[WA] Koshihikari Sushi Rice Super Premium Short Grain 10kg $17.99 @ Spudshed (Product of Vietnam, Production Date: March/2020)


Find 10kg sushi rice at Spudshed. Staff tells me it is $17.99/10kg bag. Around 90 bags available at Innaloo branch (photo taken place). It should be store-wide at Spudshed.

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Spudshed Fresh Food Market
Spudshed Fresh Food Market


  • Damn, that's cheap worth trying, somebody grant me a border permit?

  • Saw some at spearwood too

    • Whereabouts in Spearwood?

      I had a quick look for this rice last night when I was there and I didn't see it.

      • I thought I saw it just past the vegetable section, before you get to pizza fridges in massive sacks. I could be wrong though….

  • Just to note that these aren't just for sushi, Koshihikari is a good short-grain rice variety great with any Japanese dish - for sushi, you'd mix in rice vinegar and other seasonings, but it's not like you have to make 10kg of sushi with this…!

    These rices also need to be rinsed thoroughly to wash off excess starch, much more than say jasmine or basmati.

    As for the deal, this is comparable to an earlier price https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/551445. Koshihikari rice from Japan will usually be around $30-40 for 5kg in smaller Asian grocery stores, but those prices aren't directly comparable because this rice isn't actually grown in Japan

  • What is the difference between "Super Premium" rice and regular rice?

  • Good deal, but not in WA

  • I think it was this price at IGA in Springvale….could be wrong

  • Might have to settle for this as the Australian SunRice Sushi rice is scarce and $36 for 10 kg.

  • I bought this one about 1 month ago in Spudshed Thornlie.
    This is the second worst rice I have ever tasted.
    It has some weird smell on the rice. Not sure if this is normal in the sushi rice.
    Will not buy again…..

  • I bought a similar Vietnamese rice too. because I knew that Japanese teaching rice farm technology in Vietnam for Japanese origin rice.
    However, quality was terrible (When wash rice easy to break then tiny flake everywhere) I dough importer knew it and sale it out as cheep,

    I recommend Sunrice, good tip for eating Sunrice - Wash rice more than you think it enough ! - keep washing gently until water become clear may be 10 times?
    Do it one hour before and soak water at least one hour add a pinch of salt. Use Japanese brand rice cooker!

    If you are looking for import rice DARUMA rice from US is the best budget rice.
    Unfortunately, I haven't seen it long time. may place still out of stock i guess.