Best value notebook (less than $1k)

hi there, I'm looking for recommendations for a notebook for general web browsing/studying. Budget is around a grand. Would prefer a screen at least 14". Touchscreen would be preferred but not essential. Any recommendations would be very appreciated.


  • Thinkpad E14 Gen 2 AMD is your pick. Should be another OzB deal soon

  • …and having nothing useful to contribute to the world, some grammer nasi looser* decided to post this:

    • Im probability misting the point butt how come your posting that in this thread rather then in a thread by the grammar questioner?

      • Because that thread was closed on the OP's request after his comments were nullified and his own grammar use was criticised for lack of apostrophes.

        • Oh, I thought there was something more to it that I was missing which is why it was posted in this particular thread.
          From memory, there was also a question mark at the the end of a statement and also a sentence that was finished with “but”, however I’m far from a grammar expert so glasshouses and all that.

          • @mapax: Hence why OP requested to close the thread once they realised that they had no right to criticise others' use of the English language when their own use was perfect :)

        • Because that thread was closed

          I put the link in because I thought the @OP might be amused (or horrified) at the 'help' some members like to offer.

          It's only just now I've realised the the thin-skinned grammer nasi looser picked up his ball and went home. Lolz. Perhaps he'll stay there. For god's sake people, is that all you have to contribute to society? A smug sense of pretend superiority over a few typos?

          Sorry @OP, no idea on laptops. Mine is ancient 'cos I'm too cheap to get a new one!

          • @D C:

            Mine is ancient 'cos I'm too cheap to get a new one!

            Mine is ancient ‘cos I can’t afford a reasonable one!

            It’s an R52 ThinkPad with a date of 06/06, might have to retire it soon though as, aside from it being slow, the housing has started cracking really bad. It’s got a linux distro and a combo of libre office and word online gets the job done, just.

            I will have to get one of those refurb desktops soon though.

  • Check out this new deal

  • dell xps refub, or apple refurb

  • Got the Dell Inspiron 15 7591 for just under a grand (from the Dell eBay 20% offer). Thanks everyone for the advice here.

  • You say "at least 14"", but, not sure you know, 15.6" laptops tend to be cheaper than 14" ones for the same specs. The 15.6" ones allow for bigger components inside the case, and have less of a heat constraint because of the extra space.

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