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Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing Console $469 + Delivery @ EB Games


Nintendo switch animal crossing special edition back in stock at ebgames be quick limited stock! One per customer

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  • Do we know if other stores are restocking too?

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      Its not a restock… its stock left from cancelled orders etc from last round

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    Idk just saw new stock on there website and thought to post on here as I ordered one btw this my first post :)

  • good deal, go grab it if you really need before those who will sell it on marketplace or gumtree for over 600

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    Thanks OP. Welcome to OzBargain!

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    Great to see they're still slowly being released to the public. Take that, scalpers!

    • Not enought time to take…

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      Its not a slow release etc,
      its stock left from cancelled orders etc from last round

        • well nintendo life is not a reliable source, unless they steal the news from nintendo soup then its made up :P

          EB games literally tweeted that they had limited units left over from previous pre orders due to canceled orders and that they were going to available from Midday AEST

          and to clarify re my NintendoLife comment
          Nintendo Life literally copys every post nintendosoup posts they rarely post unique news or news first.
          you can be assured that within minutes of soup posting a story, life will have reworded it and found a new source to link too.

  • OOS when checking out

  • OOS

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    im too slow for these things

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    people can hardly make a profit by selling this, i see the price on ebay drop from 700+ to 500+, if you factor in the delivery and the ebay and paypal fee and time, there is hardly any profits. But its a very beautiful console if you buy it for yourself

    • Agreed. You'll make money on Sports Bet or Stock Trading in a shorter amount of time.

  • The box is very nice. If anyone’s holding an old one. Worthy upgrade. And will retain value over time.

    • What is the selling price for an old switch? Like 2017 model generally good condition?

      • if its an unpatched one you cold get a good $400 for it.

        • That situation is changing now that a mod is available for the Mariko chipset consoles (hybrid and lite) which busts them wide open.

          • @OzDJ_: It costs a good $100 AUD (that's including shipping) for the sx core/lite and then you still have to pay someone to install it, unless you want to take a chance and solder on 0201 sized capacitors directly on the SoC itself. The unpatched consoles are still the easiest and most cost effective option.

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    Which dumbass would pay 700 for its resale price?

    I rather wait than let them earn my hard earned money

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      you'd be surprised at how many "dumbasses" there are

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      To some $700 is easy earned rather than hard earned

    • Thousands of "dumbasses" also pay for the in-game content. Search eBay or Gumtree :)

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      Sold mine for 650. Delivered to my home and picked up 2 hours later. Easiest 2h. Drop your tears by clicking the -

      • Lucky that was not my money.

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    I don't know. So I got one of these in a deal you guys posted a while back (Big W). I purchased Animal Crossing the game and although it was somewhat out of character for me, I gave it a crack.

    Played a few nights in a row. Maybe 1.5 hours or so each of the 3 nights. Didn't touch it again. It's quite possible the problem is me. So you fish and collect some wood. Go into the tent. Attempt to create stuff.. Go to airport. Nobody in house has one so no local. Internet. Sure.. Let's try and visit other islands. Nada. I have no friends which it seems you need to use the paid for online component.

    Like I said might be me but I'm not using it anymore. Is it hyped up too much? Am I just not patient enough or is there an element I just don't get?
    It's not like I'm just not yet enjoying the game, I'm struggling to enjoy the console.
    Thanks for listening.

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      Game just isn't for everyone. It's understandable.

      No harm no foul.

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      the social element is such a big deal in this AC, which is fair.

      so much so that if you don't have at least one friend to play it with i'd say it's not really worth at all. but to each their own.

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      I think a big part of the appeal comes from a sense of community. I think playing it solo would probably suck

      How to find a community? no idea

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        Use Facebook groups to find communities to trade and visit

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        Yeh, this game is definitely not for everyone as it's a very chilled with slow progression.

        As for community, there is one in ozbargain (check forum). It's not much but definitely more fun.

        Bigger communities can be found on places like reddit and discord channels.

        Personally I prefer small communities and the fun is in creating your own world with items you trade with people/friends and the story you gain from people's act of kindness, people answering to your request for a specific item. The long hours you spent to finally get your dream island layout.

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      Give Stardew Valley a try. I don’t usually like these kinds of games but fell in love with it. Gave up because I didn’t want to get addicted haha

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        Stardew did my nut in when it was all going well, then it changed seasons and I lost all my stuff I had spent ages building up. Got so mad I quit!

        • Lmao. You have to sell most of your crops before end of season or they'll wither and die, whilst prepping for the next season. Git gud.

  • Far out missed this one again! Hope I can get this somewhere else but that's unlikely

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      Yeah this hopefully means that other places will restock too. I'm still holding out hope. Just want dem joycons.

      • It’s not a restock.
        It’s left over stock from the previous pre order. They give people a couple weeks to pay if their payment fails etc. timing indicates it’s def the left over stock.

  • Store in title please. Welcome to OzBargain.

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    I just want the joy cons

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    AAAAAAnd Its GONE the page disappeared and its back to page not found. Damn it im tired of taking fat L's to my face

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      I know how ya feel….

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    Bought 5 thanks

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      What!!! How?????? or are u just joking?

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        He sold me one for $900. Bargain!

        • LmAo I seee now

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          I just posted it. Thanks for business .

          should arrive in this afternoon

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    Why do people get so upset about people reselling? These are limited edition after all. You can all feel free to not buy it from "scalpers" and just buy a standard Nintendo switch and enjoy your game.
    These aren't bloody baby formula or essential items people can't live without.

    • yea similar thing to all hyped stuff, Hermes store force people to buy accessories and shit before they will actually sell bags to customers, and also people paying twice of the price for a pepsi GMT master 2, the market makes scalpers and scalpers make the market (chicken and egg question )

    • all scalping is trash, nintendo has a long history of purposely not meeting demand to build exclusivity

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      people just need to get along with their own lives and not care so much about others. if you don't wanna buy resell value, then don't. but if you could make easy cash reselling for 50% profit, why wouldn't you ?! It's a no brainer. afterall, we're in a capitalist society

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        Should redirect their anger to the manufacturer. The manufacturer is the one who purposely creates a discrepancy between supply and demand to show exclusivity.. not sure about this particular product, but that's how it is for a lot of items being resold.

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        Exactly. It's just supply and demand. If you don't want to pay premium, just buy standard version and stop your whining. Alternatively put in some effort to securing one yourself.
        How is this any different to buying hot toy or something like that and reselling when it appreciates in value.
        They paid their hard earned money for it and they can do whatever they want with it whether it's to open it and play with it, store it as a collectible, sell at profit etc. Seems like people who get angry at "scalplers" are the selfish ones who wants to direct people how to use their stuff

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          Yep keep downvoting. Yes, I happily bought it knowing I have zero interest in playing it because I used to have a switch and gave it away to family after getting bored with it.

          Bought and resold two for 250 bucks profit. Guess what? Both buyers walked away very happy. Made free cash with virtually no effort involved and haven't killed or hurt anyone so keep hating while I enjoy the profit lol

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      Imagine buying 468$ and easily sold it for 650$. At the same time, imagine getting upset with reselling and the only person cares is just them-self … Too much salt guys.

      • -3

        If I told you a place to buy a product for $500 and knew 1K people in the US were paying $900 for it add another $120 for express postage ( around $70 but hey they are willing to pay it for more profits lol ) . Simple biz 101 .
        I would try to fulfill some of the demand but unfortunately only limited supply will not fill it whilst the demand is there :)
        Another month might be the next fad in play !

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    Check out your local Harvey Norman
    Not advertised or available for click and collect on there website but I picked up this console at local Harvey Norman store for same price $469

    • +3

      Which store? Was there much stock.

        • 1 for the question
      • Canberra Fyshwick - Harvey Norman
        Assistant said they had multiple consoles but didn't give a exact number

  • shipped from REDBANK QLD

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