This was posted 1 year 2 months 25 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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$10 off $10 / $15 off $15 / $20 off $20 Spend @ Spotlight (VIP Members)


Seems a great deal. Ensure you're logged in if buying online else the code won't work. Stay safe, and enjoy.

Gift voucher is single use only, and must be presented to receive discount. Save $20 off your total transaction (min spend $20). Not to be used in conjunction with additional voucher or team member discount. Excludes all electrical appliances, sewing machines, overlockers and paper craft machines, new & existing made-to-measure orders & payments, everyday bargains, clearance items, existing laybys & gift cards. Not to be used in conjunction with any other voucher, coupon or team member discount.

Edit1: Code 10CELEBRATE appears to work as well for $10 off $10 spend (thanks turk182).
Edit2: Code 15CELEBRATE appears to work as well for $15 off $15 spend.

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    Wasn't able to use the image on my phone at Spotlight Frankston, have to show them that you actually got the email. They said it's because people who didn't receive the email are trying to use the voucher. Just showing them your VIP card isn't enough. Obviously not the same at all stores but that's what's happening there!

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      Neither me or my parter received the voucher however both were able to use it in my case. She just showed the image and didn't even have to scan her VIP card. I used the image and had to show my VIP card. Definitely will vary on store obviously!

  • Managed to get 2m of fabric for 63ยข in-store, I even asked if I could use the voucher without receiving the email and it went well!

    • Thank you Pope, can we know in which store did you show this honestly?

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    Anyone tried this today?

    • Yes. Worked this morning for me.

    • Just worked at Bondi junction and belrose

    • Yes, worked in store again for me today.

    • Yes, worked in store.

  • Thanks, just what I needed! The $20 off code worked for me online just now. My order was close to $100.

    I hadn't received the email with the offer.

    • Keep in mind the fairly regular $40 off $100 promos are better for large orders. Used them many times.

      • I know…I'd been hoping and praying and checking for it over the last week but couldn't wait :( Was glad to even get the $20 off as I really didn't want to have to pay postage on a large order - especially when so many companies offer this free with spend over $50-$100.

        • Also, those promotions have restrictions which may not suit you. And sometimes there are sale prices now that are not available at a different time. Glad you got what you wanted, $20 cheaper!

      • too bad it doesnt include sewing machines?

  • Just got refused at spotlight hoppers crossing. Asked for the original email

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    I have a VIP card and my local store asked for the email. Saw several others being refused, with one customer being very rude. I hope they were just an exception…

  • Thanks so much. $50 blinds at 50% off then this voucher.

  • Can someone who got the email post up the contents? Not too hard to fake an email.

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      Check your junk email, EVERY SINGLE new VIP signup gets the email immediately after signup, but with a $10 voucher, min spend $50.

      Just substitute the voucher part with the voucher form this deal for the $20

      Easy DONE

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    For those who received the email, may I ask when did you receive it?

  • Hmm.. used it successfully online, 2 days later received an email saying my order has been 'cancelled' stating:
    "Unfortunately we are unable to fulfil the item(s) shown below as part of your order."

    Seems Spotlight are playing games: items were in stock both in-store and online, I paid postage etc. and now this.. maybe they don't want to fulfil their end of the $20 off coupon?

    Will chase up and/or try again today.

    • Same here, they cancelled 2 out of 4 items from my order. Wondering if I cancel my order if I would get shipping costs refunded as well.

  • I used this today at Hornsby. They looked me up on the system to confirm my VIP membership, and then scanned the screenshot of the voucher on my phone. Purchased $22 worth of stuff for $2. Thanks OP!

  • can I buy online and pick up in store /

    • Have you read the comments in this Deal?

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    They cancelled all order but $3 item so technically I got charged $12 shipping for $3 item.

    Got refund about $0.15 for each item. Cheeky bastards!

    Well I guess I will have to contact them or raise chargeback request.

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      Refund of discount at Spotlight are always on prorata basis. If something is cancelled / returned you lose that proportion of the discount. Some other stores use the same method. It's something to be aware of!

      So if 90% of purchase price (before discount) is refunded - you lose 90% of discount. But pay delivery unless all order is cancelled.

      Has been discussed in old Deals.
      Probably in t&c, along with no refund on clearance lines!
      That's why I only buy in-store & ask about returns. I've done a lot of returns!

  • Can anyone share the barcode of $15 off .


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    Used $20 screenshot today in Sydney. Didn't work for the VIP discount items, but other sales like 30% off worked :) She didn't ask for my VIP details so might take a trip back tomorrow ;)

    • So just general catalogue specials are fine, and seems can use voucher without VIP club membership?

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        Bought a catalog item today with the $20 off. Asked for VIP details.
        Staff member laughed that everyone seemed to receive this offer!

        Didn't work for the VIP discount items
        As person above didn't supply VIP details - there would be no VIP discount on those items!
        Others have used $20 code with VIP discounted items ($5 pillow reduced to $2 with VIP).

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    Can we use the voucher instore for many times?

  • Anyone recently used it at castle hills store?
    Do they just ask mobile number and voucher?
    Do they need original voucher email?

    • Yes, used at Castle Hills today - no issues. Mobile number was asked as I don't keep VIP membership card; not sure if they would ask otherwise. Didn't ask for voucher to be in email - in any digital form should work. I had a screenshot.

      • Thanks mate

  • Thanks OP. Just used this at the campbelltown location. Just needed to show the email and vip card and was good to go!

  • full priced items only, or can you use it for items on sale (not clearance). Is it a generic code (Didn't receive it in e-mail but am a vip member)

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      Any items. It's a generic code.

  • Was asked for email today, at Mt Gravatt Brisbane.
    As there are 4 counters, just went to front counter - accepted for 2 Spotlight cards for family.

    • Thought it is 1 per transaction or you did seperate transactions

      • 2 transactions on 2 old cards at same counter - the staff member is always helpful, as am a regular.

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    Thanks Op.
    $60 worth for $13 on 3 accounts

  • Show the VIP and promo barcode in store, $20 off , no question asked

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    FYI: Although stock online isn't as vast, Spotlight now do click and collect for Melbournians.

    • as per , Click and collect now possible,

      now the codes work for me!


      picking up a soda stream

  • Can anyone please share the barcode of $10 off or $15 off

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    Looks like it has expired. Not working anymore.

  • Is this still working?

    • What does the Deal show…??

      • Active , il just sign up for $10 off

        • Marked EXPIRED since 14 Aug!

          Joining $10 voucher is for $50 min spend.
          Spotlight had to reset my ancient account, so sent me that Welcome voucher. Threw it in Bin.

          They also send $10 ($30 min spend) if you haven't shopped in a while.

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    I made click and collect order on 14th night. The orders having this coupon are still stuck in processing where as order of soda King was available for collection on 15th morning. Anyone else has similar issue in Melbourne?