G.Skill Ripjaws V Series 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-3600 CL16 Memory [Samsung B Die] $159 + Delivery (Free Click & Collect) @ Umart


I use these myself and they're great little overclocking sticks with extremely tight timings due to being Samsung B Die.
Perfect for anyone using Ryzen and wanting to squeeze more performance out of their computer, but double check your motherboard compatibility.

Also make sure you're getting F4-3600C16D-16GVK, sometimes shops get them confused with the F4-3600C16D-16GVKC part which are NOT B Die.

Product details and price history: https://au.pcpartpicker.com/product/gJM323/gskill-memory-f43...

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    • It is the best overclocker, but if you're looking for value Micron Rev.E offers the best price to performance. Usually found in Crucial Ballistix kits.

      • Pretty good price for these though. Just bought the equivalent 3600 c16 ballistix for 155 from Amazon.

        • I mean like if you were going for overclocking you could get one of their lower end 3000CL15 kits for like $110 and OC that, but for 3600CL16 this is pretty good.

          • @Rajeh: Yeah probably. I dunno I just read that micron rev e is really good and that 3600 = best for the amd infinity framework so jumped on It. Probably doesn't matter that much in the long run

            • @Bigredkeg: 3600 is the best to be guaranteed stable, anything above varies with CPU. Mine can go up to 3733 1:1, some can't break 3666 1:1 and others can do 3866 1:1.

          • @Rajeh: Would you really expect a 3000CL 15 to overclock to 3600 CL16? I don't actually know anything about RAM overclocking, just wondering if that's a reasonable overclock?

            • @Ark94: Probably not 3600CL16, but maybe 3600CL18 or 3600CL17. RAM can overclock as far as the IC goes, I have terribly binned 2666CL19 memory but it can go to 4000CL19 if only my CPU could do it.

            • @Ark94: RAM OC is mainly about which make the IC is. Like if you got a Micron Revision E, it would more than likely OC really high regardless(with a lose tRCD). If you got Samsung B Die, the really good bin can go super tight and high, but the bad bin stuck at 3000c15, other IC that able to OC are: Hynix CJR/DJR, Nanya A Die(new batch)

    • no, the timing is different

    • no, this is the 16GVKC, which has the Hynix chip & slower timing.

      I have this set myself, not sure how it compares with the Samsung (16GVK), but when I bought mine (end of last year), it was almost half the price of the Samsung ($109 vs $189), and I was pretty sure I won't be getting twice the performance so I went with the cheaper option :)

      apparently at stock speed, the difference are only few %, but the Samsung B Die are supposed to overclock better/higher, so up to you if you want to spend the extra $30.

  • omh, just bought it from SE 2 weeks ago $209

  • Damn that's cheap. I just bought F4-3600C15D-16GTZ for far more. They probably over clock to about the same…

  • Not bad
    Except the link isn’t working
    *edit now it is

  • How fast can these really be without RGB?

  • Good price. Bought this 2.5 years ago for $320.

    • 3 years later and it's still 320

    • Yeah $315 here. Was a bad time to buy RAM before.

      Might get this and up to 32GB total to go all in on 4th gen ryzen confidently, rather than feel like I'm lacking RAM.

  • Would this be worth the $60 price jump over this kit?

    I plan on buying 2 for 32GB so it would be a $120 difference… Ripjaws is CL16 vs CL18 as well as being a Samsung B die instead of C die.

    • The key benefit of B die is for better generally overclocking potential (unless you're using an early gen Ryzen CPU, which isn't worth worrying about unless you are). If you're just going to set it to XMP (the rated speeds) and leave it there, then it's almost certainly not worth the price jump.

    • For a regular user, it's not really that important

      For any enthusiast / person who cares about benchmarks, it is as you can overclock better and lower CAS latency (which in turn gives you higher scores):

      • 3600 MHz CL16 ram has a latency = 16 / (3600 / 2) x 1000 = ~8.88 nanoseconds
      • 3600 MHz CL18 ram has a latency = 18 / (3600 / 2) x 1000 = ~10 nanoseconds
      • 3200 MHz CL16 ram has a latency = 16 / (3200 / 2) x 1000 = ~10 nanoseconds

      (Wiki actually has a great table with all of this link, also Crucial link)

      From this information, you can gather that:

      • the fastest ram will be 3600 MHz CL16 ram
      • 3600 MHz CL18 ram and 3200 MHz CL16 ram have essentially the same latency so if you are not planning to overclock, you are usually better off getting 3200 MHz CL16 ram as it will be just as fast as the one you've linked but almost always cheaper.
  • Just received my first order from Umart, paid $21 for delivery and they put my $350 graphics card in a loose bag, Even with the same packaging just taping it tight properly it wouldn't have destroyed the outside box so much at no extra cost.

    Have to say I am devastated at the lack of concern from them.

  • is it worth upgrading from a 2400 to 3600? Running i7 with 2070

    Had to get the 2400 in an emergency about a year ago because old RAM died :s

    • Probably are better ways to spend $160. But if you do make sure you have a motherboard that can actually handle 3600mhz (Z series)

  • Are these only for desktop or work on laptop as well?

  • would this be better than the corsair vengeance LPX deal? deal

    • If you're asking this question then the LPX deal is better value for you, the ones in this deal are only for people trying to chase high overclocks. Buy the LPX and run the XMP profile and you'll be sweet.

  • Anyone know if theres any downside to running 4 of these?

    Building a 3950x system today and was going the 2x16 CL16 (16-19-19-38) NEO RGB kit but this is probably better because of the timings.

    Anyone with any experience here?

    • I'd recommend watching this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dhMYmEu8gks
      Small performance gain for 4 sticks in most situations actually, but you might have slightly worse (sub)timings.
      The main factor I'd keep in mind is future upgradability - if you buy 2x16 you could add another 2x16 in the future.

      • Great insight! Dropping the RGB / Over 32GB doesn't worry me. Thanks for the response!

        • A further question if I may, this specific memory doesn't say 4 sticks are supported/tested. Seems strange, may be a risk.

          • @giBiLatoR: Compatibility is determined by your motherboard, check for details on the manufacturer's website. Should be fine, if you have a 3950x I'm assuming you're using a higher end x570 board.

    • Generally for compatibility a kit that comes with 4x8gb instead of 2 (2x8gb) kits would be ideal. However, it may help that these are guaranteed b-die 16-16-16-36, so you should get the same Integrated Circuits (IC).

      These should run fine as 4x8gb but it will most likely put more strain on your Integrated Memory Controller (IMC). Also when overclocking you'll be stuck to the level of the kit with worse binning.

      These have literally the exact same IC's as the Trident Z Neo's but instead of RGB, they're just a matte/plastic black shroud over the ram.

    • @giBiLatoR I bought 2 kits and they work flawlessly together at 3600mhz xmp.

      4x8gb 2 kits of bdie https://imgur.com/a/l1EqtoL

      They arrived this morning and I was concerned my memory controller would reeee at me but apparently not.

  • Cheaper to buy 4000mhz c18 ram and just downclock it.

  • Can a professional help me here please I saw this 16gb 4000 mhz deal and it sounds amazing!! But i dont know if these tipe of ram are good and high quality:


    Also, will it reach the 4000Mhz wit Rizen 3600 ?

  • Sorry OP, whilst this is a great price, I do have to neg this particular deal for this particular reason:

    Issue with retailer (For example:)

    Issues arose which were not rectified in a satisfactory or timely manner.

    Umart had traditionally been good, I had been a customer there for 12 years. They are good at the point of sale, but their warranty process and communication is atrocious. Got an ongoing RMA for 4 months. If you email them, it often takes a week to hear back. If you call them, you could be on hold for half an hour. They are no longer responding to emails seeking a remedy.

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