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Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 10.5" 128GB Wi-Fi - Blue $799 + Delivery (or Free Pickup) @ Bing Lee (Pricebeat $759 @ Officeworks)


First time posting a deal, so please be gentle.

Been looking to pickup a Tab since a couple of months, and missed out on the Samsung EPP deal of 35% off.

Today, I found the tab on Bing Lee for $799. Just called up OW, and managed to get a PB down to $759.

Only Blue colour available, but with a cover on, I dont think it should matter.

A good deal for somebody who's currently looking for a good Tab and isn't locked into the Apple ecosystem.

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  • You honestly did a great job at your first post! Got everything correct, 80% of people get things wrong in their first post like price in title and store in title including me but you're a natural

  • Nice

    • +4 votes

      Because some of us aren't interested in having the "latest", we just want something that does the job we need it for.

  • Coming from someone who uses an ipad, android phone and Windows pc. Ecosystem is not much of a barrier anymore.

    Not an apple fan by any means but if there is one thing they do well its their iPads.

    • i also used ios android and windows in many gadgets (including windows phone and the original HTC)
      my no 1 is android as i can root, install custom firmware etc.
      the last spot is apple because they are ripping people off

      • Absolutely android offers more 'bang for buck' compared to apples inflated prices.

        But Apple will last you longer, for example their 2014 iPad air is still getting the latest ios updates as well as not depreciating as quick as Android. Some will argue this balances the price difference between Android and Apple.

        But yes apple is for average users. Not for those that want to tinker.

        • imo, reasons why android devices drop in price

          1) 2 year software update and 3 years security vs 5+ years software and security update from iOS = last longer = price decrease less over time

          2) Manufacturers drop price of their devices

        • -7 votes

          Android doesn't offer more bang for your buck, I've owned 3 iPhones and 3 Android phones (pixels). All except one (the one I'm currently using) have kicked the bucket (bootloop issues) and their battery degraded significantly over time. My current pixel I've had for just over a year and I can tell the battery has dropped significantly. All my iPhones still work with great speed, battery life and are still being used daily. They were all bought before my first Android. Newest iPhone (6s) just got it's last update I think and it's still comparable in almost every way except camera to my pixel (3xl) which has lots of lag and bugs.

          I've gotten way more bang for my buck with iPhones than with Google's and they've had more than enough tries to get a phone right given their company size, resources and number of attempts.

    • Ecosystem is important when you're taking about tablets because Android is pretty bad with them.

      • agree, using android tablets can be a pain sometimes, good to see that Samsung is stepping in the right direction with Dex though

    • I has ipad pro and redmi note 3. I watch Stremio and Mobdro and download torrents on the note 3, but cannot with $2000 ipad pro. Ipad pro is expensive but nice looking junk

    • I've got Samsung and Apple devices. When it comes to compatibility and affordability, I will never recommend Apple.

      • Owning both android and ios/ipados devices, I hate how Apple is just now trying to implement basic features such as a non-intrusive incoming call notification, etc. Instead of focusing on adding emojis, adding wallpaper to safari (cant believe this is a highlighted feature), AR (useful in limited settings), they should really improve on features which people use on a daily basics.

    • Agreed, but Apple somehow manages to make me feel technologically illiterate with their think different ways.

    • Very true, iPad is an extraordinary product. Love my Pixel 4 XL and just grabbed one of these to try out from that Qantas Samsung 20% + 15% Discount stack yesterday. I got the charcoal and LTE as I am keen to have a network connection independent of my portable hotspot. Looking forward to giving it a go

  • Thx op. Ordered from ow online. But do I need a tablet in first place?

  • Great deal
    Would have jumped on it if I didn’t already have a 256gb one

  • I wonder what the launch price of the S7 will be on Ethe Samsung EPP?

    • yeah I'm holding out for that.
      Still spewing I didn't buy the S6 tab or ~500-600 on EPP when it was available on release with mad discount
      No EPP no buy, the RRP pricing is delusional, this gets close but with the 7 round the bend you'd have to drop another couple of hundred at least for me to be interested

  • I don't understand why everyone sh!77ing on Android tablets, I have a Samsung Tab S3 (refresh), the battery is still great, it still runs all my apps, it does everything my android phone does? I have it rooted but essentially for the sole purpose of YouTube without Ads.

    I can't imagine anyreason why to upgrade, it plays hevc.10bit, I think that is the most important thing to look at in a tablet now.

    • Yeah I think it's more that people haven't used the top end Android tablets. I'm only just starting to see a slight drop in battery usage now for my S4. Otherwise everything is pretty much perfect. No freezing or software issues no matter what content. OLED screen with no burn in. Complete freedom to download or get anything for free will always be Android's saviour compared to Apple. Although I've had an iPad and they are good for what they are but no way am I going to be limited to whatever Apple wants.

      • Sold my S6 from the binglee deal last year and picked up a second hand S4. I mainly use it for email, web, and media and don't notice any difference to the S6. The S4 even handles my 4k rips with no problems plus it just received the android 10 update.

        • There's almost no difference. That's why the S4 was so popular when the S6 came out, it was half the cost of it as a standard price. S4 even has a slightly larger battery. Samsung really screwed up with the "upgrade" I guess it's the same with their phones. Add a fraction more RAM and one feature to market the hell out of, then people go crazy for a new model.

    • Don't need to root to install YouTube Vanced & microg

      • I installed LineageOS the second I bought it. I went back to stock after a while because I had trouble getting 5gh WIFI to work on the "AU/NZ" variation.

    • You don't need to root to get youtube without ads.

      I run mine in the work profile which has play store disabled.

      On a Samsung, root access will break knox on new devices, you will lose features permanently. Not worth it anymore

  • +3 votes

    Great First Deal OP!!

    Last November Bing Lee did the same price for this tablet they also had 20% code on their eBay Store. Worked out to be $640 for us for same model.


  • was 639 :(

    • maybe the tab s7 plus will be on sale in late November, would be nice if it came down to this price post release a few months down the line

    • Thanks just talked me out of the purchase, $160 cheaper nearing a year back is hard to overlook.

  • +3 votes

    Seems Amazon matched the price https://www.amazon.com.au/Samsung-Galaxy-128GB-Screen-SM-T86...

    Might be better deal in terms of delivery and cashback

  • I won't use Apple because they don't have a file system where you can upload and download files (pictures, videos and documents). I have tried before and it was so painful. Apple won't change as it lock their users to their ecosystem.

    • There is now but for best compatibility you need to do it through iCloud Drive which means paying Apple for your storage

    • I manage my files without any issues. In fact I can plug a USB drive into my iPad, transfer my movie fils across and then play them in VLC. I also use my iPad to create/edit business reports for submission to upper management. I also RDP into a Azure VM instance running a copy of Windows and Kali for things I need to do remotely.

      I admit that Apple devices were somewhat constrained previously, but they’ve changed substantially now.

    • Yes, they definitely do. It’s called the Files app.

    • Me too. No file system = no buy.

  • I've had this tab for a couple of months, it's great if you want the best Android tablet available. I also have a note 10 so the experience is quite similar. Amazing screen and performance and great for content as you can easily sideload HBO Max, Sling, iPlayer, for a worldwide streaming experience. I also use mine for classic game emulation and my PS4 controller works perfectly. Never been a fan of iOS, however if you are are a gamer of downloaded titles and use standard apps, an iPad would probably be a better choice - Apples shows their tablets a lot of (walled garden) love.

  • I'm still using the Galaxy Tab S and it's been great even after all this time. The S6 sure is quite expensive and this is suppose to be on special? Boy, I'm dreading to find out how much the S7 would be once it comes out.

  • Can anyone comment on whether 6GB of RAM is enough at this resolution? We bought my wife a surface pro 4 with i5 + 4GB of RAM and honestly have huge regrets because running Firefox / Chrome & running Adobe InDesign causes it to constantly pause as you're waiting for RAM to swap.
    EDIT: NVM, Didn't realise this is an Android tablet

  • Thank you, was going to buy the Surface Go 2 until this deal. Now, I am looking for an OzBargain deal for the Genuine Cover. Shouldn't be too long, with S7 coming out soon.

  • Still using my S2 9.7 2016 edition. Paid $338. Apart from the battery not lasting as long as it use to and last Android update was 7.0 Nougat its no real impediment.
    Would never pay more than $500 for a tablet but would not get the A series either. If they released a S6e edition better spec than S6 lite then that might be within budget.

  • Darn. Called OfficeWorks and they refuse to Price Match given that Bing Lee has flagged it as clearance.

  • I am here to complain that prices of tablets have risen so badly since I bought my first one in 2013. Hotdamn!

  • anyone know what the brightest cheapest tablet is? I just want lots of nits I don't care about processor speed or bells and whistles

  • bi-directional charging on mine broke. a few others on the forum reported similar issue after the update. Just something to bear in mind

  • No headphone jack?