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[Xbox] 12 Months Subscription Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for $85 (Might Be Targeted), RRP $180


For those people who registered for Microsoft Build this year (was free), Microsoft employee store discount from Microsoft Build is offering a massive discount, and I just used it to buy a 12 Months Subscription Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for $85.

I hope it's not targeted, but worth a try if you didn't register.

We're sharing our employee discount with you!
Thank you for attending the Microsoft Build 2020 Digital Event! We are excited to extend the following offer in partnership with the Microsoft Employee Company Store team.
You can receive up to 50-80% off MSRP on select digital downloadable products, which includes Windows, Office, Xbox Game Pass, and Xbox Live subscriptions.
In addition, you will also receive $5.00 USD off your purchase and can purchase a maximum of $250.00 USD on digital downloadable products at heavily discounted employee prices.
Here are your login details:
Pass Id: (The contact email address associated with your registration)
Password: Alldigital2020
This offer expires August 11, 2020 11:59PM Pacific Time
Click to sign into the Microsoft Company Store Online >
Microsoft may amend this offer at any time. Please view the Terms and Conditions on our FAQ page.

New link: https://store.ecompanystore.com/microsoftevents/Shop/Registe...

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  • Still cheaper to buy a brazil gold card and upgrade to ultimate.

    • The problem is when the remaining Brazil gift card will be sold out.

      • Yeah. But until then you can get up to three years of gamepass ultimate for about $40 per year. I use tunnel bear vpn firefox extension for brazil.

        • What if you already been registered for ultimate? Is there any work around to do this again?

          • @Damnsmart: You could start another xbox live account, do it to that new account, and set that account as your xbox's home console so the benefits are shared to all other accounts on that xbox. And just sign into that account on game centre on your windows 10 pc, you can switch signed in gamertag pretty easily through the windows 10 app. You'd be doubling up on what you've already paid though. It would let you set two consoles as your home consoles, with two accounts, so maybe it could work for you and a friend.

            • @AustriaBargain: Seems like you are the expert on this, are you able to provide the steps to get the Brazil gift card pass setup? :)

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                @thesab: Step 1. Buy the gold brazil code on cdkeys.com
                Step 2. Turn on Tunnel Bear extension in firefox and set it to Brazil.
                Step 3. Log into the xbox redeem code page and redeem the codes.
                Step 4. Turn off Tunnel Bear and maybe delete the extension.
                Step 5. Upgrade to gamepass ultimate on your xbox or the xbox website.

                IIRC you can't go over 3 years at once. So if you claim 3 years of gold codes, and you claim a free one month for your first month of gold, then you'll have three years and one month and you'll need to wait until it is under 3 years. I can't remember if it lets you forfeit any time over three years or not, I just remember waiting a month. Maybe just because I didn't want to waste that extra month. Actually I just remembered, by the second code I had 2 years and one month. So I couldn't add the third code yet because it would have pushed me over three years, I had to wait a month before adding the third 12 month code.

                • @AustriaBargain: Thanks, I assumed it would be more complicated than it is haha

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                  @AustriaBargain: 3 years gold gets converted to 3 years ultimate? or pro-rata as per https://www.xbox.com/en-AU/live/gold/upgrade?
                  (i just got an xbone working out whats best)

                  • @cumova: It's a one-time upgrade. I'm pretty sure it's 1:1, but I could be wrong. After this one time upgrade, or second time if all your months ran out, conversion would be at their alternate lower rate. Like if you had another 6 month gold card laying around and added it in the future.

                    • @AustriaBargain: ok. so 3 years gold, then $1 upgrade to ultimate for those 3 years essentially

                • @AustriaBargain: Hi i tried this, got the 3 years for the gold, but when i try to add gamepass, keeps gettign error, wrong country id, ive changed all the stores to diff countries and used the vpn for them, just seeing if you know this error, last step to contact Microsoft support,

                  • @chops747: Did you turn the VPN off? It's all the same xbox website, it just detects where you are logging in from. I don't know what happens if you try to upgrade it to gamepass ultimate while still in Brazil.

                    • @AustriaBargain: Yeah did that, then thats where i kept getting same error, il contact Microsoft and see what they say.

                • @AustriaBargain: Sounds good, so to clarify, I can do this with my Austrlian XBOX Live account?
                  - Do the whole buy gift card, VPN Brazil thing.
                  - Log into my current XBOX Live account (I don’t have gold) using the Brazil VPN setup
                  - Redeem codes
                  - Turn off VPN
                  - Convert to Ultimate.
                  Thanks for the help.

            • @AustriaBargain: Thanks mate, my problem is i have upgraded and have like 9 month left still.

          • @Damnsmart: You can force a cancellation if close to expiry and upgrade again.

    • whats my best option if i already did the ultimate upgrade and have about 2 years left of my sub still?

      • You're SIL. Two years from now MS will surely withdraw the upgrade offer.

    • Can you do this if you already have ultimate?

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        Nope. But you can do it after your ultimate expires. MS could change this at any time though.

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      MS is phasing out the 12m Live Option
      Already gone from US, UK and Some European markets, all markets to be gone by November
      6m will be longest live sub you can buy once its fully phased out

      • Why is that? Are they trying to force people into purchasing the game pass instead? I noticed it a few days ago when I was trying to renew my kid's xbox live for 12 months

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          yeah the belief is that they are trying to make games pass the main option.

          • @jimbobaus: It's also heavily rumored that they'll remove the requirement to pay for xbox live gold all together. Online Multiplayer would be free, but I presume that would be it, everything else would be extra.

            Bold move if it's true, to entice gamers away from PS5

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              @Benjamin7711: yeah i did hear that this might be the case although i did see an article or something where an MS insider had indicated a one off yearly fee of around $20USD for Multiplayer only.. no Live Gold anymore

              So it will be
              Multiplayer only
              Games Pass with 1/2 free games a month (or 1 PC Game per month if subbed on PC)
              Games Pass Ultimate with 1/2 free games + 1 Free PC game a month

              Thats what the article indicated, rumoured to be launched with new console later this year.

        • They are doing that so the total take up % can go even higher.

          Thing is, while GamePass Ultimate is great value for money for most people, it is not necessary the most cost effective in the long run. Some people don't have time to play games every month.

          Anyway, best to get as many months XBLiveGold and then take up the $1 deal (when available) to convert to Ultimate.

    • What's the best site for buying Brazil gold? I always end up finding its works out the same price with fees. Can someone direct me with a link or how to? Cheers.

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    Invalid link

  • Does it work on Xbox PC?

  • Any idea if you can stack this onto an already valid subscription?

  • Link not loading for me.

  • Link does not work, no idea how to obtain this

  • so how can u use this without a pass id? anyone got pass id's that they didn't redeem this with? do u get a code?

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    It is targeted for those who were registered for MS Build 2020.

    Also expires 1st August

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      I signed up for Build 2020 and never got s***.

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    It's targeted to Build 2020 registered people.

    But… 24 months of Xbox live gold for $50 ($45 minus the $5 discount) converts to 8 months game pass ultimate. You could get two 24m gold for a little more than the price of the ultimate and end up with 16 months of ultimate after conversion! See conversion rates in the FAQ below…

  • My ultimate expires in 6 months so the best option is to wait until it expires to get the best deals?

    • I usually wait for the JB hi-fi offer. $48 ultimate for 6 months. $96 a year is a price i can live with, however I haven't seen the deal since early this year. I'm hoping it might come in September.

  • Targeted :-(

  • -1

    Is it charged in $US or $AU.

    If it is $US then gamepass isn't worth it, but the Office 365 family subscription at $20 is definitely worth it, no matter the currency.

    EDIT: I bought 5 years of Office 365 Family, worked out to be $137. Great deal, but gamepass at $120 isn't such a great deal.

    • USD

    • Amazing deal on Office 365 Family. I bought 5 years too. Thanks for the info!

  • I'm gonna be sad when in 2 years I'll likely have to pay full price for Game Pass for the first time ever.

    Well then again in 2 years I might just play all the games I stacked up on Gold until another good deal comes along.

  • Had previously already maxed out on Live Gold upgraded to Game Pass Ultimate for $1 for 3yrs.

    Ended up getting 2 x 24-month live gold for USD 100 (~ AUD 140)

    After my 3yr Game Pass Ultimate expires, depending on if Ultimate still makes sense for me or not I may:

    • either downgrade to live gold (48 month)
    • or stick with Ultimate and have the live gold key convert (16 month), which works out to be approx AUD8.75 per month which ain't that bad

    Of course, this is all assuming that the conversion factors remain the same in 3 years, and there will still be a Live Gold.

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    How do we know that ecompanystore.com is a legit outfit? You're logging in with your microsoft account on a non-microsoft.com website.

    • +1
      1. You don't log in with your Microsoft account, you create a new one.
      2. This was an official email from Microsoft sent to the email addresses of people who signed up to BUILD.
  • That's about AU$120 otherwise known as AU$10/month which is a pretty good deal. List price is AU$15.95/month.

    edit: it's been pointed out that it's better value to buy Gold and then convert it

  • Not a deal. Better off getting Live then converting to Ultimate for $1.

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