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Samsung SHS-3221 Digital Deadbolt $280.91 @ Bunnings


Solid digital deadbolt that is impossible to lockpick and autolocks when you close the door, uses rfid tags also. Was going to replace our old deadbolt lock for $200, but for $80 extra it's been well worth.

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    Thanks op, wonder what the LockPickingLawyer will think of this one..

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      It's probably harder to crack than the window around the corner though hey

    • He'll pull out the Ramset tool.

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    Normally $309

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      Did you ask sherlock to deduce that?

      • Nah thats just Watson his mind at that time

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    Been using this for almost 2 yrs now. Can't complain. Only drawback from higher model would be the lack of finger print reader

    • Fingerprint reader is a must for these digital locks I think. You only need to try to key in a pin with two hands full of groceries once to realise how much you need the reader. I have it on my Samsung lock and finger reader is the only way we open the door. It has RFID and PIN as well.

  • Oooo interesting! I wonder if there are models where you can also use NFC on smart phones alongside the RFID tag.

  • What if you go away on holiday and when you come back the batteries are totally flat?

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      I was wondering the same, but there is this detail:

      "Even though there is not a keyway for a physical key you’ll never be locked out even if the 4 AA batteries run out. This is because there are contacts on the side of the lock for a 9 volt battery that will give enough power to allow you to enter your credentials for access. " From here:

      • I am a bit concerned hackers exploit the exposed terminals and network with their tools.
        NFC may not be ideal for security
        e.g. https://www.makeuseof.com/tag/drive-nfc-hack-work/

        • WTFLOLBBQ!

          Username checks out

        • I believe this one is RFID only, no NFC.

          • @Ultraman: I was just making the point that instead of having to worry about mechanical issues of break in, you now have a new vector.
            RFID is probably just as vulnerable to skimming the key code and so on

        • Which do you think is more likely, someone doing this, or someone learning how to pick a standard lock?

          There is also always the brick through your window option.

          • @seph233: Someone I know had their house broken into by someone taking out the rubber seal around the window pane, so they didn't even break the glass.

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          Unless you have bars on your windows, or steel door/window frames… then i wouldn't be concerned about hackers.
          In any security system the weakest link is the combination of all security devices and materials used. Not just 1 single lock. Because robbers will always look for the quick and easiest way to enter your premise, not learn how to hack your lock when they can easily break a window or jimmy a wall / window frame.

          Robbers want to be swift and quick, they can turn a house upside down within 5 minutes, they don't have 5 minutes to pick a lock or hack a lock. Risk vs Benefit.

          These locks are purely for the convenience of the user. Yes, they make it sound like super high security and probably doesn't help with seeing stuff like this in Hollywood films.

          • @lplau: Tile roofs are also and easy entry point. Lift a few tiles off and cut the sarking with a knife if required.

    • Leave a window partially open!

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      Replace the batteries before you go away - they are meant to last for 10 months!

    • I have these at mine and at the folks and the battery generally last bit over 18 months with regular use. Couldn't fault it for the price.

  • Anyone have any recommendations for a narrow smart lock? We have a metal door with a very narrow space for a lock (maybe 4-5cm max) as the majority of the door is glass. I've been looking everywhere

    • does it have to be concealed? or can you use a surface mount type?

      • What's a surface mount type? Something like the sesame lock could work but they're out of stock. The August lock won't work for me as I have the handle and the deadbolt connected in the one panel

        • More like a Rim-lock.

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    Been using one for 4 years. Really convenience.

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    How does this lock compare to this one for example:

    Both are Samsung, both have pin code unlock, both retrofit onto an existing deadbolt?

    • Wondering about that too.

      The rimlock one (even if the Bluetooth is a bit of a gimmick) just seems to have a better feature set and it's somehow much cheaper at $235.

    • Rimlocks are surface mounted so not ideal for main entrance door and very easy to kick in.

  • Nothing a size 12 boot can’t fix :)

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