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Free - 50,000 Pizzas between 3-7 August 2020 (10,000 Per Day, Online Pick-up) @ Pizza Hut


Similar deals to these ones. First in gets a freebie.

3/8 — All out for today
4/8 — All out for today
5/8 — All out for today
6/8 — All out for today

Terms and Conditions:

Free Large Pizza Coupon limited to Online Pick up only, Large Pan Pizza, valid until 31st of August, no customisation available, choose from: Super Supreme, BBQ Meatlovers, Cheese Lovers, Pepperoni Lovers & Hawaiian. Please see T&Cs for full terms and conditions and click here to see our Privacy Policy.

  1. To enter, an Entrant must during the Entry Period enter their name and email address into a webform on the www.pizzahut.com.au website between 4:00pm to 6:00pm (AEST).
  2. Provided the Entrant is one of the first 10, 000 web users to enter their email address into the webform on the Pizza Hut website (“the website”), the Entrant will receive a free large pizza voucher with a voucher code emailed to their specified email address.
  3. The free large pizza voucher is available for redemption by entering the voucher code when the Entrant accesses the website and is prompted for the voucher code.
  4. Subject to redeeming the free large pizza voucher by the specified timeframe, the free large pizza voucher entitles the Entrant to receive a free large pizza with a pan base from a selection available on the website of Super Supreme, BBQ Meatlovers, Pepperoni Lovers, Hawaiian and Cheese Lovers.
  5. The Entrant has until 31 August 2020 to 23:59 hrs AEST or the store closure time (whichever is the earliest) to redeem the free large pizza voucher, via pick up only from the location specified by the Entrant on the website.
  6. The free large pizza voucher cannot be redeemed with other meal deals or offers and no customisation of the free large pizza will be permitted.

Full T&Cs

It is advisable to complete / finalize the order once the voucher is applied on the ordering form. The voucher is considered 'used' once it has been entered online, not when the order is completed.

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  • +1

    Sat out today so my pizza could hopefully go to someone who previously missed out. Hopefully the greedy arseholes didn't claim any more.

  • +1

    Damn I'm spewing I didn't get one. Hopefully they reject all the bot orders and free up some more

    • Well we know the one thing you aren't spewing up is free pizza.

  • That was so quick… not even able to get 1.

  • No pizza left

  • +5

    These 2 pizza places are both pretty generous with their promotions, don't see many other food places giving away freebies like these!

    • Check subway..recently got we miss u free 6inch. Hadn’t used account in over 6 months though

  • jeez am i the only slow poke who missed out every single day :(, wish they had done it in a way so everyone can get one, instead of some people hoarding :(

    • And giving out later like they are doing a charity.

      • +2

        Sounds like real life… Rich businessmen everywhere doing philanthropy?

    • +3

      pmed you code

  • i had kept a remainder but still missed out

  • damn..why is there none with 5km from me :(

  • I have not been able to use my pizza hut voucher code to get my free pizza despite multiple attempts. Anyone else has been successful in actually ordering a pizza with a voucher code?

    • +7

      Pm me your code and I'll check for you

      • thanks for your kind (?) offer…..have figured it out…all good :)

        • What ended up working for you? I've put in the code but got an error, and now it doesn't seem to work.

    • Try logging out of your account before applying the code? Also try using the incognito browser. Worked for me.

  • +2


      • Some people(including you Karen) do not realise that these promotions are a speed race. The fastest wins, simple as that. The 10k codes on pizzahut.com.au run out in less than 2 minutes, do you think the code above would last more than that?

          • +3

            @NiceKaren: I’m not rude at all, I’m just trying to open your eyes because it looks like unless someone PMs you the code, you’ll never be quick enough to grab one of the codes posted here.
            Here is the proof: I bet you will not be quick enough to grab this code: HUT50KFTVTCXN123W
            Not only that, but the person who will successfully claim it won’t even comment a “thank you”

    • How many codes did you "win"?

  • If anyone has one they didn't want to use and are willing to share, would love a dm for the code. Thanks in advance :)


  • +4

    I didn't realise that the Hawthorn store had closed.
    3 codes up for grabs


    • +3

      I used the first code, thanks.

      • FYI to everyone none of the second and third codes don't work anymore so don't waste your time clicking on it, I've had to waste my time confirming because lurkers didn't bother to say thanks.

  • +5

    Got two today from my local store, for me and my partner. Yes, the right way to use is to apply voucher first and then select from the available 5 pizzas.

    No customisation available whatsoever, not even the choice of pizza sauce or additions that are usually free. Cant complain as its free though.

    I opted for Super Supreme and BBQ Meatlovers. I must say I liked the former more.

    All in all, a good deal. I can see many people giving away vouchers as Pizza Hut doesn't have that many stores, and its likely many wont have one within their vicinity.

    • All in all, a good deal. I can see many people giving away vouchers as Pizza Hut doesn't have that many stores, and its likely many wont have one within their vicinity.

      It's definitely a good deal for people who have stores near them. I have got a store 5 minutes away from me but never got any code due to work commitments in healthcare setting. Nevertheless it was good deal.

  • Woot just got the Pizza Hut pizza ..supreme .. thanks for hints on how to redeem Cheers OB

    • Did they seem happy when they gave It to U.

      • Did you get a negative experience?

    • What hints?

  • +1

    Can you order on a Sun? Says can’t add deal to cart after I selected the pizza

    Edit: I switched stores. That store did not give a crust option and I think that was reason it couldn’t be added. Switched to another store and selected “original pan” and was fine

    • +1

      Yes that is correct, this deal is for pan base pizza only, as per the T&C

      • Issue with that particular store was you couldn’t select “original pan”. The option was “$0”!! No one will be able to claim from that store

  • +5

    Picked up 3 pizzas from a store and the store person got upset and asked me where are the other two people. Why do I use the same name. Etc etc

    It's clearly passive aggressive because in the end he said bring some money next time

    I don't understand why would they do this kind of promotion if their stores cannot handle it. 3 vouchers are from 3 different days and why would that be a problem?

    Anywayy….free pizzas. Don't mind the abuse to be honest.

    • +2

      Do the Heads of Pizza Hut pay for the promotion ?
      I went The other week I went in didn’t seem that happy but not as bad as u.

      • +2

        No matter who pays. It is a valid promotion and he did not do anything wrong(apart that he didn't mind the abuse)
        I used 2 vouchers under my name the other day(one mine and one my wife got) because there is no point dragging 2 people to a shop during Covid 19 to get 2 pizzas. One person is more than enough

    • My theory is they think you have way more than 3 vouchers and are trying to claim as many as possible before it expires. Whereas if you claim a single pizza on separate days then they'll think you have less vouchers to go through.

    • Didn’t you post previously that you got passive aggressive treatment? Was this same store? Go to a different one

      • Yes,my wife did. It's different store.

    • +9

      Just report the bastards 1300 553 899
      Pizza Hut spent money on this promotion to advertise their business and garner goodwill from the public.
      This is destroyed by the circumstances you describe.
      I imagine the higher managers will be very annoyed with this cheapskate local shop owner wrecking their promotion by abusing customers (who naturally tell others). I did this once to an angry a-hole Coles manager. They made him call me and it was so enjoyable to listen to the bastard meekly apologize after his manager chewed him out.

  • Has anyone had any luck combining their free pizza code with the 2for1 on tuesday deal? Is it possible?

    edit: read the t&c that say this:

    Offer valid on large pizzas for pick up only. Minimum of one pizza out of two to have a standard menu price of $14.95 or above. Cheapest standard pizza price will be discounted. Surcharges apply for variations or customisations to chargeable toppings or crusts on both pizzas. Not available for create your own & half 'n' half. Not available via Pizza Hut Instant Ordering.

  • Who wants a free pizza?

    • Yes please to free pizza

  • PM me if you want a free pizza

    • Yes please

  • Hey guys!! Does anyone have a code they most likely won't be using in the next 5 days? :)

  • I still have a couple of vouchers. PM me here if you want one.

    • Yes please if you have 1.

    • Sorry they've gone so quick

    • Yes please if you or anyone else have a spare

  • +7

    Finally used up all my vouchers. Put on 2 kilograms too.

    • good thing i have high metabolism

  • I am getting VOUCHER NOT FOUND. Tried both app and website.

  • seems like the 3 closest stores to me are run by India people, got some pretty ordinary service collecting them and pretty badly topped, missing ingredients and stuff all on them

    • +3

      But you cant complain for a free pizza

    • +3

      Dont you know that Pizza =Indian and Sushi=Chinese?

    • I gave away my remaining coupons. It's not much of a compliment to Pizza Hut to say Domino's are better..

  • I have 3 codes spare, PM if you want them :)

    • Yes Please for 1. Not able to PM you.

    • yes please

    • Can I have it please.

      • Yes please

      • PM Sent.

        • Hi there, I am unable to see it. Could you please re-pm? Thanks

    • Yes please if you or anyone else has a spare, please PM me

    • Looks like all 3 are gone! Would appreciate if anyone else has a spare!

  • hey guys! does anyone have a spare for my wife and kid to enjoy? PM me please. thanks much!

    • just sent you an PM with a spare code

  • Codes expires today. If you have, I need one. PM me please. Don't waste it.

  • Enjoy - HUT50HT70GAYRR4L

  • Hi
    Can i have one please


  • Spares - please comment if you use

  • Please PM if anyone has a spare code

  • Two codes that I didn't end up using:




    • Both have been used already.

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