ViewSonic 32" Curved (VX3258-2KPC-MHD) 2560x1440 WQHD 1ms 144hz FreeSync HDMI DP Gaming Monitor $499 + Shipping @ MSY


Pretty solid price on this monitor. Site says in stock for delivery so so might be extra for delivery charges.

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MSY Technology
MSY Technology


  • I have 3 of these Thier great… all VA panels are not the best for fast gaming go for a TN or IPS

    That said nothing comes close to the colours these things pop out

    • I thought VA were better than IPS for gaming because their response time is faster

    • Three curved screens? Would love to see your set up!

      • I only use 2 on my desk.. they are too big.. two of these things side by side are larger then a 49" widescreen.

    • Samsung's most recent VA panel is an exception to this, but it's currently only in the Odyssey G7 and G9. The G5 will be coming out soon, and other manufacturers will be using these panels over time.

      Once that's established, VA may become the standard for gaming/entertainment for a while due to its contrast performance, at least at 240Hz and below.

      • So… all monitors? Or are there >240hz monitors now?

        • There's overclocked 240Hz models from ASUS (280Hz), but away from that there's 300Hz in laptops and 360Hz desktop options - both IPS - likely using updated materials for the liquid and the crystal structures, so they'll be expensive options for a while.

          Don't expect a 1080p 360Hz desktop monitor for under $1000 any time soon.

  • Nice colours for a VA at this price. NTSC 88%.
    Has anyone dealt with the MSY store though. Looks dodgy but looks can be deceiving

    • They used to be hella dodgy, but any time I've used them in the last 5 years or so they've been solid. Built my last 2 PCs almost entirely from them

      • Never had a problem with them personally and been shopping there over a decade. But I’ve read stories online about their shitty customer service. Times have changed now and their customer service is better and so is their website. But the main focus anyway was the PARTS.pdf.

        Just follow their policies to the letter and you won’t have a problem. Do your research and know what you want, and you won’t have a problem.

        People want leeway and you didn’t use to get it at MSY. I’m not so sure now as I haven’t upgraded my PC for some time now but bought smaller accessories in store.

    • Their knowledge of consumer law was always lacking but better since ACCC stung them for it.

      Service and store ambiance also lacking but for someone who knows what they want their prices can often be decent

      Edit: nothing Dodgy about what they are actually selling though. Also, I like their PDF parts list as it give you the info you need all in one place with no fluff.

    • I bought my last monitor from them. they are actually pretty good…got 3 screens DOA and they swapped them out no issue (I know…bad luck…or probably just QC issue with viewsonic for that particular model)

    • They have been around for years and years.
      Probably the first computer store I bought a lot of components from.
      Theyre fine.

      Their customer service usually sucks, but if you knwo what you want and are just heading in and out, theyre fine.

  • This or that famous 34 Xiaomi monitor?

  • If it helps, it's the same price at several different retailers.
    Scorptec, PCCG, Centrecom, Mwave, CPL etc etc.

    • Completely agreed. Bloody Covid prices! It was $399 in November and $437 in March. Not sure if it's a deal as it is the standard price from various retailers.

  • This or Dell 27" Gaming Monitor S2721DGF $534.66 Delivered @ Dell.

  • Looks good

    What does the "30 day perfect pixel period" actually mean? Can you return it for ANY pixel defect?

  • Same price at Umart.

  • This isn't a bargain, centrecom, scorptec had it at this price for awhile now. Problem is with stock. Been looking at this but end up purchasing the Dell 32" form latest sale.

  • Pay a bit more and go for xiaomi IPS

  • "ViewSonic VX2758-2KP-MHD Review, The Best Value IPS Gaming Monitor"

  • Have the 24" version of this already.
    First one had a dead pixel within first 3 days… Returned at CentreCom - Immediately swapped over.
    Running strong no issues for over 6months now.

    Have just bought one of these from PCCaseGear as they handle RMA and Warranty really well and easily (send you a postage page label etc usually)

    MSY wouldn't let me check out for delivery unfortunately but its the same price at Scorptech, Mwave and PCCG.

    Highly recommend these screens, Viewsonic has come a long way and IMO they make great VA curved monitors.
    I look forward to using my 24" as an above secondary monitor now.

    The literal only downside of these monitors is that they don't have VESA mounting - A small price to pay.

    If buying this make sure you buy a high quality 4K/8K DisplayPort cable to match so you can take full advantage of the 1440p at high res.

    • My 3 monitors came with Dsub cables :) got one from eBay$427 One from MSY $459 and one from Mwave $499

    • UPDATE - Monitor arrived yesterday.
      I knew Viewsonic had improved their monitor range but this is outstanding.
      The viewing angle is great (to be expected) and very little to no bleed.
      Running this alongside my 24" model is seamless and there is zero issues thus far - was able to match up the colour settings I used previously so the two look basically identical bar resolution.
      No tearing or stutter when running videos on both monitors since refresh rate is equal.

      Running this with a Asus GTX 1060 and so far everything I have played renders at 1440p just fine.

      It is crazy having so much screen space to play with.
      Glad I went this over the Xiaomi - From what I understand VS has good warranty procedures and last time I had a dead pixel on the 24" the vendor replaced it no questions asked.
      PCCG got it out to me in 2 days aswell.

      Happy IT man here!!!