Harry Ramsden Chip Shop Curry Sauce Sachet 48g $1.89 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39+) @ Amazon AU


Craft a delicious chip shop style curry sauce at home. Simply mix with warm water and enjoy the stunning taste.

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  • Probably good for expat Brits - who like it according to the comments like
    Everything I dreamed of. Like chip Shop curry sauce from north of England in 80s/90s ah the memories
    I can almost hear the Northern accent - but I don't have those memories!

    Recommended on chips & nuggets.

  • thats cheap…

    have been trying out coles own brand curried ketchup…its not bad

    • curry ketchup is very popular in germany with sausages or chips

      • youre right ive bought curry ketchup from euro delis in the past as well….yummy stuff
        so its a different thing to the brits' 'curry sauce' then i take it…?

  • Been trying to find a good gravy, found knorr Gravy from Amazon to be nice. Any one have other brands you could suggest.

    • Bisto gravy is really good. You can get it from the UK/Ireland section of Coles

    • the maggi gravy on amazon is very good. unfortuneately it is only sold in 1 and mainly 2kg tubs

      • Thank you.

      • This. And this alone.

        It is available at Costco, and Maggi have a bunch of gravies.

        I once worked at a loaded fries stall at a music festival and they had the best gravy ever. I asked what the secret was and they just showed me the tub and it was Maggi. It only comes in big 1kg and 2kg tubs, but there are people on eBay that break it down into smaller packets and resell.

        It is called 1kg Maggi Rich Gravy Mix Classic.

        I have a 1kg in the cupboard as we speak, just add it to come water (I use boiling, haven't tried cold), chuck it in the microwave for 30 seconds and it's done. If you don't heat it in the microwave, it will be runny, it needs the heat to thicken up.

  • I tried this out of curiosity recently, not knowing the product I followed the instructions to the dot and ended up with soupy water with which I turned my chips to watery mash. Start with half the water it suggests and play it by eye.

    • Comment on Amazon recommends to add more water…
      Wow it’s full on… so much Flavour and super thick if u make it how it states.
      I’d add more water to so the curry Flavour isn’t such a punch to the face

      As you suggest - increase water to desired consistency & taste

  • bought it to give it a try. Prime makes it easy for whim purchases

  • Is this cheap? Doesnt seem particularly cheap to me. And being from Yorkshire, i know cheap :p

    • Pricehipster shows that regular price is $2.40 at Coles, but never been on sale (though only listed since June).

  • Life Hack: Can do the same effect if you already have Gravox or similar Gravies at home. Just add a teaspoon of curry powder (Clive's of India or Keens) to every cup of it and should be basically the same thing. This is "British Curry" invented at the time when they "conquered" India and was a trend to add curry to everything. Lol.

    • Yes, all that experience in fragrant India did not translate well into curries in the UK. It's a popular food, but not very Indian or fragrant.

      Can only guess at what a "chip shop curry" with chips would taste like. I refused to try it.

      Had Premium Japanese Curry Sauce with Wagyu Beef last night. Again little like Indian curries, but a delicious meal. Many Japanese I've met say Indian curries are too hot🌶

      Long ago used to prepare hospital curries here with Keens or Clive's of India curry powder. Can't get the smell out of my nose.

      • I disagree, some of the best curries are from the UK, due to the high population of Indians and Pakistanis

        • I know there are great curries there from those communities - I've eaten them.
          But is this curry mix anything like that??

          The discussion was about what the British learnt / brought back from their occupation of the Indian sub-continent.
          Like the use of those curry powders, instead of preparing using fragrant spices.
          And this Deal's curry sauce from a packet on chips!

          Comment wasn't about the later introduction of great curries by those who came from India & Pakistan.