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Optoma ML750ST DLP Pico Short Throw Projector $999 + $22 Delivery AUS Wide or Free Pick up (VIC)


Was on the market for a mini projector, and this one seemed to hit the sweet spot cost and spec wise

Copied from their page:

Quick Facts:
Optoma ML750ST Throw Distance Chart (Examples for common Sizes) T/R: 0.8:1
Image Size Installation Distance
(Approx. To Lens)
60" (16:9) 1330x745mm From 1.0m to 1.0m
80" (16:9) 1770x995mm From 1.4m to 1.4m
100" (16:9) 2214x1245mm From 1.7m to 1.7m

Native Resolution: WXGA 1280 x 800
Brightness: 800 ANSI Lumens
Maximum Contrast: 20,000:1
Weight: 0.42kg
Fan Noise: 22db (eco)
Warranty: 2 Years / 10K Hrs(+1 Year $100)
Laser Warranty: 2 Years / 10,000 hours
Laser Life Up To: 20,000hrs

- Short Throw Distance
- Off & Go
- SD Card Reader
- USB Reader Jpeg, PDF,
- USB Reader Word, Excel, Powerpoint
- HDMI Connection
- MHL Compatible
- Wireless Optional
- iPad, iPhone Wireless (Optional)

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    • Thats pretty cool. But being LED instead of laser backlighting its probably going to be a lot darker

    • IMO, even Optoma ML750ST has lower resolution, it's better than AAXA P7 because it has much better brightness/contrast ratio. Also, check if the unit of brightness is ANSI lumen or just lumen - I don't trust non ANSI lumen brightness.

      • 800 ansi

        • Yep Optoma ML750ST is 800 ANSI lumen and AAXA P7 is 600 non-ANSI lumen. IMO 800 ANSI lumen is good enough when dark.

    • AAXA has 600 Lumens without ANSI? I doubt what kind of lumens it is…

  • Don't waste money on this, get the Philips picopix max with full hd

  • Laser light source is misprint/mistake. LED backlight. Nothing standout except for 800 ANSI if that can be believed.

    I'd like something native 1080p for this price; say from XGIMI, without fixed battery, mind you, fit for 24/7 operation.

    • I have never heard of XGIMI but from what I see online they are pretty interesting! Have you got one? And have you ever seen it go on sale below $1000?

      Edit: I'm talking about the halo, it's weird how they state 600-800 lumen on their site 🤔

      • I don't own an XGIMI (considering H1 at the time) but when I needed only a modestly priced replacement for my 2015 pocket size Sony MP-CL1 laser projector (while employing the thing as an always-on display, its internal battery had expanded and was dangerously close to exploding in flames), found the IKEA-CD-shelf-fitting Wowoto H8 720p/800p projector was a clear winner; its DLP rainbow artifacts I don't notice anymore (also to whom it may concern, stay on or revert to stable firmware WWT-D900E-V1.06-7632-20180209 - they only introduced bugs in subsequent releases).

        I'm not in the market for a new projector right now, so you're hearing my opinion from late 2018 when I did my cursory research. Were I looking, now I wouldn't be in a hurry to accept anything besides native 4k, ha ha, and in this palm-sized form factor is a plus! That'll narrow your choices to zero in this price range to be sure.

        May be the Optoma is a good option for its compactness. Don't let us totally dissuade. A focused, sharp picture is more important to me than resolution past 720p, and black level (nothing can beat a scanning laser, I lament this is not, except for a not bad contrast ratio) is more important than brightness once you go beyond 300 ANSI.

        I wouldn't get anything with a built-in lithium battery if you're going to leave it on standby power, you mightn't have it for very long (goodbye GPD Win). (So, not to harp on XGIMI current line-up, that eliminates all but the dated H2, it is only Android 6; customers are hanging out for an expected firmware update. I wonder whether they'll see a major Android version update or more complaints.)

        • I'm still on the lookout but the XGIMI halo is a good contender, but your point for it to be plugged in 24/7 while having a battery is a very good point. Decisions, decisions 🤔

  • +1

    Just buy the Xiaomi Mijia Youth Edition
    Compact(not mini), cheaper and better in any other aspect.
    I use one for more than 1.5 y now and I’m very happy with it.
    You can also buy the real portable version of it with built in battery

    • Have you ever tried gaming on it? Just curious as I have heard that there is a little too much lag to game on it.

      • I’m not a “gamer” myself but I regularly play Fifa 20 and Knack II with my son(PS4 hooked to this projector) and never had an issue.

    • Cheaper, yes. Better, that's subjective. The mijia youth is heavier, lower ANSI lumens (500 from store pages), and the throw ratio is 1.2:1. Also to mention you can't find any local AU stock. But a pretty cool product nonetheless!

    • I have the Mijia Youth projector as well with Android 9. Works well with a 100in screen and no lag in Battlefield V on my Xbox.
      I love watching movies with this. Good value for a size this big. Installed it on the ceiling using a Arlo pro camera wall mount.

  • This deal was posted yesterday when the Hello5 ebay coupon was still valid. Buying from their ebay store($1030 with free delivery) would have been a better deal (5% down)

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