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Wacom 13.3" One Creative Pen Display White $589.37 Delivered @ Amazon AU ($559.90 with Officeworks Pricebeat)


If you use price beat at Officeworks, this is a good price for this entry level graphics tablet.

This is Wacom's latest entry point for display graphics tablets, designed to compete against the plethora of value offerings that have been released from cheaper competitors. It has good reviews, being praised for its value for a Wacom product and its predictability vs alternatives.

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  • Anyone recommend this or have bought in past as cannot see any reviews with this seller, I am a Graphic Designer.


      Its wacom being sold directly by amazon… not sure what much more you need to know about the seller ….

      But yes its an alright drawing tablet/display. Considered one of the top options with a screen for beginners on a low-mid budget.
      Here is a solid review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t51QvWjqhQw

      Another recommendation at this price point (actually a bit cheaper) is the Huion Kamvas 13

  • Finally some sane pricing from Wacom.

  • Very low stock - only 5 available!

  • This or huion???

  • Is there any advantage to this over an ipad with apple pencil and procreate for a young (7yo) artist?

    • More paper like friction so the pen is less likely to slip around. I'm not sure if this also had a touch screen, but if it doesn't then the is less chance of accidental input from your hand resting on the screen.

      Cons are that this still needs a computer so it's not that portable

  • I bought my last cintiq 13hd from Amazon France for around this price a while ago saving 60% on au prices, I do wonder whether there is still any price advantage by shopping from these regions.

    For me, I'd prefer a 16"+ display as their is not much sketching room with the windows/sketchbook/Photoshop interface taking up screen real estate. I guess this comes down to you sketching style/scale. Draw with your arms not your wrists as they say.

  • What's a good graphics tablet for somebody just wanting to do basic sketches and diagrams? Preferably wireless but not a deal-breaker. I've heard Huion is decent but there's so many models.

    • i too am tossing up between the wacom ang huion

      • I'm considering either XP-Pen Artist Pro 15.6" or the Huion Kamvas Pro 16 - total beginner, can't draw, but use Photoshop and it would be handy for retouching, etc.

        • I use photoshop, indesign and illustrator at work, I also do lot of image retouching, lots of designing work but still not able to make a decision, Is it a good thing to have one wacom ? does it really help ? $589 not a small amount though.