Collect puppy 8 weeks mid August from Bendigo, 2 hours drive from Melbourne. Should I drive?

Need to collect a puppy from breeder around mid August,live in south east Melbourne it's a 2 hour drive to Bendigo.
I prefer to do it myself rather giving it to a pet transport but with COVID restrictions im in doubt i need to do it responsibly. is it too risky? i know the fine is $1660. Has anybody done this recently? your shared experience is much valued! thanks in advance.


  • You just need a legitimate excuse as you pass through checkpoint Charlie on the Calder in Gisborne South. Good luck. What breed.

    • Thanks it's a Maltese shitzu, Will collecting a puppy from a breeder be a valid reason?

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        Maltese Shitzu is not an orange feline.

        Username does not check out.

        • Got a Maltese Shitzu myself. They're great little dog. Hope it works out for you when it comes time to collect it :)

          • @shooty: This had to be told…..I went to the zoo the other day….there was only one animal in it……it was a shitzu.

          • @shooty: Same here. Very affectionate and reasonably well-behaved but he's a bit cranky now he's older ;)

            Is yours very fussy when it comes to food? If we give ours any food that he's not used to, he'll get a gurgly stomach the next day.

      • Covid Helpline Telephone:
        1800 020 080

        Can I leave home to care for animals located on property other than my place of residence?
        Yes, but you should limit travel where you can.

        If you need to leave home to attend to your animals, the restrictions travel with you and so you need to abide by the same rules as if you were at home. You should practice good hygiene, including washing and sanitising hands before and after handling animals and their equipment, bedding or food.

        Agree with the Breeder delivering.

      • Of bloody course not. Use some common sense.

      • I went to the zoo on the weekend. Believe it or not, they only had 1 dog! It was a shit zu.

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    Give the local police station a call and ask.

    I think it is a reasonable question.

    I dont see how paying a courier reduces the risk of infection if all you are doing is driving there and back.

    Alternatively, get the breeder to deliver as it may be easier for them to get an exemption. If it is for work, they can cross the checkpoint.

  • I would expect deeper restrictions put in place over the next two weeks. Advice right now is probably going to be obsolete even next week. Dan has his finger on the button.

  • I had a friend that picked up a puppy a few weeks ago and they were advised they could, just make sure you have something stating you have purchased a puppy and your going to pick it up.

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        Well technically it does say you can go pick up a pet on the DHHS site

        I live in Melbourne. Can I pick up a pet in regional Victoria?

        You can leave home to pick up a pet.

        If you are picking up a pet you should keep 1.5 metres between yourself and others and practice good hygiene, including washing your hands regularly.

        The Stay at Home restrictions travel with you, so you need to abide by the same rules as if you were at home.

    • Thanks heaps for the link!!!!!! answers many question related to COVID restriction. It's just driving to and from for sure. i am also looking at Quotes for pet transport.

    • Thanks were your friend stopped at a checkpoint?

    • I'd be careful because the DHHS website has not been properly updated to reflect Stage 4 yet. i just read an "answer" on there saying childcare centres remain open….that is not true under Stage 4.

  • Have you got any quotes from a pet transport company yet?

    • they have quoted me from $250 - $150, Considering them all as per today's statistics stage 4 might finds it's way sooner rather later.

      It's just the experience. would like to see where the pupp is coming from, our breeder is sending weekly updates of the dog. My kids are over the moon something to look forward to in these pandemic.

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    From 11:59pm, 8 July 2020 if you live in the Melbourne metropolitan area or the Mitchell Shire the Stage 3 Stay at Home restrictions apply.

    Under the new restrictions there are only four reasons that you can leave home:

    • to shop for food and essential goods or services
    • to provide care, for compassionate reasons or to seek medical treatment
    • to exercise
    • for work or study, if you can’t do it from home

    Don't try and find loop holes or be a Karen. Follow the rules.

  • not related to covid but, I did the opposite trip, Bendigo to south Melbourne to pick up my pup about 2 years ago. If you do drive take alot of puppy pads and/or be prepared to make ALOT of pit stops for toilet breaks. My pup turned out to be car sick and still very much is, so be prepared for that possibility. The backseat of my car has never been the same since that drive..

      • We may not admire the Chinese political system but, sometimes, suppression has its useful properties. Diseases run rampant when people insist on their democratic “freedoms”. It is a tad “Give me Liberty and give me death” - well someone’s death, anyway.

        This is a crazy thing to say, literally what every single tyrant has ever said. Both morally atrocious and factually incorrect. You have no idea what you're talking about.

        Most of the countries who have done the best in containing the spread of COVID-19 are robust democracies with some of the highest level of social freedoms in the world. Norway, Denmark, Taiwan, South Korea…etc. How about our next door neighbour New Zealand?

        Why would you even praise China? Their political system is what allowed the virus to spread around the world. They suppressed information at the beginning of the pandemic, reprimanding doctors who noticed the virus and published their findings. But yes, "suppression has its useful properties", like suppressing information and putting the world (and your people) in danger so you look good. Yes, very useful indeed.

        • Thanks GOD that there is a critical thinker and a level head in this forum. Kudo to you !🤗

        • Not allowing someone to have a different opinion? Sounds like communism to me…

          • @centrelink: Said Centrelink lol ? He/she didn't said not allow …

          • @centrelink: Expressing disagreement isn't the same as not allowing someone to have their own opinion. In fact, freely expressing disagreement would seem to be a perfect example of different opinions being allowed.

            But if you think expressing disagreement=silencing, where do you stand on silencing expressing disagreement with other people's disagreement?

            Rhetorical question, you've already answered it with: "communism".
            Stop being your own definition of a communist, you hypocrite.

        • It isn't a crazy thing to say from the perspective of eradicating the disease. It is the people who aren't following the rules, and insisting on their freedoms, who are causing the disease to run rampant. Have a look at the American system if you want to see the breeding ground for a disease out of control. Do you really think that if this started in the USA that we would be in a better position? Do you really think Trump would've gone to half the suppression of the disease levels that the Chinese have? I don't admire their political system but given the size of the country, and the information they had at the start, they have done remarkably well. What all the other countries you have nominated have in common is they are small and it all started elsewhere. Talk about wanting to suppress dissent, you guys take the biscuit.

    • It ain’t so bad. Frankly, no matter what you’ve heard, we aren’t dead.

      We will, probably, go into further lockdown but for now we can get takeaway food, and coffee, and the masks are annoying, but bearable, and it will be interesting to find out if they are the magic bullet people keep claiming they are.

      There are a lot worse places to be, at the moment. I, suspect, Trump contemplated the Escape from
      New York scenario when COVID first hit America but it is the red states that are beginning to cop it now. As hard as it is to be losing people I would still prefer our situation to America’s 1000+ a day.

      If Australia has a “tremendous” problem what sort of clusterf**k is America facing. Still, to be expected when it is a complete omnishambles over there.

      • I think it says alot about the leader's how differently they are both taking it. DD is almost at breaking point working this thing almost 24/7 over triple figure deaths. I do believe he is doing his best and his team. On the other hand we another DT seemly not doing anything to kerb the death or showing good leadership under thus pandemic. Deaths at156k and predicted by Nov to be up to 200k. Sure the US has a higher population than AUS, but a death is a death. That's alot of lives lost. America is in a cluster F. All in hindsight now, but both Scomo and DT could have shut the borders/ planes when they only had 30 odd cases. IMO

        • The problem with shutting the borders is the economic cost is large for a disease that may peter out on its own. If the borders had been shut for MERS and SARS it would’ve been a lot of economic pain for no real gain. In hindsight putting the returnees on Christmas Island and quarantining and testing everyone coming on or off, (including workers), would’ve been a good idea. Nobody sets foot on the mainland until they are proven disease free. We also need to turn our aged care homes into fortresses as the backstop. The main thing is people have to stop being stupid.

          • @try2bhelpful: It does bring out the wacko's, but luckily there are only a few. Most people are trying to do the right thing.

            • @Dedbny: We stepped outside, the other day, and my other half said “Who was that masked man?” and I replied “well, everybody”.

              I’m think we need to get back to the original meaning of pilloried. At least we would know where these idiots are, at any given time.

  • Having a pet in weird times like this is essential so we don't go crazy, but I'd ask police anyway. :)

    • Pets are an essential service. My two kitties are driving me mad and keeping me sane.

      • Breeding animals is not really an essential service. People won’t die or get sick by not being able to leave a lockdown zone to purchase a pet. Essential is health care like doctors and hospitals and supermarkets to purchase food. Please don’t joke about the current situation. Pets are available to purchase inside the lock down zone and a delivery service might be an option if the driver can get an exemption to travel in with the animals.

        • The issue we have is not because people are following the rules it is because they aren’t. If you follow the proper procedures the risk here is very small. It is the idiots who are infectious that aren’t following the rules that are causing a lot of this mess. The animal has already been ordered and purchased. I would, agree, that if you were looking to buy from scratch buy within the zone, but picking up one you have already ordered is understandable.

        • I think we should joke about the current situation, otherwise we will all be depressed or dead by the end of the year. However, I am not joking at all.
          From a mental health perspective, I do think, and studies show, that pets are good, and I'd argue that they might be considered essential, particularly in the current circumstances.

          I am all pro rescue dogs, but OP has already bought a puppy and is supposed to drive to Bendigo or hire a company to do the job. Either would be fine and very low risk.

      • Yes absolutely pets are great, especially for childless adults during these times but how about one of the many pets that will be destroyed this week from the local shelter rather than travelling hundreds of km's for a pure breed? Save money and an animal's life in exchange for the vanity of having a pure breed, it's a no brainer. I wouldn't give up my moggies, who were due to be put down the week I adopted them, for anything.

        • Please provide the statistics on the number of animals that shelters are putting down, at the moment, because the news I’m reading says that illegal puppy farms are doing big business due to people having trouble getting an animal. I’ll put my hand up that my two kitties are from a breeder but most of my past kitties were rescues and I make donations to the RSPCA and Lort Smith every year. All my cats have been “fixed” and they stay within my property.

  • I absolutely don’t think as being necessary travel for the reasons to leave home: work, Exercise, essential food shopping or medical care. The breeder can hold the animal until after the lockdown. I’m hoping you haven’t paid in full other than a deposit. BTW I’m in Melbourne. Please take the rules seriously. Waiting until later to collect the animal won’t hurt in the long run but spreading the virus unknowingly will likely kill someone. The sooner people do the right thing the sooner life can get back to normal.

    • I’m in Victoria and, if handled properly, there is a way to do this with minimum risk. Fill the car with petrol, in Melbourne, no stopping anywhere, with people around, on the way; gloves, mask and social distancing for the transfer of the animal. Having picked up our kitties from a regional breeder, in the past,I would also take a companion, who doesn’t get out of the car, to comfort the animal on the way back. Frankly, the animal might be grown by the time we get out of lockdown.

    • Under the current DHHS rules collecting a pet is a valid reason to leave home.

  • No wonder Melbourne is a basket case, bring on tomorrow's full lockdown.

    • It is, by no means, a basket case. I’m not sure what you think full lockdown will achieve when the biggest problem is people not obeying the current rules in place. They will just ignore the next lot as well.

      • It will stop people going ANYWHERE except a supermarket/chemist. Now you can be positive and go for a run without a mask lol, like I said basket case.

        • It will not stop the people who are already breaking the rules, currently, who are causing a lot of the problems. I do agree we need to start modifying what people who test positive can do and, I suspect, that is in the works. However, the vast majority of Melbournians aren’t infected or behaving in a way likely to get themselves infected. Wearing a mask on a deserted backstreet feels a tad silly and achieves nothing; but I do what needs to be done. Let’s see if the mask is the magic bullet people keep saying it is; we should know in the next week. People need to concentrate on what needs to be done and less running around saying the sky is falling. There are a lot of places in the world that are “basket cases” before you get to us.

  • When if ever was the moment you realised if at all that it is people just like you that is the prime issue in Victoria's quest to drum into people, STAY AT HOME, STAY AT HOME.

    What don't you understand with that directive?

    Do you understand that you are in a pandemic?

    If you are having difficulty in understanding what is transpiring about you and what is required of you, please ring your local health, police, mental, assistance lines.

    Please try and comprehend what STAY AT HOME means.

    OzBargain now has an obligation to report you to the authorities as a potential risk to US ALL.

    OzBargain… please report this inconsiderate individual.

  • You don't 'need to' do it.

    You want to, you want to chance spreading a killer virus and you ask re risking a fine…. ????

    My next words are not polite enough for public printing!

    But I will give you this much…you are an idiot for asking let alone your reasoning.

  • Call the covid hotline and ask what the rules are.

  • Stage 4 is coming for next 6 weeks from Wednesday

  • How can you resist puppy

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