd say yes. Outside of the slight difference in heatsink design (which on these boards isn't that significant), they're both going to end up being similar.

              • @tmr3: ding it, feels like wasted my money on mortar max already…

                • @Tyler Kwok: I've recommended the MORTAR to a few friends due to having a few extra features that the PRO-VDH lacks, such as the second M.2/PCIe x16 slot, the more robust audio output options, the slightly better rear I/O panel and the easily accessible BIOS Flashback button. As far as B450 boards go, you've got a pretty great one.

  • upset i missed this

  • +1 vote

    When Ryzen 4000 floods the market hopefully the 3000 series drop even more.

    Crosses fingers. Cause any amd 3000 series is solid for a good 10 years or more.

    • With next gen consoles, it will likely put an end to cpu stagnation we saw in past decade. i.e. more and more games will make better use of multi core systems and a quad-core system will likely be the minimum requirements


        After that halo infinite video recently published by Microsoft I kinda seem sceptical on anything these days.

        Where the FF is raytracing, that's definitely CPU intensive.

        Hopefully if Nvidia purchase arm CPU's subsidiary to Japan's patent ownership to arm distribution, we can see even more expensive phones on the market, hell Nintendo will be the future.


  • Original deal expired, umart still active if anyone's interested.

  • isnt only 2 sata ports a bit lacking these days? not everyone has a m2 drive?

    • I own this motherboard, it has 4 SATA slots, I'm using 3 of them.

      2 vertically that you can see, but there's another 2 horizontally that stick up out of the board, right under where the graphics card goes.

  • it says 4, but I only see 2 on the R side on the pics? sorry If Im being a noob?! lol

  • Oops, they stand up at diff angle, i think i found lol. havent had a new board for ages haha, my bad

  • I have this board in shopping cart for 3 days then decide to remove it an go for the ASUS B550, cost $50 dollar more but comes with a DOOM game

  • has anyone received this? due to lack of flights from vic, my consignment hasn't done anything since scanning in 27th July. I have received my ryzen 3600 and RAM. devo I dont have the mobo yet haha. first world problems.

  • It's back.

  • will 1600 AF work out of the box on this?
    Anyone have problem getting shipment out of Vic? Not sure if I should just spend more and get it in WA.