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TEAM-Force Dark Zα 32GB (2x16GB) RAM KIT (Dual Channel, 3600MHz CL18) $194.27 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


Hey, seems like the cheapest I've seen 3600mhz ram.

Could someone tell me about the quality of this brand? Cheers.

Dont forget cashback.

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  • They're fine.

  • Cheaper than when I bought couple weeks back. Does Amazon refund difference?

    • They don't refund the difference anymore, but they may give you credit to spend on items sold by Amazon AU. Just ask them nicely on live chat.

  • Good value brand, I have the same unit.

  • Hello guys,
    Can i use this with Asus Intel motherboard?

  • T-Force is pretty well known, outside of Australia at least.

  • The height of the modules may be a problem. If you are buying 3600 RAM, you are probably overclocking, which means a hefty cooler. If you have a massive air cooler, you need to be aware of how much clearance you have to install RAM modules.

    For what it's worth, with two 16GB modules you are only getting 32GB of RAM. The way Google Chrome is using RAM, that's probably not going to be enough by next year. :-P

  • I bought the 16GB set (2x8GB) and they are working just fine. I turned on XMP and they ran at 3600MHz no problem. I have not tried any other overclocking yet.

    Also found out after that 3600MHz CL18 is the same speed as 3200MHz CL16. Someone else here smarter than me can tell you if that makes any difference to your particular build though. I’m running a Ryzen 5 3600 system, just stock at the moment.

    The Dark Za are targeted for AMD systems. For Intel systems, buy the Dark Z.

    • 3200-CL16 is a better option than 3600-CL18 because you are not pushing the entire bus clock speed up to achieve the same throughput. Even though the burst transfer speed at 3600 is marginally faster than at 3200, the latency ends up being the dominant factor for many workloads. I'm not familiar with AMD motherboards and memory controller, but on Intel platforms, you really need a Z490 system to get the full benefit of faster clock speeds.

      I opted for 2x32GB 3200-CL16-18-18-38 modules. The speed & size / value was relatively good at ~$448 for 64GB of fast RAM, while still leaving enough free memory slots to upgrade to 128GB later. Moving to 3600 modules would have cost a few hundred dollars extra and I'm pretty sure I would not get any performance gains with the workloads that I'm running.

      I highly recommend running memtest86 overnight to thoroughly test your RAM at whatever speed you decide to configure it for. My initial purchase had four intermittent bits on one of the modules. Not bad enough to outright not work, but bad enough to corrupt data. Luckily I was using Linux with btrfs and the integrity checks have spotted data checksum errors, which I traced back to faulty memory.

  • guys says this is for AMD - does that matter?

    Never heard of CPU specific RAMs…?