[Switch] Phoenix Wright: Ace Att. Tril. $19.97/Mega Man 11 $19.97/Chasm $10.80/Darkest Dungeon $19.77 - Nintendo eShop


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  • But are they Bargains or are they just onsale again… there are a lot of switch games that just seem to cycle the same prices drops over and over again.

  • If it's cheapest at the moment and on a sale, then I think it's worth calling out… also helps other potential buyers in the future get a sense for how frequently a particular game goes on sale, the sale price range, and maybe when it might next be due to go on sale.

    On topic though, Phoenix Wright on Switch is great. I recently bought it when it was on sale for this price and have thoroughly enjoyed it. The visual novel style is great, and it's interesting to compare it to how the GBA graphics looked as well even though I had never played it before.

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