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Haier 514L French Door Refrigerator HRF520FHS - $1189 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ The Good Guys


$100-300 cheaper then other retailers, seems to have good reviews.

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  • Have one for the last 2+ years and it’s great. First haier product! Bought it because that was the only affordable 4* refrigerator for cash back . Would recommend it

    • Great fridge. First Haier product as well. Bought in Jan this year for $1,250 and don’t regret it.
      @Ohreally! I have an issue with the left door, though. It doesn’t stay open and starts closing slowly right away. Do you have an issue like that as well? Would that be covered under warranty. Sorry to ask, but you are literally the only other person I know has one, lol. Thanks!

      • Did the fridge have an adjustment for level. I would check that out if I were you.

      • As per other comment, your floor is probably not level

      • @nachotrancoso- Yes I have the same issue as well. It’s actually the right door of the fridge (the left door when you face the fridge). So we have started to store stuff accordingly. I am not store whether it’s an warranty issue though. Maybe they will come with explanations as the floor is not level etc. Should check the flooring with the spirit level… If you go through it please let me know with a PM. 😊

        • Thanks, @Ohreally!!! I’ll definitely let you know.

          Yes, the fridge is at level, no inclination at all. Thanks for the suggestions :)

    • Government cash back? What conditions?
      Ordered from Bing Lee (reasonable delivery to 2nd-floor unit & old to the garage:).

  • $1116 + postage if you have access to good guys commercial

  • I got Samsung smilar product, and the drawer got lots of water, does this one have any problem? Does it make load noise?

    • I had the same issue with our Samsung within 3-4 years of purchase. Googled and found it to be a common problem woth most of the Samsung fridges. Had to replace a part which costed me around $500.

    • Which drawer?

      • at the bottom of fridge, keep your vege fresh. This draw accumulates lots of water.

        • You must not know what the point of that drawer actually is.

          It isn't just a storage drawer, it's a humidity controlled door. It's designed to be a higher humidity to keep your vegetables crisp.

          That higher humidity can mean water condenses. It doesn't mean the fridge is bad.

          If there's an adjustment set it to a lower humidity level of it really bothers you.

  • I heard that fridges that have the freezer on the bottom have much higher running costs. I think the best types of fridges are those with the freezer on the top, or the side-by-side (double door) type with the freezer on the left and fridge on right.

  • I have this fridge for almost 2 years now, it's good but the seals on the door around the middle section spilt a bit and I wish the doors were self closing, so many times it looks closed but then it starts beeping because it's open a few cm.
    It was good for the price.

  • I would prefer to lose the cash back and price match this with Appliances Online or somewhere else for peace of mind. We bought a TV 3 months ago online with TGG and had some issue and customer service experience to get it exchanged was costing way too much time and they kind of just abandon you.

    My partner happens to have a Haier 516L french door delivered last month and it works very well, though the design was not as good as my LG french door slim fridge (doors feel slimmer, finishing coat doesn't look as great, and the water tank inside is not convenient to put water in, water dispenser also looks cheaper). For a small fridge space (ours is 880mm) this is one of the few choices. My partner also considered the LG (like mine) and Kogan, but had issues with Kogan before so the best choice for price comes to Haier (had very good review, and 3 months change of mind return policy - though not officially stated, but if you talk to them they will be happy to do so, this is what the store said over the phone, while no return is allowed for Kogan fridges even after 1 day of purchase). Overall didn't feel disappointed so far.

    • I can also highly recommend Appliance Online for their after sales service. I had a problem with my old Electrolux fridge and the manufacturer kept on giving me the run around even though it was in warranty. Out of desperation I emailed Appliance Online and gave them my story. They called me back after talking to Electrolux and replaced the fridge. Ever since then I always buy my good from Appliance Online.

    • What model is your LG?

  • I have this fridge. Paid $1038 in a good guys sale. Damaged (dints and rust) out of box. Haier aftermarket have been brilliant. First they changed the doors but the installer damaged them. Haier replaced the entire fridge. Overall good fridge. Great value. But the stainless steel is very soft.

  • I prefer a plumbed water dispenser. This is a deal breaker for me.

  • I have this fridge, anyone have a question about it, feel free to ask.

    • I want to know more about that non-plumbed dispenser: how big is the container and is it a pain to refill?

      • To be honest, that's the only thing I dislike about this fridge, it is very small and after I kept refilling it at least three times a day I have gaven up.

        Don't buy it for the dispenser, otherwise it's a top quality fridge.

    • How long have you had the fridge?

  • Avoid Haier at all costs. It's like they have a countdown clock to their warranty date.
    Have had two of their fridges. The front panel/displays have notoriously dodgy wiring and stop working very early on, and after 2 years both mine stopped working completely. Yeah they're cheap, but would expect a fridge to last longer than 2 years.

    • That’s where your consumer rights kick in.

      If the warranty has expired, but the product was expected to last longer than that due to the price you paid, then you can contact the ACCC.

    • Thats why i paid extra 169$ and extended warranty to 5 years

  • This might be very generic advice, but we've bought our fridges from places who refurbish old fridges.

    Chose them based on Google reviews and never had an issue with them. Also paid about 20%-50% of the new price.

    Most current fridge model was only a few years old.

  • I have the same fridge (black color) bought in March this year from Bing Lee with 2 yrs extended warranty. Very happy with it so far. Very spacious. Water dispenser is very easy to clean. I use it as juice dispenser instead. :-)

  • Haier… Sounds quite European

  • How does this compare to the LG GB-455PL in terms of quality ?

    I have a small space 800mm for a fridge to fit

  • Haier own F&P if that makes a difference.

    Pity they don’t have the Chinese logo on them, it’s funny.

    • General Electric appliance division sold to Haier - that has earned respect & good brand value. >80% of Chinese export of consumer durables comes from Haier.
      Chinese better value for money brands take over American brands. (Apple, be scared;). It's not just Huawei that makes better products.

      • It's not just Huawei that makes better products.

        You mean products that spy on people?

      • 80% of Chinese export of consumer durables comes from Haier.

        That doesn't really mean much when they are one of the only companies doing it.

        You could say the same for Turkey and Beko

        • Haier Smart Home, has 7 global brands – Haier, Casarte, Leader, GE Appliances, Fisher & Paykel, Aqua & Candy.
          According to Euromonitor, Haier is #1 brand globally in major appliances for 10 consecutive years 2009–2018. Also recognized by BrandZ in 2019 as the most valuable IoT ecosystem brand in the world with brand value of $16.3 billion. In 2019, Haier Smart Home ranked 448 on Fortune's Global 500 list with revenue of $27.7bn
          In the 1920s, refrigerator factory was built in Qingdao to supply the Chinese market…
          In 2009, Haier surpassed Whirlpool to become 4th largest refrigerator producer with 6.3% market share.
          In 2012, acquired Fisher & Paykel.
          In 2016 acquired General Electric's appliance division.
          In 2018 acquired Italy based Candy group.
          Partnered in 2015 with then leading IoT platform IngDan
          …if that matters to you (thanks for triggering my research. I feel better now:)


  • Bought it in july - very good experience so far.

    I paid1240 + concierge service - i need to visit them for my 51$

    Good job OP!!

  • What does fridge capacity 412L means? On the ad it says 514L?

  • I would definitely recommend Haier over Samsung fridges.

    Much better quality!

  • How much is delivery & extra for units (eg. 2nd floor)?

  • Got this for $850+ $55 delivery in Feb


    Told them I had access to TGG Commercial so the rep lower their price so that I buy from them.

  • How is this even a deal?? One has to pay for delivery so nothing special. Free C&C - means what? I can pay in store and take my purchase for free? What have I missed? The price is only marginally cheaper that was others are charging - not a great deal. I could walk in off the street and get that price without trying hard for it.

    Cashback if you change your mind after 14 days? That's not a deal………..

  • I bought a similar fridge. 4 door with water dispenser also. 516L. The fridge is functioning very well. Haier service is very good. If Harvey Norman has stock you should ask for price match there as TGG service is extremely bad. I used Billy price to buy from HN. Things I don't like about the fridge and will return, 1. The plastic discreet door handles are very poor quality, you can see the gaps and swells, poorer than $3 kid toy from Kmart, 2. Water dispenser is 2L, very hard to pour in, the lever itself is very finicky and easily scratched, 3. The smell is horrendous, it has been a week and the fridge is still full of chemical and plastic smell everywhere, I had to chuck the water from the dispenser, 4. The peel-off protection film on the stainless steel stayed stuck in the gaps, I find this very annoying. In brief, it functions well but do not expect a well-rounded experience. The noise is good. The doors close well. Will give Kogan a try. I think Kogan one is manufactured by Haier or F&P anyway, as the design and the labelling inside the fridge are the same or very similar. It cannot be worse than this.

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