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4 Ply Face Masks 40 Pack (TGA Approved, Made in Vietnam) - $15 + $7.90 Delivery @ Zebra


My workplace has been bulk ordering from this supplier for the last few weeks and thought it would be a good share for everyone else here. Comes with Australian certification and feels thicker than the ones I've tried from chemist warehouse. Hope this helps our fellow Victorians!

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      You got them in packs of 4x10 whereas other people are saying they got packs of 2x20. Others got 3 ply, but at least you got 4 ply as advertised so it seems like it people are getting different products.

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        Which in itself is dodgy…

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      Above and beyond of you. Nice vid

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      Since ahara and 8azinga have put a lot of effort into this, I'd like to offer some help too.

      So on zebra's website, the ARTG number for this mask is 340023, which can tell us the manufacturer is DORIO MEDICAL MASKS TRADING MANUFACTURING COMPANY LIMITED (address: 880 An Duong Vuong Street Ward 13 District 6, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam).

      A quick search on the website of the equivalent of the TGA in Vietnam tells us that DORIO indeed manufactures masks and ONLY under the Bisou brand name. They have a very clear label and look like this. Also if you can read Vietnamese, they come in packs of 10, 5 packs per box and 50 boxes per carton.

      To recap, zebra was advertising 40 x 4-ply TGA-approved Bisou masks, ARTG no. 340023, made in Vietnam but instead delivered 40 generic, no-name (4-ply) masks with no packaging. So a wrong ARTG no. was provided and we have NO WAY to know if these are TGA-approved and if they are made in Vietnam.

      Tldr: massive scam. Mods might want to revisit this.

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        Someone posted they received a 3 ply mask instead of a 4 ply mask

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          I bought some masks and received them today and my ones were 4 ply and looks different to the ones Ahara recieved. Mine came in packets of 20 and not 10. Seems like everyone is getting a different product. No paperwork or numbers and no proper packaging just clear plastic wraps. My mask is made up of 3 non-woven layers and one meltblown filtration layer. I did the flame test on the filter layer and it doesn't burn so im hoping these masks are effective.

          But then again im not an expert on masks, there is no way to tell if these are TGA approved.

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            @Nogad: Haha it gets better and better. Good thing the store is now banned though. I wonder if this is illegal even, particularly during a pandemic.

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              @huydn: I’m so glad they’re banned now. This whole fiasco is insane. Different products, different packaging, no markings, 3 ply 4 ply. Jesus.
              What a cluster ****.

              I’m not buying masks online ever again.
              And I’ll be getting a chargeback if I’m not satisfied.

              Thanks to everyone putting in their thoughts and opinions. Hopefully it helps others in future.

            • @huydn: How do you tell they are banned? Doesnt seem to show that they are banned for me. This OP should be banned too. Clearly something sus going on but the mods claimed there was no evidence despite the OP claiming they had been buying for a few weeks but the website had only been live for 10 days.

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                @8azinga: if you type zebra into the search bar and go to their store instead of a deal a banned heading comes up in there

          • @Nogad: Hi Nogad,

            Do you mind sharing a picture of the items you received please ?

            Am really interested now what you received and if they have a brand name or other wording on them.

            Cheers :)

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              @ahara: No problem ahara, I put pictures in the link below. Note that I have put two corners of the filter paper under a flame so that's why it appears melted. There is also a metal wire in the nose piece.

              No name or brands or any words to be seen.


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                @Nogad: Thanks for the photos. Quality looks quite good actually, but definitely not what was claimed on the website. I wonder if anyone here received the actual Bisou masks or just no-name ones like these.

                • @huydn: I’ll second that ;) Although I doubt anyone received Bisou ones with logo.

                  Thanks for Pics @Nogad.
                  Ps your name is listed on your Dropbox link when accessing the pics. Maybe try to make more private?!? Not sure if possible.

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                @Nogad: @ahara Nogad & Ahara, both you guys received different masks. Look closely in the images and video.
                The side edges are different. Doubt they even came from the same factory as the construction is different.
                Ahara's has a darker blue folded edge. Nogad's doesnt have the extra material folded over.

                So with this deal, there are 3 different masks being sent out as someone else got 3 ply masks

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    I received mine today and they perfectly match what nogad received.

    While its unfortunate the company has been dishonest, I'm honestly happy enough.

    The fact is that these masks do not reduce the chances of getting corona virus, they reduce the chances that you will spread it.

    The masks I received will hold water without leaking, in my opinion that means its doing a good enough job.

    If I'm actually wanting to reduce my chances of infection, I'll use N95 masks.

  • Just got the delivery today…based on all the negative comments, is it possible to raise a chargeback? Does it work if the item is not as described?

  • I still wonder if the OP was in on it. None of us got the actual product described.

    • I would bet my house on the OP being involved and likely the rep.

  • Anyone done a chargeback yet?
    I haven’t even received mine. But if they’re crap I’ll be looking into it.

    • Someone else said they got a refund.
      Have you even got shipping notification?
      I doubt they have enough stock to fulfil orders since they sent out their cheaper 3 ply mask to people who ordered this.

      • Mine are four ply but no marking or certification on them at all. Came in two packs of 20, no box or markings on packaging.
        Are these fakes? Do I just call my bank and tell them they’re fake for a chargeback?

        • No idea what nerds to be done for a charge back.
          Maybe that's why he didnt put PayPal as a pay method.

  • Hi I just received mine yesterday, it comes in 2 packs of 20 and I can confirm that I got the 4 ply ones after cutting one open

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    These thieves have not shipped my order. Courier "Sendle" has stated my order has not been given to them. Dispute raised with bank for chargeback.

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    Ordered 40 x 4 = 160 masks but ended up only getting 20 x 4 = 80 mask and confirmed they are 4ply.

    Going to chase them what's going on and worst case need to raise a dispute with the bank for chargeback.

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    Still haven't received mine. Failed deliveries to a parcel locker without notification, and after it became clear Sendle couldn't deliver to a parcel locker I requested redelivery to a residential address. Tracking now says a "card" was left yet there is no card. No idea where my order is.

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    I might just add- I got 4 ply masks.
    I brought them to my sister who had a look at them. She works in pathology on front line covid testing.
    They’re not the best quality, but if you tie the elastic loops in half before putting them around your ears they make a much better seal. That was the main thing- that breathing pushes the mask off your face. By tying the elastic shorter, it seals better.
    So for me, I’m happy with them for 20 bucks ish.
    They’re not up to medical standards, but are good enough for the price.

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