What bargain are you waiting for?

I seem to be checking daily for a deal on a universal remote and it got me wondering what everybody else is hoping will come on sale.


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    Mesh routers like Orbi or Asus

    OP I have an alert on Harmony remotes to replace my cracked 650 and they hardly ever come up…

    • Don't bother with the orbi had garbage dropout issues constantly and googling around found the same issues with other peoples

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        Really, ours is rock solid. Best purchase ever.

        • My orbi has been good too. I bought them from amazon usa when orbis weren't yet sold in Australia, so quite a few years ago, and I got the v1. Before they supported ethernet backhaul. With firmware upgrades, mine now supports it.

          • @muppet: Our orbi mesh system is fantastic

            • @driveahardbargain: Interesting to hear good things about a Netgear product. Times must have changed.

              Have been so happy working with UniFi at work that I'm waiting on a deal there to put some in at home as well. Have been pretty tempted by some recent Dream Machine deals.

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    Anything Smartthings compatible

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    Hue Play HDMI Sync box. Whenever it lands here…

    • Same. This and the colour bayonets bulbs.

      I’m also waiting on deals on the blunt umbrella, Le cresuset pan and copic markers.

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    Philips Hue bulbs.

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    2TB SSDs under $200

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    Surprisingly nothing that I can think of. Don't exactly need or want anything at the current moment. Super cheap flights (e.g. $70 return or whatever crazy deal the airlines are doing to get people to fly) would be good but not looking to fly interstate anytime soon anyway, so pretty content right now.

  • Logitech G560

  • I need a new AV Receiver but it seems to be the worst possible time to buy.

    Likely due to the pandemic, but prices seem to have gone up from six months ago for the same models, and I know with HDMI 2.1 around the corner, there will be new models soon too. But I do need one quite quickly.

    Rarely ever see a deal come up for the model I need.

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    Mid-range phone, good camera, >4GB RAM and not too pricey. I probably should have bought at one of the recent AllPhones 15% off. I’ll wait for another decent sale.

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    A weight bench

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      if you dont need incline/decline function, theres's a folding trestle bench that supports up to 300kg at bunnings for circa $45.
      Has served me well since corona started.

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      I bought this and it does the job for a home gym $250 although you'll have to wait for delivery - as with all gym gear right now.

      • That looks like a quality bench!

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    weber q

    • same here mate :)

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        also waiting, best i found for Family Q is $649

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      I have a weber q2200 for a few years. Eventually got sick of cleaning it, although it's much easier to clean than traditional bbq. Now I'm using an indoor electric grill, I can just stick the grill plates in the dishwasher, give the base a quick wipe, and I'm done. The only downside is the size, but it can be used with both top and bottom plates opened, which doubles the surface. I find it easier to use it for searing especially sous vided steak.

    • Have religiously used our Q since buying it. Rain or shine this bad boy has done us good

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    not bargain, just stock of it

  • Netgear JG116E to go under $120 delivered.

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    eneloop and smart charger

  • Caravan, damn it expensive.

  • I want a good 1440p 100hz 38"+ ultrawide, with usb 3+c KVM for less than $1000

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    Apple AirPods Pro
    Apple iPhone12
    Apple watch 6

    BMW X6 Xdrive50i

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    Jousting sticks.

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      Couldn’t be more than $250. Depending on the condition.

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        Tell them they're dreaming……

    • Got some in the pool room if you want em.

      Edit - Scratch that, they're pool cues

  • xiaomi robot toilet seat…though i suspect my toilet/s aren't compatible :c

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    portable hard drives. I want 4 or 5T for under $100 delivered or local pickup. It's been done before. come on.

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    Good robovacuum under $350

  • Can anyone help me out by giving me their Ebay "Spend $2000 get $200 back coupon code? I have a big purchase and would be very helpful!

    • I have one just pm me.

  • Mid-range phone
    nice keyboard

  • Miele C3 Vacuum

  • Gold.

  • electric ute/truck

  • Sakura Wars Launch Edition, its been sitting on $89 since released.

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      Your prayers have been answered - about $40 at ozgameshop

  • Wanting for money to sell real cheap.
    I'll buy it then :o

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    Waiting on a decent price for an Oculus Rift for my hubs. Slowly becoming resigned to trying to find a gently used set second hand somewhere (a gamble in and of itself, I know).

    • How much?

      • Around the $1500-$1600 mark when I checked last week for the model he really wants.

  • Nintendo switch

  • Nespresso vertuo

    Cheap Lexus SUV - yup not going to happen LOL


    Vitamix - missed out on the Dj's sale sigh

  • A new eco-mattress, some non non-stick bundt pans, cheap data for duration of covid-chaos as amaysim has rolled back from free unlimited mobile, to free bonus 90gb data, some free or cheap shelving cubes and a kitchen storage cupboard.

  • Sony DN1080!

  • Dash cam for the car :L :L I need one my area is a bit suss

  • Winter knits to go on sale half price or more

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    Um 1kg bar gold?

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    Roborock s50 under $400

  • Cashrewards 7% on Apple.

  • A semi-high-end router e.g. Asus RT-AX88U or RT-AC86U. Not sure if it's covid related, but these are now almost double the price they were when on sale… :(

    • Everyone at home streaming and realising their home network is not great with the whole gang at home…

    1. Tri-ply stainless steel pan

    2. Road bicycle with at least Shimano 105. COVID may be helpful here, lots of people buying bikes = lots of cheap second-hand when(if) it's all over

  • RTX 2080 Super, or a very well priced 2080ti - or a 3000 series.

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      Wait for 3000

      • Yeah, I'm going to do that…. My 1060 will catch fire with a new Microsoft release coming out on the 18th, but … lets see how it copes, while I wait. :)

        • Flight Simulator? Haha yeah I hope my 1060 (mobile) can handle it.

  • Boston Dynamics Spot Home Edition

  • Cheap flights to Cambodia

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      Holiday in Cambodia

  • A vacuum cleaner that isn't a Dyson. I've heard bad things about Dyson.

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      Can't really fault my Dyson's effectiveness, however they are horrible cheap plastic construction and parts.

    • You want a Miele…

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        I have a Miele and a Dyson and the Dyson gets used 10x more often than the Miele.

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    Sub 4k 77" LG OLED.

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    free trade agreement with europe, then luxury car tax will be scrapped and luxury cars from eurozone become cheaper. Note porsche cayman got a 3K-10K price drop recently during recession.

    • FTA and LCT are mutually exclusive.

      • I like how you can be so confident, and yet so wrong anmt the same time:


        • 5% tariff explains why parts are so expensive.

          On another note it would be interesting if they remove stamp duty on property and apply annual land tax. Would people start flipping property like shares because obviously no point holding on and paying land tax.

  • Waiting for a black breville smart oven air fryer!

  • Pokemon booster packs/boxes.

    • Me too! Waiting for Battle Academy and a discount on the Trainer Toolkit/League Battle decks.
      Also MTG (Planeswalker decks), but they cut down on starter products this year, no Welcome Decks or Deck Builder's Toolkits :(

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    $20.00 off per month for ABB or Superloop.

    • Edit: $30.00 off per month for ABB & $20.00 for Superloop.

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    Eager to see the Jabra elite 75t earphones back on sale under $200 👀


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      Mmhmmm I settled with the jaybird vistas but the call quality is 👎

  • I'm waiting for Supercheap to have a 2 for 1 on brake pads. Actually now that I think of it, I hope my brake pads last long enough for this special to occur again, I've been waiting for 4 months now.

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    Dyson supersonic hair dryer

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    Xiaomi A4 smartphone. Release date keeps getting pushed back.

    • Been waiting to see what it would be like A3 was a bit of a disappointment. On the A2. If it is crap might have to go Nokia.

  • Music gear.
    RM Williams Tambo boots. I have super wide feet so need this particular model, but it's often just the standard widths that go on sale.
    Brooks Adrenaline runners.
    Portal 2 on Steam for ~$2. I already got it for myself, but I want to get a few copies to gift to friends.

    • Just checked and portal 2 should work with steam play together. So might not need as many copies as you think.

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    COVID-19 vaccine

    • +7

      To be exact, working covid vaccine

      • Anti vaccination activists will have a reasonable effect on the roll out , and getting back to normal .

        • +5

          Anyone who refuses to get vaccinated for non-medical reasons should be forced to continue isolating until such time as there are no known cases. Absolute selfishness.

          • @caitsith01: We as a society should be enforcing far stricter rules around vaccinations. Too many are free to endanger others already with their ignorance and selfishness. Just look at some of those uneducated sports people that think their stupidity is their right. they need to be banned from all public sports, schools, and workplaces. If they want to express their ignorance then they are free to move away from society. Living in society brings obligations as well as rights.

            • +3

              @gromit: We just need to stop valuing people's opinions equally with facts.

              • @caitsith01: agreed. good luck that ever happening in this day and age though, people seem to think their opinions should carry the same weight as scientific facts and how dare anyone say otherwise.

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    Logitech MX Master 3 for <$120

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