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JBL Kids JR300BT Wireless on-Ear Headphones (Pink or Blue/Orange) $29.95 Delivered @ Australia Post


Been looking for a pair of these to help by daughter with home schooling during COVID, currently cheapest available and possibly historical low. Managed to snag a Pink one the other day (dispatched this morning) and the blue & orange just now.

Great price for good kids headphones. Current price in most places is $48 (Good Guys, JB Hifi).


Note: Was hesitant to post the deal as these pop in and out of stock… so if it comes up out of stock, I would recommend to refresh every so often and overnight. Assuming they are keeping online stock low to avoid overselling.

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  • Do these also have a wired option when/if the battery goes flat?

    • From what I read on the JBL website, this is bluetooth only, but their specs say a 10min charge gives a 1 hour battery life (12 hours life when fully charged).

    • I have these and unfortunately no wired option. The battery, however, seems to hold its charge really well. Sometimes they go months without being used but always seem to have enough juice for at least an hour or two.

    • Yea there is, or atleast was wired, used to be at a few stores, good guys being one. I have them for my kids.
      Atleast one them has bent pin already, so they're useless now unless I can fix that.

      I'll be getting wireless next time.

      Edit. Quick search. JB hi Fi and bigw have wired.

  • “supported by a 12 hour battery life means the kids will never have to stop listening“
    What happens after 12 hours? 🤣

    • Recharge the battery ?

      • Will that then stop the kids from listening?

        • Perhaps it is a good idea to let kids have a break after listening for more than 10 hours.

          • @Schpeltor: I don’t actually let them listen more than 1,2 hours. Was just making fun of the advertisement “the kids will never have to stop listening”. Of course they do have to.

            • @itstuan: Got it :) I bought one set and see how it goes.
              Previously we bought a wired version, and it works well on plane trips. Will see how the wireless version performs.

              • @Schpeltor: Wireless is so convenient. I also got one (also JBL) and I was about to make a compulsive purchase but my daughter said not to, as we already have one and use the money to buy food instead :)

  • +1

    These are great for as long as they work, but after having had 4 pairs die between two pretty calm kids (so not wear and tear related), i opted for something a little fancier last time around. Having said that, at this price i'd struggle to justify more expensive ones.

    Also there is no wired option.

    • These don’t last. Bought last time worked well until they just stop. Sporadically used, well looked after and no damage at all but just dead

      I would avoid these

  • Out of Stock! that was fast.

    • They've added more pink ones

  • I bought a similar headphone from Amazon that works quite well (I bought it back in 2019 for $28)

    I preferred a headphone that has both 3.5mm plug and bluetooth
    works nicely when we took a long overseas flight and my daughter used the headphone that plug into the in-flight entertainment system

    This JBL one is nice but only bluetooth so it limits the usage on flight

    • I got Soundpeats Kids ones for $34 (also Amazon back in 2019, neither are the same price now), they also have a 3.5mm plug. No control buttons as I didn't want to deal with the trauma of accidentally pressing the pause button or shooting the volume up.

  • +1

    These are great! And the batteries seem to last forever.

  • Thanks OP. Refreshed a few times and stock popped up. Picked up a pink pair for child to help with 'remote learning'.

  • OOS again!

  • +1

    Thanks OP, brought pink one for DD. DS already had one and they are great. Battery seems last forever and the whole pair is light weight which makes travel easy.

  • +1

    Of course I just get one for 48 at good guy on the weekend lol. Oh well looks to be out of stock for the blue anyway.

    Anyway, I gave them a test while setting them up for my son, super light, they fit him very nicely too, and I was super impressed with how decent the sound quality is. The low dB is also great for the ole protecting his hearing since he's an "I'm going to ignore you and turn it full volume" kind of rat bag.
    As a baseline my headphones are sennheiser hd 280pro, considering these are kids headphones I'm very happy with them. I seriously doubt you will find something better in this price range (for kids)

  • It back in stock just order one

  • Just ordered 2 pairs of pink, they have restocked…

  • Just odered a Pink one!

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