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Garmin Forerunner 245 Music Sports Watch (Black/White/Aqua) $399 (Was $579) @ JB Hi Fi & Rebel Sport


Enjoy :)


$399 @ Rebel Sport too


Cashback on Rebel Sport

3.5% - Cashrewards
Up to 3.50% - Shopback

Here’s something to sing about: music storage right on your wrist.

Advanced Performance Analytics
More Ways to Work Out
Stay Connected on the Run

This is part of Father's Day deals for 2020.

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  • Been waiting for a sale on this! 10% off through work sweetens the deal.

  • No way. I set up an alert on this yesterday. Is this a sign lol. Why didn't PINo send me alert

    • Don't forget suncorp rewards rebel 6% gift card and stack with shop back 3.5%.

  • +1

    Does this model support Garmin Pay?

    • Nope

    • I have a Vivoactive 3 and have used Garmin pay once which was to test it. There is a very niche use case for it to be honest. It is quicker to get out your phone and tap

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        It is quicker to get out your phone and tap

        Not if you leave your phone at home when you run

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          How much shopping do you plan on doing while running?

          • +3

            @1st-Amendment: Pick up some stuff on the way home, or buying a water/drink at the local shops.

          • @1st-Amendment: Dunno about you but I can get pretty damn hungry after a long run. I normally roll up some cash in my key pocket but my next watch is gonna have garmin pay so I don't have to. (I just need my old one to stop working first!)

            • -1

              @abb: Everyone is different obviously, my runs normally take me back home where the food is :)

      • It's the reason why I went vivoactive 3 with music. It's super handy when I am out running and need money.

        • I'm looking at the 4 series due to the payment option but I cannot decide on the 4 or 4S, I have skinny wrists so thinking the 40mm 4S would be better.

  • +2

    I've had this watch for 6-9 months.
    Love it, one of my best buys.

    • +1

      Do you use it with iOS or android? Hows your experience been?

      • +17

        Android. So use it for all my notification management.
        I regurlarly run with bluetooth earphones to the watch, with offline spotify playlists saved on the watch. Audio qualtiy/connection strength has never been an issue, sometimes takes 20-30 seconds to find my earphones but think that is 80% my earphones fault cause they look for other devices, like my phone, when they start up. The buttons are responsive, different screen displays are informative and use the real estate well, battery life is great 4 if not 5 days including a couple of 30-45 min runs in there. GPS locks on super quick, maybe once every 4-6 months you need to USB to a PC and sync updated GPS data (I'm not fully across this, but I did it once and my GPS lock went from being 20-25 seconds to 3-5 seconds). General GPS tracking is fantastic, can be a bit dicey in the middle of the CBD. I think the HR monitor during exercise is pretty average, but I think that is the case for pretty much all wrist based sensors.

        There's like a star spectrum thing right, from basic fitness tracker to super advanced top end garmin on one axis, from basic smartwatch stuff to full functional 'mini phone on your wrist', price (obviously), battery life, etc etc. For me this sat right at the perfect point on all those axes when I was looking, and I haven't been disappointed in any element of it.

        • any experience with strava you could report on? i had a galaxy active 2 and the gps would never track properly even on an open field. took ages to lock too. when its near a phone, its perfect of course though, because it's not using the onboard gps.

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            @Haun: The watch supports GPS+Galileo and I have found it to be very accurate

          • +3

            @Haun: All my runs sync with Strava. A minute or two after ending a run (getting home to where my phone is), the watch syncs with the phone, and the Garmin app pushes the run across to Strava. Seamless. For the most part, GPS quality is device dependent, not app dependent.

        • What’s battery life like?

    • I just bought the 645 music. Quick question my wqtch struggles to connect to my headphones (keeps disconnecting) hows yours

      • I've used the 245 music for ~3months, it's great and never had issues with headphone connectivity.

      • Yeah mine is fine at connecting. Guess there are two devices in the mix, 50:50 chance it's the headphones problem?

      • The bluetooth signal from the watch is weak. If your earphones have their receiver on the right hand side you may have to swap wrists

  • Any cashback?

  • +1

    I have one, it is fantastic. AMA

    • How's the running coach?

      • Hm never used it.
        AMA but doesn’t mean I’ll be able to answer!

      • +1

        It's great. I'm on week 3. I love different workouts and the watch does a great job at telling you exactly what you need to do.

        I love the watch. Excellent battery life, music connection is great.

        One thing I was surprised with was how light it is. I barely feel like I'm wearing it

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    Will I get held for ransom if I buy this?

  • What's the advantage of this over the Apple Watch 3? The Apple Watch also holds music, which it can play over bluetooth. Similar price, too.

    • +3

      Comparing Apple watch and Garmin 245 are like comparing well.. apple and oranges. Which one is better for you depends on your use case. A few key differences -
      Battery life: Garmin, with always on display, gps, music etc lasts you days. Apple on the other hand lasts hours (even without always on).
      Smartwatch features: Garmin is super basic in this. You receive call and text notifications and reply using canned responses. Apple has touch screen so can type any response.
      Screen: Apple has a stunning screen, Garmin is pixel in display so might not look as great.
      Apps: They both have app stores but Apple unsurprisingly has a heap of apps to choose from compared to Garmin (which is mostly fitness focused).

      I used to own a pebble which had always on display and lasted days without charging. I tried the Apple watch but found, for me, frustrating to have to charge everyday (I'm forgetful) especially on days I went for runs. I moved onto Garmin as I wasn't using as many 'smart features' regularly on the Apple watch. I'm very happy!

      • +1

        Sounds like you had an older Apple Watch model. My apple watch 3 lasts 2 full days with a fair bit of use (fitness tracking, checking data, reading and writing messages, etc.). 3 full days with little use (wearing only). On an average day with heaps of use, including fitness tracking, I'll still have 60-70% battery life at the end of the day. Right now, it's 1pm, the watch has been tracking my steps and heart rate since 7am, and battery life is still at 91%.

        • Fair enough buddy - power to you.
          I run an hour a day with gps on, music on and find the screen being always on very handy. I use running analytics to work on my training.
          For that specific use case of mine - I remember my apple watch 3 did not last
          more than a day. I'm not here to criticise one or the other because they both do well what they are built for I believe.
          Just wanted to point that the one that is better depends on what someone's preferences are.

      • Rebel lists the Garmin to last - Up to 6 hours in GPS mode with music.

    • +2

      An Apple Watch doesn't compare to a Garmin (or Polar/Coros/Suunto) for anyone doing 'serious' running or bike training. For some stupid reason they don't have an app that comes close to what the specialists provide. Hard buttons are also a big benefit when exercising.

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    yeap nabbed these at $470, best buy. In terms of Garmin v Apple, garmin has a far better GPS. Garmin is less extras and just does well with the all the neccessities. HR/GPS/Cadence/ and the VO 2 max (VO2 max is still not completely accurate mind you)

    For the distance runners, I ran 40km with music and GPS and the battery went from 100% to 60% so there's more than enough. My wife who has an apple watch was only able to run 20kms (1 hr 50) with music and GPS until the battery completely died

    This watch was a no brainer for me.

  • Found this same watch on ebay for $398 -$19.94 take off code. Looks like white only

    Another white one on ebay for $362 for white .


    • You might be looking at the non-music version which is normally $50-$100 cheaper.

      • Garmin 010-02120-31 Forerunner 245 Music GPS Wrist HR Watch (AUST STK)

  • Have this watch and it's been great so far, super handy not needing to bring a phone around to listen to music. Syncs well with Strava. Unfortunately had a pixel issue that I had to send back for a warranty claim though.

  • What’s the cheapest watch that you can use to sync with Strava? And works with a chest strap rather than heart rate via sensors on the watch?

  • +1

    10% off Rebel gift cards via Entertainment Book. Makes end price (including cash back) about $350.

    • Ah, no cash back if you use gift cards.

  • +1

    I got one some months ago, 20% of the pixels of the screen died, talking with Garmin support has been a terrible experience. Seems the dead pixels is a common issue ->

    • My misso got the Fitbit charge 4 and is probably worse though, that seems like a massive widespread issue and should've been recalled.

    • I've previously heard that Garmin is pretty good with warranty. Can you return it to the retailer?

      • They told me to go directly to Garmin :/

        • +2

          If Garmin isn't coming to the party, go back to the retailer. You have rights under Australian Consumer Law (you'll see "ACL" mentioned on OzBargain a bit) that the retailer cannot deflect to the manufacturer.

          • @abb: Great advice, thanks mate

  • Im tossing up between the FR245 and the FR935. Anyone know how they compare?

    • Good comparison feature on the Garmin site.

    • +1

      935 doesn't have music storage

  • I grabbed this from Rebel this morning after waiting ages for a sale. I can see Garmin are now offering the same discount from their site - https://buy.garmin.com/en-AU/AU/p/646690/pn/010-02120-30

    Question - As I understand BUPA customers get 20% off the Garmin store. Does this include Sale items like this?

    Are there any other advantages buying direct through Garmin compared to Rebel?

    • doesn't stack, I can confirm. Only off RRP.

  • +1

    Or just over 87K qantas points, for those who have a stash of QFF points. Won't be able to redeem J/F international seats for a while anyway

    • Glad I didn't redeem it last night. Just got one for 61,671 QFF points.

      • What is that equivalent to in $s?

        • +1

          depends on what your valuation of 1 QFF point is. If you consider that the recent pointhacks ANZ credit card deal gives your 75k QFF for $0, then this watch is essentially free.

      • Out Of Stock on Qantas Store.

        • back in but says low stock

  • Hey OP, can you please add the eBay Plus deal for the Ryda Store.

    I've been looking for a Garmin smartwatch and found Ryda eBay store has 10% off with a eBay Plus account.


    Garmin Vivoactive 4S Black is $484.96 [RRP $579]

    Forerunner 245 Music is $358.96 [RRP $399]

  • I have this for tracking all my Mountain bike rides. Works really well. If the vivoactive 4 was out when this was released i would have bought that instead for pay functionality.

  • +1

    Thanks OP, upgrading from my TomTom Runner 3, I decided on the 245 over the 935, due to it being the newer watch 2019 rel. vs 2017 (hopefully the better firmware and battery lifetime), that being said the 935 has stronger outright battery life 14 vs 7 days in the 245.

    Some anecdotal feedback about the 935's HR sensor cracking, and the barometric sensor causing issues made my mind up for the 245, although HRV and open-water modes for the 935 are desirable feature for me.

    Interestingly the 245 will do underwater HR according to Garmin, verified here - https://www.garmin.com/en-US/blog/fitness/ohr-now-available-...

    link to the 935 vs 245 music comapro on the garmin site.

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