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4 Ply Face Masks 40 Pack (TGA Approved, Made in Vietnam) - $15 + $7.90 Delivery @ Zebra


My workplace has been bulk ordering from this supplier for the last few weeks and thought it would be a good share for everyone else here. Comes with Australian certification and feels thicker than the ones I've tried from chemist warehouse. Hope this helps our fellow Victorians!

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Zebra Industries

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  • Looks like better than the standard surgical masks, ASTM Level 1-3 (3 being the max, and the one here) standard seems to be more about resisting liquids (blood) vs N95 resisting aerosols/airborne

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    Thanks. I live in WA, but thanks to Clive I’m probably going to need these soon. Ordered!

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      Yeah is there any way we can tell that wet noodle to screw up his own part of the world and leave us alone? We're going quite OK here without him.

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        We don’t want him here either.

      • Well your voters in WA helped return the current federal government.

        If the opposition were in federally, I doubt Palmer would have anywhere near as much influence.

        You do know Scomo has backed Palmer against the premier?

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          you do realise it's being challenged on constitutional law so wouldn't matter who's in power,I just hope he loses and then decides to take a holiday in Melbourne metro to sulk about it.

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            @iand: Exactly. The court will decide, doesn't matter if scomo supports him or not. God help us if the court agrees with him.

          • @iand: Aw thanks. Not like Melbourne has enough problems with this dirty virus lurking about. We don't want Palmer over here either! 🤔🔫

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      Clive's $60 million of ads helped get the lazy slob PM we have.

      WA is one of the most conservative states so it shouldn't be a surprise.

      • The joke is that Palmer won't stand a chance to CoVid19 and he's challenging boarders open.
        Clive, Victoria welcome you, you go straight into CBD to have fun.

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          That's just not nice. Leave Melbourne alone! We have enough problems to deal with at the moment so please don't sick Palmer on us too.

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          we don't want him in the CBD about 10k's north of it would be better 🙂

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        Palmer wasted his $60m. The three reasons Labor lost

        A) nobody likes or trusts Bill Shorten. Any mildly popular opposition leader would have romped home, mistakes or not.

        B) confused policy on coal. Telling Qld they are pro-coal while telling Victoria they are anti-coal. In the end nobody believed them.

        C) badly timed tax/changes on retirees. It's not just retirees, they have families and friends. This kind of tax is best introduced after you win. As Bowen said, "if you don't like it, don't vote for us.".

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    Is this now the new toilet paper?

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      Just don't flush them or you will have an expensive plumbing bill..

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    You'll need these to go outside soon.

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    Good deal but looks like they don't accept PayPal, only credit card. CBF getting off the couch to grab my wallet.

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      The trick is to memorise your card details.

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        Or just tell us, we will post them here whenever you need them, for your convenience.

    • no paypal?? Company was formed in April 2020.
      Giving out CC# details to a brand new site is somewhat risky.

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        No it's not. Stop spreading FUD.

        It's Shopify store. The merchant doesn't have access to your credit card number.

    • Just save your card to Keychain or whatever password manager you use.

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    Bought - thank you!

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    Thanks op. Ordered just now. Looks like everyone is using mask nowadays. Reminds me of Japan.

    • Which is one of the main reasons why they, one of the largest cities on the planet with one of the oldest populations on the planet, didn't get completely annihilated by covid. Especially remarkable as they had it before it was more than just a curiosity in the west.

  • Thanks, I figure 80 for $37.90 after shipping isn't too bad.

  • Ordered. Thank you.

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    i dont trust it

  • Any particular reason more people aren't just putting a scarf over their face?

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      Where are the scarf deals?

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      Scarf Vs surgical masks

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        Cheers, I'll take the scarf.

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          But you can clearly see the scarf does essentially nothing? Are you one of those 25% in Victoria that goes out after you test positive for covid? Youuu can tell us. We're all friends here!

  • Any idea what brand these are?

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    Vietnam's PPE are better than products coming out of the PRoC.

    Vietnam challenges China's monopoly on virus diplomacy

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    if these masks are genuinely good quality ones, you better grab as much as you could because Vietnam just recorded their first death of Covid19 (over 70yo), almost 500 cases so far and lot of small clusters going around hence Vietnamese are grabbing these masks too at 350,000VND/50 of (a bit over 21AUD/box of 50, 3-layer though). but on the other hand, this price tag raises a question: how is it cheaper to get them shipped here while Vietnamese are paying about 21AUD per box of 50 3-layer masks???

    • second one already this morning, they probably already stop exporting mask now

      • yep, price already going up over there

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      The retail price for one box of face masks in Vietnam is only 4 or 5 AUD.

      Some chemists , suppliers took the advantage of the pandemic and sold it for higher prices (up to 21aud or more as you know).

      But the Vietnam government passed a law that if anyone in Vietnam can film a store that sells face mask for higher price, this store will be forced to closed.

      To summary, its quite cheap and sell 15$ in Australia is a reasonable price.

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      Looks like

      Vietnam: 2
      USA: 0

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    Here is what looks like ARTG approved them a week ago
    ARTG number: 340023

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    Ozbargained - OOS

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    Just tried to grab a box.

    No Can Do

  • And gone.

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    The quoted ARTG number returned this result, for those who are interested about the sponsor/manufacturer: http://tga-search.clients.funnelback.com/s/search.html?colle...

  • Need them but missed….damn….

  • Best Masks Deal (for recent ones, I think)
    But Ozbargained within 1 hr!

  • Website displays "Sold out" at this point

  • Amy other places selling these?

  • Good deal.

  • I wonder any Karens here?

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    Their website claims “Zebra is Australia's top supplier of industrial workwear and equipment“ but the company was only registered on 16 April 2020.

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      Posted the ABN and website registration further above to raise awareness like you are doing, but some users here are very sensitive towards sharing the facts.

      Website/store is brand new from 22nd July/01st August based on Whois and registered to a person with a Gmail address. ABN active since April 2020 like you said

      Note: I got burned with masks months back and thus am more careful/concerned now.

      Note2: I ordered based on “worst case scenario” of raising credit card chargeback for just over $22 if there are any issues.

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        Just because the company is new does not make it illegitimate. If they were to scam people I don't think they would be stupid enough to use their ACN. They are also using Shopify so don't worry about your card details getting stolen. FAX and Phone are also from the same subset.

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          I didn’t write anywhere either for, or against the business. Users can make informed decisions themselves and either buy (when available before), or pass.

          The actual address on store website is within a residential street as per google street view, part of a strip of shops.

          Yellow pages has company listed as an “employment and recruitment agency“: https://www.yellowpages.com.au/nsw/randwick/zebra-industries...

          Finally, address listed on store website is currently available for rent as per Realestate.com.au https://www.realestate.com.au/property/unit-2-119-belmore-rd...

          A mobile phone number is listed on Yellow pages website and also lists a different website URL that has been disabled.

          OP last posted a deal in December 2018 and hasn’t posted any comments since December 2018 as well before this deal.

          Above are the “facts“, hope we all (me included) don’t get burned…

          As mentioned I got burned by a store selling masks a while back that I never received. I hope everyone receives the ones they paid for in this case.

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            @ahara: Your suspicions are quite valid, in fact the listed ph number on the contact us page has never been answered / busy toned.

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              @tmd090: If you google zebra industries, it came up with a mobile number. 0404 109 371
              Could be OP's mobile number lol

    • Either they're using it as a marketing term, like how most pizza shops say they have the best pizzas. Or the company restructured or changed ownership.

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    Hope your workplace didn't want to order any more lol.

    • No, P1 only

  • Sold out.

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    When bought from this business.

    While this offer existed - then received confirmation of order.

    But have since attempted to email and telephone about order without success.

    As no one can be contacted.

    As normally would receive a response or supplier is at least contactable.

    Have attempted the telephone number on website, including mobile number, and email.

    Should one be worried? Masks needed for this pandemic urgently

    • Try contacting the Zebra rep (on the other post)…

      KN95 5-Ply Face Masks 10 Pack (TGA Approved, Made In Vietnam) - $19 + $7.90 Delivery @ Zebra

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        I suspect the rep is actually the OP of this post anyway

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          Suspect the same.
          Also OP didn’t post since December 2018 before posting this “deal”, but has been very active before December 2018.

          I reported to Ozb team with concerns of “hacked account” but received no response.

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    The TGA approval for this mask lists the sponsor as:
    HN Transport Services Pty Ltd
    Postal Address 6 Septimus Avenue, Punchbowl, NSW, 2196

    HN Transport had surgical masks on their facebook page.

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    1bug, done on other post. Thanks

    When bought from this business.

    While this offer existed - then received confirmation of order.

    But have since attempted to email and telephone about order without success.

    As no one can be contacted.

    As normally would receive a response or supplier is at least contactable.

    Have attempted the telephone number on website, including mobile number, and email.

    Should one be worried? Masks needed for this pandemic urgently

  • FYI - overnight I received Sendle tracking info from Zebra

    • +1

      Same! Happy with this company so far :)
      Now for the masks to arrive before final thoughts!

  • I wish to inform that I also received Sendle notification this morning.

    Will post again when items have been received and inspected.

    • I have just been given a Sendle notification that package has been “dropped off” at Hubbed location.

      Nothing received or inspected yet. I’m located in VIC so expect at least a week before delivery.

      Anyone else received a “dropped off” notification or update?

      • received same update that the parcel has been dropped off - hopefully arrives tomorrow so we can see what the product is like

      • 07 Aug
        Parcel delivered

        07 Aug
        Out for Delivery
        Parcel onboard courier vehicle for delivery

        06 Aug
        In Transit
        Parcel processing at depot

        06 Aug
        In Transit
        Parcel in transit from Sydney Melbourne

        06 Aug
        Parcel picked up

        06 Aug
        Dropped Off
        Parcel has been dropped off at a Hubbed location

        03 Aug
        Ready to Sendle
        Parcel order created.

  • No Sendle tracking yet for me

  • Finally got my Sendle tracking number last night (Wednesday) at 8pm WST.

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    Just received my masks today. Note that it did not come in a box, just 2 clear film bags of 20 masks each.

    If worried about them been used or having COVID, wait 72 hours and the virus would be inactive by then.

    • That is sus. I would assume they are fakes or arent what they advertised and they didn't want you to see the box as it would have the real details or the mask

      Does it have "Bisou" typed on the mask as per the photos in link that Edeena posted above?
      This one https://shopee.vn/Kh%E1%BA%A9u-trang-y-t%E1%BA%BF-Bisou-4-l%...

      Or 'MYO' from this photo?

      • Mine arrived today as described by Sleepycat3. No lettering at all

        • +1

          Could be fake then.
          The TGA approval for these lists HN Transport as the sponsor. From the HN Tranport facebook page, they show the MYO writing.
          Edeena posted above that the Bisou ones came from the same factory listed in the TGA approval.

          • @8azinga: Got mine today no marking of any kind, look like the photo on their website

          • @8azinga: I think the only way to find out for sure is to call HN and ask if they supplied masks to the seller.

          • @8azinga: It's likely fake, the Vietnam made masks I got all have lettering of the brand etc on the masks.

  • Well, the above doesn’t sound too promising!
    Unless a rep or someone can explain, it doesn’t look too good!
    What do I do if they’re not as described? …when they arrive… ?

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    Received mine just now. Came in a bundle in plain plastic wrapping 20 per pack. I pulled a mask apart and they are only 3 layer and not the advertised 4 ply. Scam.

    • As mentioned in earlier post. I also suspect OP is the rep & the OZbargain community has cleared his/her surplus of generic masks.

    • He probably sent you their 3 ply masks instead which they sell for $8. https://zebraindustries.com.au/collections/ppe/products/3-pl...
      They are out of stock now and i suspect they didnt have enough stock of the 4 ply so sent those out instead. They come in packs of 20 as well which correlates to what you got.

      Contact your bank and do a chargeback

  • Will a chargeback work for item not as described?

  • +6

    Below is video of 40x 4-ply face masks I received yesterday Friday.

    I will remove my negative vote on other deal but still have some concerns in regards to quality.

    But in my opinion seller promised 40 face masks that are 4-ply and delivered those. Not sure if TGA approved or not as no branding or labeling or packaging.

    Video best experience on laptop/pc:

    Apologies in advance for music selection :)

    • Without watching the video (will when home) are you happy with what was delivered? Worth the $20 odd dollars?

      • +1

        Seller promised 40x 4-ply face masks and delivered that to me personally, with a quick turnaround.

        • Are they TGA approved? No idea and cannot verify.
        • Are they usable? Yes
        • Will they provide protection as promised? No idea as I’m not qualified to Analyse/comment.
        • Was any packaging included? No, just 4x 10pack of masks in plastic wrapping; thus cannot quantify where and who made them, or if they match the TGA claim.

        Each should assess themselves based on video and above. Hope it helps those who were on borderline to decide to buy in future from this seller, or not.

        I will not buy again; that’s my personal choice.

        • Thank you. I’ll make a judgement when they arrive.
          But for $20 I might just write this off as a lesson if they’re not as described, and simply not buy from this company again.
          I think I agree with posters in other deals- simply not allow mask deals anymore as there is no way to verify claims until delivered.
          I certainly won’t be buying masks from online anymore.