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Ozito PXC 2x18v Brushless Steel Deck Mower Kit $349 (Was $449) @Bunnings


Ozito PXC 2x18v Brushless Steel Deck Mower Kit price dropped by $100 and marked as clearance. No longer showing on the Bunnings site
A few in stock at West Footscray at 6pm tonight.
PowerPass app shows in stock at Sunshine, Maribyrnong and Caroline Springs. I didn’t check any other stores.

I/N 0135968

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Bunnings Warehouse

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  • Saw a bunch at Bunnings lilydale

  • I have this one - not recommended if you have thick Buffalo Grass. I have to restart it all the time and need all 4 battery packs to finish my front lawn.

    • How big is your front yard?

      • Not sure - probably around 100-150ish. Id still buy it though for the price - its a good deal. Just make sure you dont let the Buffalo grass grow too thick as you end up having to restart - that is probably why it uses up the 4 batteries as it works harder for thick grass.

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      It's a Deck mower. Suitable for mowing decking only.

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        And only steel decks at that.

    • So I guess the 2 batteries are for longer run time and not more power E.g running in parallel rather than series?

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      I have an ozito one but a less powerful, non brushless one and I don't really have problems. That being said, that could be more due to my mowing situation. Here are some recommendations for people looking to buy:

      1. I have a smallish yard (approx 60m^2). If you have a largeish yard I can see self propelling/petrol maybe being worth it.

      2. I get through fine with 1x 4Ah 18V but as above, your mileage will vary depending on yard size.

      3. You can't let your grass get too long, especially for thicker ones like buffalo. "Too long" may only be like 10-12cm.

      4. In case of your grass being longer, you need to start with the highest setting on the mower first, before moving down. Throwing back to number 1, this could be a pain if you have a larger yard.

      5. Replace the blade often enough. For mine it was about 2 years of moderate use before it started crapping up the grass ends (gets all ragged instead of straight cut. They're easy to replace and cost $20-$30 from Bunnings. Mine was $26 and on "special order" which took a few days to come in. On the plus side it cuts like new.

      6. Like any mower, clean the damn thing after you use it. My bad habit is leaving it to grow mould and it probably doesn't help the blade either. Don't be like me!

      TL;DR: These are perfect if you have a smaller sized yard and mow at least every couple of weeks.

      • I get through fine with 1x 4Ah 18V

        You can mow with just one battery? I thought these weren't even meant to be used if the 2 batteries had different charges or it would cause voltage issues.

        • Mine is a different ozito variant that only takes a single battery. It's not brushless either, so I guess it's the povvo version I'm basing my observations on 😉

          • @krazynayba: Yeah, fair enough. If it only takes one, then it's just an 18V mower.
            But the manual for this one specifically says "Only use 2 batteries with the same capacity." Mine is also an older brushed version and says the same.
            It may run (for a while) with 1 battery, but wouldn't be good for performance or long term. It's supposed to be run at 36V.

            • @NigelTufnel: Oh yeah for sure, if it's meant to take 2 then always use 2. My comment was meant to read "I can mow my entire 60m^2 yard in one charge". Sorry I can see how it might have been confusing seeing as I'm talking about a regular 18V mower with a single battery.

              • @krazynayba: All good. Some mowers can take 2 batteries in a series to just extend the run time, so there can be some confusion. And the fact Ozito label them as 2x18V instead of 36V adds to the confusion.

                Hence the comment above yours.

  • Pity none of these electric mowers come with a second motor for self propelled driving.

    Not hard to add if you're handy with a soldering iron and PWM speed controllers… But I'd like to see them built in.

    • +5

      Ego does. But it's not really needed given most of the electric mowers are pretty light and easy to push…

  • Ryobi has one - I've seen it at Bunnings before..


  • I would consider of getting Dewalt mower along with 2 x 6.0aH flexvolt batteries and charger. Maybe I will wait.

    Im using Maestro Lawn Mowers - 4 strokes.

  • Been waiting for Victa's one to drop but might jump on this if I can.

    • Maybe try a ride-on mower instead?

      • Cease that lmao

    • Been using the Victa for 2 years now and haven't skipped a beat. That's even mowing overgrown damp buffalo. (Kept raining on my days off). Also get the smaller of the 2 as the bigger one isn't a proper Briggs and Strat build motor (outsourced).

      • Thank you for the feedback, worth the hefty $550 pricetag for the x2 batteries do you think? I need one soon regardless

        • Yeah definitely. That's what I paid for it with the second battery I bought afterwards.

  • Hi OP, did you buy one ? Do you have the item number by any chance so I can go to my local bunnings to check stock ? If you have a receipt, please let us know

    • I added it to the main post.

  • Bought one of these 4 months ago at $449. Absolutely love it. So quiet and enough charge to do our 300m2 of grass in one go (just). We have a 625m2 block with small home

    Highly recommend

  • Plenty of stock at Nunawading. Price sticker with item number is here http://imgur.com/a/TNhMWfb

    • You should be able to see the item number (7digits) in the ticket but when I zoom the photo it's blurry. Could you read it from your original photo ?

      • 0135968

  • Went to my local and they had one, the display, still marked at full price. Went to the Bunnings on the other side of town and they had 2 in the box - for $225 each! Nearly bought both but another guy saw it. But got one and I'm happy :)

    • Hopefully you are not in the lockdown area of VIC, since driving across town for Bunnings might not be considered as essential shopping… Though looking at massive ques in front of my local Bunnings I don't even know what essential is anymore.

    • Hi, do we know which Bunnings had it for $225?


  • 2 left in Altona VIC 5:13 PM $349

  • I have the previous 5 in 1 steel deck model with the mulching feature. Love the mulching, rarely use the catcher anymore.

    Don't think this model has mulching, can't see any mention of it on the box.

    • There's no mulching mentioned in manual either, but the end result is pretty finely cut. I'll have to check it on a longer grass and see how it works then. Is yours brushless as well?

      • Yes, brushless 2 x 18V, can hold 4 batteries to increase runtime not power unfortunately. It's also heavier, 27kg compared to 19kg from memory.

        My manual says mulching works best when the grass is not long. I found with long grass there is more mulch output and so it doesn't fall between the cut grass to the bottom as well.

        • Ah fair enough… The 4 battery for longer runtime sounds cool! Disappointing that the new model is a step back, though I really appreciate the light weight on mine. I have a some street side grass which is on a slope and my old petrol one was so hard to move around, the ozito is so light and easy to manuever.

  • Damn, I paid full price for this, 3 or 4 weeks ago. Can Bunnings do anything about this ?

    • Given it's a clearance items probably not… (i.e. you cannot find this in their website)

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    just called a few bunnings stores, carringbah has 12 in stock. none in the Illawarra othwerwise

  • Noarlunga Centre SA is has 3x left. Just got one myself

  • can anyone on the powerpass site please check if there is stock at North Geelong,Waurn Ponds or Leopold Thanks

    • +1

      Warrnambool is the only one in that area which shows low stock (usually 1 or 2) so best to call them.
      edit: additionally Broadmeadows and Maribyrnong are showing stock (I know both are far from you and in the stage 4 lockdown zone) maybe you can call and get them to either rout it aside for you or pay for it over the phone for pickup in a few weeks. good luck.

      • Thanks for checking i will give them a call

      • Managed to get one had to get it from Hamilton in the end but got it for $299

        • well that's a $50 discount for you there 👍🏼 can you send me your receipt as a friend wants to get one and we'll see if we can try to price match that.

  • +2

    Receipt and clearance tag for $299



    • You Sir, are a scholar and a gentleman.

  • Could someone with the PowerPass app please check stock availability in Oakleigh/Springvale/Moorabbin area? Thanks in advance

    • +1

      Moorabin: In stock
      Springvale: Low stock
      Oakleigh: None

      • Thanks for your help!

        • cheers.

          • @OpayuOnam: Any chance you could check Thomastown and Epping?

            • @TEER3X: None, closest is Broadmeadows or Maribyrnong (both out of the 5km zone unfortunately).

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