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Crucial Ballistix MAX 32GB (2x 16GB) DDR4-4000 CL18 ~ $425 Delivered @ Crucial US


2nd highest bin for Micron Rev B, if you don't plan to Overclock (beyond XMP) there are MUCH cheaper options.

280 USD + 25 USD Shipping (UPS)

$623.73 - Amazon AU
$735.59 - Newegg
$749+ everywhere else

Speed - DDR4-4000
Warranty - Limited 10-year warranty
Density - 32GB Kit (16GBx2)
Extended Timings - 18-19-19-39
Voltage - 1.35V

The top of the heatspeader on MAX kits are removable so you can have low profile sticks or 3D print your own top.


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  • Lol couldn't you get cheap B-die for this price? This is double the price of cheaper Rev.E kits!

  • I have a 32GB set of Ballistix Sport LT 3200 E-Die which will happily sit at 3800 (didn't try higher since on Ryzen). Paid $229 if I recall correctly. This is a significant price premium. Sure timings can probably be tightened up more, but I couldn't recommend these to the average user at this price. Save your money and put in a bit of effort to OC.

    I do however see the appeal for these for power users looking to OC/tighten timings even further.

    Also, why does everything these days have to be RGB??? Each to their own, but I much prefer the stealth look.

    • I agree hence the warning on the first line :P This is the non RGB kit, the RGB kit is the same speed for $400 USD……

      • Yeah I know you said if not planning to OC beyond XMP, but even if you are planning to OC beyond that, I think the budget options (assuming you choose E-Die etc) would make make more sense to most users. But if you just want to set XMP and forget about it, then maybe the price premium is worth it for some.

        Ahhh, thought this was RGB since two of the pictures show this as RGB and the page talks about 3D printing custom light bars.

        • Its pure lottery to get high speeds out of cheap kits, not all E-die is created equal. It only takes 1 out of your 16 chips to be rubbish and you struggle to break past your XMP speeds. The fact that you got 3800 out of a dual rank 3200 kit on ryzen is phenomenal! The XMP this kit advertises isn't even that decent IMO, if you had more bank the brains the 4400 C19 kit above this one would be better for XMP.

          • @goig986: Agreed, perhaps I got lucky, but the general consensus seems to be that E-Die clocks very well, just not as tight timings as B-die.

            Personally I'll wait and see what Zen 3 brings as it's rumoured to support higher frequencies without decoupling F-Clock. If the performance bump is as good as rumoured, I'll shift along my 3700X and pick up a new chip and maybe some higher frequency memory.

    • Wow lucky 1900 FCLK!

      • Yeah, runs it no issues. In the games I tested, there's little performance difference between running at 3733 vs 3800. Biggest jump was going from 3200 to 3600.

        • But does it pass the Prime95 SFFT and music test? I got my 3500X up to 3733 on Techfast's Biostar board, 1900 FCLK refused to post with voltages high and low, LN2 mode and SOC Uncore mode. So weird the difference 33MHz can make, from 100% stable to 0% stable. My Samsung C-die seems to be able to do 4000 with FCLK decouple but sometimes I get cold boot scenarios, probably the IMC.

          • @Rajeh: Didn't run that particular test. Tested with Karhu RAM Test for 24hrs, Memtest, and something else (forget what it was now).

            • @combatant: That's my test. If I can listen to music with P95 small FFTs without it crackling or having any glitches it's stable. Small FFTs stresses the caches and infinity fabric is directly related to that, listening to music requires decompression which must go through the IF. I would try 1900 but my motherboard doesn't have some potentially useful options like the ability to disable SB Spread Spectrum.

    • 3800 is good enough for me. Where did you get them? Amazon?

  • Their Ballitax 3600Mhz models (Red, Black and White) are also on sale.

    For example: