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OPPO A72 128GB/4GB (Optus Locked) $249 @ Australia Post


Differences to the popular A52:

  • 128GB rather than 64GB storage
  • Higher megapixel camera(s), will make a marginal difference once you've installed GCam.
  • Optus has restricted it to single SIM operation.

Phone is locked to Optus, can usually unlock if you have over $80 in credit, or for $25 after six months. Leave a comment if you know how else to network unlock this one.

Rest of specs on GSMarena or OPTUS.

This is part of Father's Day deals for 2020.

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        • I ended up just getting a new sim, can confirm that the phone works fine with the amaysim sim, no network problems.

    • +1

      What color do you get?

      • Black

      • I think only black colour is available

    • Does the tray have 2 sim card slots .
      If your not sure, could you post a pic

      • Tray has slots for SD card and nano sim only

  • How would this phone compare to Samsung A51?

    • A51 ever so slightly faster, but not worth double the price imho

  • How do I unlock this and use boost prepaid sim card? Can I get a friend who is a Optus prepaid customer to do it for me?

    • It's worth a try. Sometimes Optus will unlock it for free if you've been a long time customer.

  • Has anyone used non Optus methods to unlock this phone ie ebay, fonefunshop etc.?

  • Just ordered online and got a wierd email saying my order hasnt been finalised, saying they need to review payment details :|

    Money has been taken out of my account though. They can surely be out of stock ?

    • yeah weird message, guess we'll see

    • I got the same message…

    • I think they might need to check identity, residency ecc.

    • Yes. Same as you last night but received the confirmation email this morning.

      • Yeah same thing, I got a confirmation email this morning, all good :-)

  • It seems purple on the website and no black option

  • Can anyone comment on how close to stock Android this it? Was looking for something with minimal bloatware as I'm used to stock Android on a Pixel.

    • -2

      You wanna spend 249 and have the features of a Pixel don't you? Nope.

      • +1

        Actually, if you read my question properly, I said absolutely nothing about features. I asked if the interface was close to that of stock Android or if there was a lot of bloatware on top of it.

        • +1

          I gave an upvote because it's a valid question but Pixel devices are pretty far from stock Android, way more things on top.

          • @Agret: Ah OK, I hadn't realised that. I just assumed the pixel would be as close to stock Android as you could get. Thanks for the clarification.

    • ColorOS 7 is very close to stock, I had no issues coming from an OG Pixel.

      • Excellent, good to know. Thank you!

  • Nice deal OP, not confident of buying OS other than Android stock. From Optus, this comes with ColorOS 7.0 (Android 10)

  • Picked one of this morning. For those asking about colour it is twilight black and the person serving me suggested they only get the one colour.

    This is for my wife do haven't opened it but does anyone who has confirm if the pre applied screen protector is glass or plastic?

    • The protector is plastic

  • I am having troubles unlocking this.

    Optus rep gave me a link to


    But when I enter my details it says

    "This mobile device is not a locked Optus prepaid mobile device."

    Anyone able to unlock this phone successfully? What did you do?

    • Did you try non-optus sim first to see whether device locked or not? Such as Vodafone Telstra sim.

      • I've inserted boost sim card and it doesn't work

        • Optus database may not update with these new device imei yet.

          • @maxall: So wait another day and try again?

            • @first in line: Ring optus customer support if you need the unlock code urgently.

              • @maxall: I rang and they said they will send an unlock code within 72 hours…

                • @first in line: Did they ask you to pay for the unlock?

                  • @maxall: No, but they did ask about my optus credit. I recently signed up to their $150 prepaid deal so all good for me

              • @maxall: Bloody optus! Waited 72 hours and still no code. WTF?!

                • @first in line: They are the worst one to deal with…

                  • @maxall: They are a bitch to deal with. Still on the phone with them after 40 minutes, the guy is having problems unlocking mine because when I enter the phone IMEI there is an error saying it is unlocked when it isn't. So annoying V_V

                  • @maxall: Still not resolved. They promised to get back to me twice but never did.

  • worth upgrading from an S9? this phone is budget but is 2 years newer .. on paper looks better but are the photo's better? sometimes cameras have good specs but produce shit photos

    • +1

      S9 might be better with the OLED screen if that's important to you.

    • +1

      Not sure if this would be an upgrade, maybe more of a side-grade.

      Default camera isn't that great but you can install Gcam which improves the photo quality by a long mile.

      Is your S9 the snapdragon or exynos version?

      • Looks like exynos

        (cpu-z is an amazing app btw just discovered it's on android)

        • +1

          Might have to check that app out!

          But yeah I saw that they Exynos chip doesn't compare too well to Snapdragons, which the Oppo has.

          That being said though, 2 year old flagship vs current year mid-ranger, they're usually much of a muchness, but if you have an itch of getting a brand new phone then you can't go wrong at this, especially at this price.

          Plus it ships with Android 10, so you're guaranteed Android 11 and hopefully 12

  • Has anyone been able to unlock this from Optus?

    • So far the only way is through paying Optus.

      I sent the Rep @ Fonefunshop a pm and he can't unlock it.

      • Optus can't do it! Totally useless phone. Do you think AusPost can offer a refund?

  • +1

    This phone has 2 IMEI, from the look of the SIM tray, I think it is just the tray that is modded to prevent dual sim. From manufacturing perspective, it is not viable to special make one model for OPTUS without the 2nd SIM connectors. Someone source a dual sim tray might get the phone enabled with dual sim.

    • I doubt Optus would leave it in the settings though.

    • This model shares parts of A52, only big rom and camera pixel difference.

      • +2

        I've ordered the handset and a dual Sim tray. Let's see how I go

        • cool, let us know how it goes please.

          • @squeemy: Will do, hopefully everything arrives by this Friday

          • +2

            @squeemy: the 3rd party tray's frame is too large so doesn't go in 100%, sticks out ~0.25mm. not enough for the phone to recognise the tray. so far its a fail.

            my guess there is a software lock and the SIM tray issue.
            would need to also re-flash a non telco ROM to enable dual SIM IMO.

          • @squeemy: hmm….

            I tried *#06# and only 1 IMEI is listed.
            anyone have any ideas?

            is it possible to restrict IMEI via software?

            • +1

              @daft009: Screenshot of 2 IMEI

              • @jpl: thanks mate. didn't notice the "/"
                my xiaomi lists the two IMEI over two lines

                when this only showed me one line I just took it as one IMEI.

                oh well, the phone was/is for dad who is now using it.

                will give unlocking and flashing a go when he is ready to go overseas again to use the dual sim feature.

    • Maybe a flash to stock rom might also be needed?


      • If you read the article, check the file area, it says "Firmware File : not avail yet"

        • It is available on the OPPO web site, however, it might just be the stock firmware as supplied to Optus, (since it seems to be branded to Optus in this country - possibly try another OPPO country site for firmware).

          OPPO A72 Firmware

  • Has anyone been able to unlock this phone? I don't think there is a way to. Optus call centre can't do it. I am so pissed off! They have promised me twice that they will get back to me with a code but it hasn't happen. Also went to speak to Optus staff in store and they are totally useless. Told me to go away and ring them instead. I am (profanity) pissed off!

    • Sounds like we may get full refund after 6months when optus cannot provide the unlock code.

      • Full refund of the phone? Where did you hear about that?

      • Why would it be after 6 months?

        • after 6months it will only cost $25 to unlock.

          • @maxall: I still don't understand why that would mean we have to wait 6 months to possibly get a refund?

            Why not just do it now if we can be absolutely sure they actually can't unlock it?

            • @Arthur Dunger: unlock now if the code provided, you have to pay $60 or recharge $80. you are bidding on the code cannot provide.
              waiting 6 month, the code provided you only need pay $25.
              Either of case, if the code cannot provided, you have the right to ask refund under ACL.

  • Is this phone worth upgrading from a Samsung s8 at all?

  • Doesn't look bad but you have to take into consideration that it's not dust/water resistant, doesn't have gorilla glass and I couldn't seem to find anyone around Melbourne Metro that does screen replacements on the A72 so if you happen to break your phone you may be shit out of luck

    • +1

      Lol this is a $249 phone How much do you think an Aus business would charge even if they could replace the screen?
      Just buy a flip cover from Aliexpress.

      Which phones in this price range are dust/water resistant? GSM Arena says it has Corning Gorilla Glass 3 and there is a pre-applied screen protector.

  • +1

    Day 8 and still waiting for Optus to get back to me about unlocking the phone…

    • I am still awaiting the phone to be delivered by Aupost. Very very shitty service, almost two weeks.
      Any luck to unlock from Optus? Or just you are the only one unlucky person. Everyone else have the trouble to have the unlock code from optus?

      • still nothing. I have given up calling them and relying on optus facebook chat to help me.

  • +1

    I got the phone delivered quite fast. Keen on the unlock later down the track, hope it gets fixed. Currently using Amaysim that was Ovo, so no issues with unlocking yet.

    Its a solid phone, some lag compared to my Pixel 2XL but for $250, more space, and some crazy amount of cameras that should hopefully be able to be tweaked, its a bang for buck phone!

    • Wait…what? No issues with unlocking? Please explain?!

      • Cos Amaysim is on the Optus network so he doesn't need to unlock.

  • +3

    After a couple of weeks with the phone figured I should give ozb a review. Quick summary is that it is good for my needs, I don't have an issue with how it works. I am a basic phone user, and a light user through the week. I have come from an S5 for the best part of 3 years, that was a hand me down from my wife when her plan expired. I'm not going to comment on the OS, I have no idea with that coming from whatever was on the S5, it's a new experience to me! Amaysim sim worked fine from the outset.

    Firstly, everything worked with the Oppo 'Clone Phone' app, apart from a few duplicates of contacts, and for some reason my text messages from 2020 didn't come across.

    The battery life is very good. Through the day at work I'm not using it a lot - no spotify or anything for music, no videos, checking the odd app and making/responding to texts/calls, turning on bluetooth for 60min work commute in the car. About 20min of screen time in the morning, maybe 2 hours at night … I'm only going through 20% of charge in a 24hr cycle.

    Camera, again I'm probably not the best to judge, but stock seems fine enough when I'm out and about, but I can see where it might struggle at night as it does seem a little off in low light using flash. I'm yet to feel the need to do anything about it, yet to use the selfie camera.

    Night screen setting is something I struggled to get used to, I couldn't seem to find a good setting for using at night, even with the auto screen brightness adjustment, and setting the screen up for a night adjustment still isn't the best, but I guess I'm used to it now. Maybe because it's an LCD screen. If someone has a good setting PM me.

    Vibrate setting when on silent could be stronger, but maybe that's because it's in the soft plastic case it came with. And it might be because there isn't a handy option to go full silent without the vibrate?

    I didn't have a screen protector on the Samsung, and it doesn't have a scratch on the screen. The Oppo comes with a plastic screen protector, it already has 2 fine scratches on it, but I don't notice them with the screen on.

    Doesn't seem to have a lot of Optus stuff on it being an Optus prepaid, well not that I've noticed anyway.

    For $249 it was money well spent.

  • Yes I agree with Walder's review…it's a great phone for the price…BUT, if I had known that it's not Wifi-calling compatible, I'd never have purchased it!

    Phone signal at home is very poor and I entirely rely on wifi calling to make and receive calls. My issue is that the incapacity for wifi calling is not listed on the specs on either the AusPost or Optus sites and I feel that it should have been disclosed, in the same way that the dual SIM capability has been disclosed.

    I've wasted a lot of time on chat with both Optus and Oppo trying to sort this out, to no avail.

    Optus blame Oppo, claiming that no modification has been made to this Optus branded phone to disable wifi calling, but Oppo claim that all their phones have the capacity, but it doesn't work with Optus as the carrier.

    City dwellers would be fine but regional Australia needs wifi calling as standard.
    Should I return it and try for a refund from AusPost? Or does anyone know a fix to enable wifi-calling?

    • +1

      Optus does not support WIFI calling for prepaid according to this FAQ

      Can I get Optus WiFi calling?
      WiFi Calling is currently available for Optus postpaid customers and Optus SMB mobile customers who: Are using an Optus approved compatible device with the latest device firmware. See the list of compatible devices above.
      Have access to a WiFi connection that supports WiFi Calling.

      • I'm on Post-paid

  • VoLTE Support for Optus compatible devices also doesn't list any Oppo phones either.


  • +3


    Bloody Hell, that was a painful 2 weeks of back and forth between phone calls and messages over social media. They finally sent me an unlock code today and it worked.

    • Did you pay any fee to Optus?

      • +1

        No I didn't as I was already an existing Optus customer

        • May I know what you need to provide? Trying to ask a friend to help unlock.

          • @akte: I think I provided them my personal details and phone number and IMEI and they just look at my account history to confirm. Then waited a whole 2 weeks for them to provide me with a PUK number to unlock.

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