Amazon AU: up to 6% Cashback for 8 New Categories @ ShopBack


I noticed that there were some new categories added to Amazon for both SB & CR.

ShopBack is offering 4% cashback for these categories (previously 0%) -

  • toys
  • baby products
  • mobile phones and wearable tech
  • pantry/food
  • musical instruments
  • home entertainment
  • kitchen - 6%
  • camera - 6%

4% Cashback for toys @ Cashrewards

Bad news is that electronics & PC have gone back to 0% cashback.

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  • Is it only through the app? Website shows different rates than the app. Doesn't give me a whole lot of confidence…

  • Bummer about PC/computer stuff going down to 0… but the cashback on baby stuff is welcome!

  • New categories in cashrewards too.. Example kitchen

  • Phew… Just bought the 10Tb Seagate Expansion Hard Drive yesterday at 5% cashback.



  • Woo toys!

  • Reading the Dont's - It seems like Subscribe and Save purchases arent eligible too. See the last point.

    Cashback is not qualified for:
    - Items added to cart before clicking through ShopBack
    - As of 1st of August 2020, Automotive, Beauty, Electronics, Health & Personal Care, Home Improvement, Office, PCs, Physical Books, Sports & Outdoors and Tools are no longer eligible for cashback
    - Returns, exchanges, cancellations & the usage promo codes or voucher codes not listed on ShopBack
    - Cashback not applicable to Automotive, Beauty, Electronics, DVD & Blu-Ray, Health/Household/Personal Care, Home Improvement, Lawn/Garden, Office, PCs, Pets, Personal Care Appliances, Physical Books/Music, Sports & Outdoors, Tools, Video Games
    - Subscribe & Save purchases, Prime membership subscription purchases, Gift Cards, Kindle Unlimited, Mobile Apps, Audible, Echo Accessories, Kindle Accessories & Travel electronics are also not applicable for Cashback

  • Separately to SB/CR, id love to know the cancellation rate of non prime S&S orders following shipment. Hard to believe discounted and free deliveries are sustainable without being heavily subsidised by genuine prime members and amazon itself.

    • As long as Amazon is taking customers away from other businesses, they can afford to make a small loss with delivery. Amazon are actively price matching competitors and rarely have deals of their own which means higher profits for them as competition disappear.

    Food/Grocery is back!!!

  • I wondered how long 5% PC would last… answer was not long!

  • Good to see kitchen back - bring on the Lodge deals!

  • Just noting their website says "Expiry Date 31 August 2020". Unsure how true that is though, may just get extended.