Boost $150 Prepaid SIM Starter Kit with 80GB Data for $139.95 @ Best Deal Plaza


all sim is expired on 2022 FEB,and you can port your exist number to boost sim via boost website

that $150 sim offer is no any more on boost website so that is last stock and chance for your guys to get this

$150 sim on 80gb +unlimited call +unlimited call to some coutries as below!

not sure if you can price match with officeworks

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  • Please be aware that the current $150 plan might not activate after Aug 10, eventhough a physical $150 sim has been purchased.

    According to this [post] (

    • Lucky I read this. I have my sim waiting here til expiry and was planning on switching over on 25th August. Thanks for the heads up! 👍

    • so i purchased it from Cellpoint and was thinking of activating it in Dec, u think i will not able to do get the current plan?

    • Thanks for this! I ordered from the other deal on the 18th and still haven't received my SIM. The deal specifically offered the features of the current 80GB plan; Anyone know the go if Boost change the deal before the SIM gets here?

  • If you can’t activate mean this should be count as fraud.

    • Just checked mine as I was planning to activate in November. It says $150 prepaid sim valid till March 2022, but doesn't mention the 80gb deal. So I guess it is a Sim with $150 value to be used on whatever the deal is at time of activation.
      Question now is, is it classed as $150 credit, or will there still be a $150 plan?

  • I bought this a forever ago when there was the DealPlaza pricematch at Officeworks and the extra 40gb of data - boy, let me tell you, i have useda bout 10gb of data since - it has been over 4 months.

    thats cute.

  • Is anyone aware of any $150 Boost recharge deals? My current plan expires in September.

  • I couldn’t find $150 365 days SIM pack on Boost website. This plan may not continue until August. I am not sure about the recharge, it may be another grandpa plan.LOL

  • The $150/80GB is available as a recharge option:

    1. Click Recharge on top right hand corner
    2. Your mobile number, check No for Do You Have a Recharge Voucher
    3. Click Next
  • I can buy a sim from somewhere else and get this? Or need to purchase from Best Deal Plaza?

  • So I'm a bit of a simpleton.. I have this deal but it expires late October. Can I buy it now and activate it before their cut-off in August and it will just add on to my existing 12 month thing, effectively giving me til October 2021..?

    • I would like to know this too

    • I strongly advise you don't get this deal if you're with Boost. The $150/80GB is available as a recharge option as I put it here. Recharging is simple and straightforward. This deal comes with a new sim, and you can't recharge yourself. You have to contact Boost and give them the sim serial number, the mobile number you want to keep, and your driver licence. They will transfer your existing number to the new sim, activate it, then deactivate your old sim. It's a pain in the **s. I learnt it the hard way getting my existing number transferred to the new sim. I purchase the same pack from BigW last year.

  • Will this stack on top of your current recharge? I just recharged 12 month last month, if i buy this prepaid and recharge it again, will it last for 24 months?

    • Nah, The boost $150 plan doesnt stack. Also, this deal here is not a prepaid recharge. Its a Starter SIM kit which means you either need to be a new user or porting from non-Boost operator.

  • I bought this $150 Boost prepaid sim in May 2020 and started the porting process from Amaysim to Boost. My mobile number was ported but plan was not activated. I made numerous calls to Boost and every time I was told that my account is not aligned and they are working on it. I got tired after getting nowhere and complained to TIO which also took 6 weeks.My complaint was resolved on 8th July and the Boost app showed that my annual package will expire in July 2021.
    On 22nd July I lost all the signals. I called Boost on 23rd July and they told me that my SIM had a problem and my service was disconnected so they can provide me better service. This was done without informing me.
    I was asked to buy a new $2 sim so they can transfer my number. I bought the SIM and they transferred my number but not the plan. I couldn't make any calls and Boost App showed that I don't have any plan. Apparently my previous record was deleted.
    I called BOOST again on 27th July and they told me that they don't have any record of me having an annual plan with Boost and they will investigate within a week. I was also given temporary credit for a week. I called again on 3rd August and they repeated the same thing that they don't have my record.Now Boost is not receiving any calls and chat is also disabled. Going through TIO is going to take another 6 weeks. I am not sure what to do now. I am afraid of porting out to another carrier as it might further complicate things.

    I am at the end of my rope and regret the decision of porting to Boost. Worst customer service I ever experienced in my life.

  • Anyone tried to activate their sim today can confirm if this still works ?

    • There is a new thread with updated info….
      "From 11 August 2020, no new activations will be permitted on this offer. However, existing Boost customers on this offer who continue to recharge their service by $10 or more in a single transaction will receive the following benefits"
      Best to head over and have a read.
      Activate by Midnight tonight if mine if us get the $150 80gb plans with these sims.